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Tue 09 May 1995

FYI: New phonetics lab, New INFO-SIL mailing list

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  1. Kirk Sullivan, New phonetics lab
  2. Evan L. Antworth, New INFO-SIL mailing list

Message 1: New phonetics lab

Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 19:31:47 -New phonetics lab
From: Kirk Sullivan <>
Subject: New phonetics lab

Umea University's New Phonetics Laboratory

The Department of Phonetics, along with the Department of General
Linguistics, form The Institute of Linguistics which is a part of
Umea University's Faculty of Arts. We specialise in experimental
phonetics and constrastive prosody, foreign accent research, variation
in spoken Swedish and the phonetics and phonology of individual

In the spring of 1993 planning began for the refurbishment of the
phonetics laboratory in Umea . The laboratory had been constructed in the
early 70's and was for its time very modern and spacious. However,
in spite of some modernisation of the laboratory in the intervening period,
there was a real need for a total re-newal by the early
1990's. Initial planning was based on the premise that we would remain
in the same rooms, redesign the physical structure of the department
and re-equip the laboratory. Our first contribution of funds came in
May 1994 from HSFR for the purchase of new research equipment. They
awarded us the sum of 990 000 Swedish Kronor. Shortly after this we learnt that
due to the university's building programme we were to be re-located to
larger premises within the Arts Building.
The unversity has, to date, contributed over 1 200 000 Swedish Kronor to the
reconstruction of our new premises, which we moved into in January 1995.
We are particularly happy with our new working environment because
all of the rooms in the laboratory, including our offices, have been
freshly decorated and newly furnished. The Kempestiftelserna granted us
the sum of 200 000 Swedish Kronor towards the purchase of this new furniture.

The phonetics laboratory consists of three teaching laboratories, one each
for speech perception, speech acoustics and speech production,
a pronunciation clinic, a speech and voice training laboratory,
a research laboratory and an audio-visual recording centre.
This centre consists of an anechoic chamber, a video recording studio,
and a control-room for the recording and editing of the both sound and video.

We have a network of six SPARCstations, a MacInstosh Quadra,
three PowerMacInstoshes, two Compaq Deskpros and a Victor SF 486/33
available for computer-based research.
These machines are, naturally, connected
to the InterNet. Details about the Hardward and software can be found
in the latest issue of PHONUM, Reports from the Department of Phonetics,
Umea University, which can be found at the following WWW address:

Each office has at least one networked computer and some also contain other
equipment appropriate to the staff member's current research or teaching

The Department of Phonetics is particularly interested in
developing international contacts, joint research projects and teaching
co-operation. We invite students and researchers to visit our
department and to conduct some research in our laboratory. Interested students
should contact Peter Czigler, (e-mail our
Student Director, and researchers interested in visiting or undertaking some
research in our laboratory should contact
Robert Bannert, our Director (e-mail Further information
about our new laboratory and the department in general can also be obtained
by writing to The Department of Phonetics, Umea University, S-901 87 Umea
Sweden, by phone on +46 90 16 95 46, by fax +46 90 16 63 77 or
via our WWW pages:
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Message 2: New INFO-SIL mailing list

Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 13:33:21 -New INFO-SIL mailing list
From: Evan L. Antworth <>
Subject: New INFO-SIL mailing list

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We at SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) in Dallas, Texas would like to
announce the formation of a new mailing list called INFO-SIL.

INFO-SIL is a public communication forum for persons interested in the work
of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. It has two main functions:

 1. INFO-SIL provides a means for us in SIL to announce new developments
 of interest to the general academic public, such as:

 * new publications
 * new software and updates
 * training courses
 * forthcoming workshops and conferences
 * addresses of members interested in certain topics
 * research resources available

 2. INFO-SIL provides a means for the public to ask questions or start
 discussions related to SIL and its work and to interact on-line with
 SIL members.

In order to be on the INFO-SIL mailing list you MUST send a subscribe
request. To subscribe to INFO-SIL, send an e-mail message to this Internet

consisting of this single line:

 subscribe INFO-SIL

You will receive information on how to use the list.

The list has not officially started yet, so you have not missed anything. We
will wait another week or two before we post the first messages. (If you do
sign on after the list has started, you can retrieve a log file of all
previous messages.)

SIL is an international organization that works among minority cultures
doing linguistics, anthropology, literacy, bible translation, and community

Evan Antworth
(INFO-SIL list owner)

Evan Antworth | e-mail:
Academic Computing Department | phone: 214-709-3346
Summer Institute of LInguistics | fax: 214-709-3363
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, TX 75236

World Wide Web:
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