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Tue 09 May 1995

Calls: Console 4 (new date), Functionalism/Formalism

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  1. Reuben Van de Vijer, call for papers Console 4 (date has changed)
  2. Edith A Moravcsik, call for papers - functionalism and formalism in linguistics

Message 1: call for papers Console 4 (date has changed)

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 15:21:15 -call for papers Console 4 (date has changed)
From: Reuben Van de Vijer <rubenCsli.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: call for papers Console 4 (date has changed)

14-16 DECEMBER 1995

This call for papers contains a new date for Console 4. Console 4 has
been postponed for a week to avoid a clash with 'Going Romance'. The
fourth meeting of the Student Organization of generative Linguistics
in Europe (Console) will be held in Paris from :

***14 until 16 December***

Sole aims at providing students of generative linguistics with a
possibility of gaining international experience and a publication
forum of their own. Furthermore Sole strives at enhancing contacts and
cooperation between students of generative linguistics in Europe and
around the world.

Papers are solicited in the field of generative linguistics, more
specifically, but not limited to phonology, morphology, semantics,
sign language, language acquisition and syntax. If you are interested
please send three anonymous copies of an abstract of maximally two
pages, including references, diagrams and examples using minimally a
10 pnt font to:

Jacqueline Gueron
Departement d'Anglais
U. de Paris X -Nanterre
200 Avenue de la Republique
92001 Nanterre Cedex

or to:

Alain Rouveret
Departement des Sciences du Langage
U. de Paris VIII
2 rue de la Liberte
93256 Saint-Denis Cedex

The deadline for submission is August first. Abstarcts received after
1 August will not be considered.

Abstracts can only be submitted by regular mail. If you have already
posted an abtracted by e-mail please be so kind to send the abstract
by regular mail to the above mentioned addresses.

Jacqueline Gueron , Alain Rouveret or Ruben van de Vijver
( will be happy to answer questions you may

Ruben van de Vijver
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Message 2: call for papers - functionalism and formalism in linguistics

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 12:13:38 -call for papers - functionalism and formalism in linguistics
From: Edith A Moravcsik <>
Subject: call for papers - functionalism and formalism in linguistics



 23rd Annual UWM Linguistics Symposium
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 April 18-20, 1996 (Thursday through Saturday)

 Featured Speakers [pending funding]:
 Werner Abraham, Stephen Anderson, Melissa Bowerman,
 Joan Bybee, William Croft, Alice Davison, John DuBois,
 Talmy Givon, Kenneth Hale, Michael Hammond, Bruce Hayes,
 Nina Hyams, Howard Lasnik, Alec Marantz, Brian MacWhinney,
 Geoffrey Nathan, Frederick Newmeyer (co-organizer), Michael Noonan,
 Doris Payne, David Pesetsky, Janet Pierrehumbert

 We are seeking papers that:
 - speak to the relationship between linguistic
 functionalism and formalism; or
 - highlight the advantages or drawbacks of some
 functional or formal approach; or
 - provide analyses of the same data from multiple
 perspectives; or
 - explore the basic assumptions about language and
 cognition that underlie the two approaches; or
 - trace the history of one or both approaches; or
 - offer general discussions of the formalist-
 functionalist dichotomy and its implications; or
 - otherwise throw light on the similarities and
 differences between the two approaches and their
 Papers will be 20 minutes long, with a 10 minute discussion period
 to follow. Please send 8 copies of an anonymous abstract and a small
 (3x5) card containing the title of the paper and your name, affiliation,
 and address. The abstract may be up to one typed page, with figures
 and references allowed on a second page. Since we need a camera-ready
 copy for reproduction in the meeting handbook if accepted, we prefer
 regular mail over email or fax.

 A selection of the conference papers, supplemented with some invited
 contributions, will be published by John Benjamins in a set of
 volumes edited by Michael Darnell, Edith Moravcsik, Frederick Newmeyer,
 and Michael Noonan.

 Send your abstract to:

 '96 UWM Symposium Committee
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413


 For further information:
 Email: Edith Moravcsik ( or
 Michael Noonan (
 Phone: Noonan at (414) 220-4539, Moravcsik at (414) 229-6794, or
 leave messages at (414) 229-4285
 Fax: (414) 229-6258
 Snailmail: write to Noonan or Moravcsik at the postal address above.
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