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Sat 13 May 1995

Confs: Anaphora and reference, Indo-European

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  1. Laurent Romary, Workshop on anaphora and reference
  2. "Deborah Anderson", IE Conference

Message 1: Workshop on anaphora and reference

Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 14:47:49 Workshop on anaphora and reference
From: Laurent Romary <>
Subject: Workshop on anaphora and reference

20-22 septembre 1995
Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Nancy (CRIN)
Nancy, France

The workshop Anaphora and Reference will be held from Wednesday, 20, to
Friday, september 22 1995 at the Centre de Recherche en Informatique de
Nancy, France. It will focus on three major topics: associative anaphora,
evolving reference and complex NPs with a genitive construct. This workshop
is the final event of a research project bearing on "Anaphora and its
treatment". The two languages of the colloquium will be French and English.
The proceedings will be distributed at the beginning of the colloquium to
both speakers and people who have registered.


Wednesday, September 20th 1995
8:30: Welcoming of the participants
9:15: Workshop opening
9:30: Overall presentation of the research having been conducted
within the project "Anaphora and its treatment"
 M. Charolles, C. Schnedecker, J-E. Tyvaert, L. Kister
10:15: Title to be confirmed
 G. Kleiber
10:45: Break
11:15: "Context effects and associative anaphora in reading"
 D. Dubois & F. Lavigne
11:45: "L'impact de la morphologie sur le traitement de l'anaphore
pronominale, dans le cadre des nlots anaphoriques"
 S. Monnery, D. Zagar & M. Charolles
14:15: "Definite reference and dynamic knowledge representation"
 P. Bosch
15:00: "Pontage par parallilisme"
 J. Jayez
15:45: Break
16:15: "The referential hierarchy: implications for the on-line processing
of different kinds of anaphor"
 S. Garrod
18h: Reception in the Town Hall of Nancy

Thursday, September 21st 1995

9:00: Title to be confirmed
 A.M. Gernsbacher
9:45: "Anaphores non-standard, intigration discursive et cohirence"
 F. Cornish
10:30: Pause
11:00: "Qu'est-ce qui ditermine l'accord du verbe dans les configurations
de reprises pronominales en Pronom1, Pronom2, Verbe? Evidences en faveur de
l'influence de la friquence et de l'amorgage associatif"
 M. Fayol & P. Largy
11:30: "Les syntagmes nominaux complexes en de - typologie des
interpritations et stratigies discursives"
 I. Bartning

14:15: "Corrilation entre ditermination et silection d'un anaphorisi dans
une structure en N de N"
 D. Baltazart & L. Kister
14:45: Title to be confirmed
 A. Berrendonner & M-J. Reichler-Biguelin
15:15: "Continuiti substantielle et discritisation substantivale"
 J-E. Tyvaert
15:45: Break
16:15: "The language of genesis: a psycholinguistic approach to evolving
 R.J. Jarvella & L. Lundquist
17:00: "Rifirents ivolutifs et SN difinis et dimonstratifs"
 W. de Mulder & L. Tasmowski-De Ryck

Friday, September 22nd, 1995

9:45: "Quelle est la couleur du feu rouge du boulevard Henri IV?"
 F. Gayral, D. Kayser & F. Livy
10:30: Break
11:00: "L'action, le discours et l'anaphore ivolutive"
 N. Asher
11:45 "Modhles de l'application et modhles du discours: deux points de
vue diffirents sur un rifirent ivolutif"
 L. Romary & B. Gaiffe

14:15: "Anaphora, identity and belief"
 R. May
15:00: Conclusion and final discussion
16:00: End of the workshop

There will be forty non-speakers attending the workshop. They will be
selected on a first come first serve basis. A registration fee of 600 FF
will be asked to cover the proceedings, cofee breaks and lunch costs. It
will NOT cover hotel, travel expenses, or dinner. Those interested should
contact Anne Reboul at the following address, by email, fax or regular

Anne Reboul
Workshop "Anaphore et rifirence"
BP 239
54506 Vandoeuvre-lhs-Nancy
Fax: (33) 83 41 30 79
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Message 2: IE Conference

Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 17:28:55 IE Conference
From: "Deborah Anderson" <>
Subject: IE Conference

Content-Length: 3315

Seventh Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (26-27 May 1995)

Friday, 26 May (Dodd Hall 175)
8:45a Opening Remarks
First Session (Chair, Raimo Anttila)
9:00 Joshua T. Katz, "How to Be a Dragon in Indo-European:
 Cognate Language and Inherited Myth from the Anatolians to the
 Geats, by way of Greece and Rome"
9:30 Martin Huld, "ON draugr and the Etymology of English beam"
10:00 Henrik Birnbaum, "Did PIE have a Reduced Ablaut Grade?"
10:45 Bill J. Darden, "Baltic and Slavic Preterites in Long *a: and *e:"
11:15 Angela Della Volpe, "Problems of Semantic Reconstruction:
 PIE *deyk'- 'to show'"
11:45 Christopher Stevens, "On the Consonants of Proto-Germanic
 and the Second Sound Shift in German"
Second Session (Chair, George Giannakis)
1:30p John Frauzel, "Impersonal Absolutes in Indo-Iranian,
 Baltic, Greek and Latin and the Origin of the Indo-European
 Absolute Construction"
2:00 Leon H. Cash, Jr., "Underspecification and Constraints on
 Greek Syllables"
2:30 Gayane Hagopian, "On the Etymology of a Sociocentric
 Kin-term: The Classical Aremenian Term Skndik'"
3:15 Julius Purczinsky, "English 'do' and Its Cognates as an
 Indo-European Causative in West Germanic"
3:45 Mariana Nikolaidou, "Religious Symbolism in Minoan Scripts
 and Iconography: Elements of Formulaic Expression?"
4:15 Anatoly Liberman, "Etymological Scum in Germanic and Its
 Implications for Indo-European"
Saturday, 27 May (Bunche Hall 2209A)
Third Session (Chair, Deborah Anderson)
9:00 Dean A. Miller, "Destroyer or Builder and Other
 Bifurcations: Notes on I-E Sovereignty"
9:30 Angelique Gulermovich, "The Morrigan and Valkyries: Part 2"
10:00 Leigh Jellison Hansen, "Scapegoat and Sacrifice in the
 Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion"
10:45 Mary Lynn Wilson, "Winter and Death in Germanic Religion"
11:15 Christopher Wilhelm, "Prometheus Poikilos: The Prometheus
 Myth as Presented by Hesiod"
11:45 Miriam Robbins Dexter, "Born of the Foam"
Fourth Session (Chair, Karlene Jones-Bley)
1:30p Vyacheslav Ivanov, "Some Indo-European Hydronyms"
2:00 Yelena Izbitser, "Wheeled Vehicles and the Homeland of Indo-Europeans"
3:15 Yevgeniy Novitskiy, "On about Semantic Analysis of the
 Early Metal Period Sculpture of the Northern Black Sea Region"
3:45 S. R. Rao, "The Indus Civilization and Indo-Aryans--Iranians"
4:15 Jeannine Davis-Kimball, "Burial Practices among the Iranian Sarmatians"
4:45 Closing Remarks
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