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Sat 20 May 1995

Calls: Phonology meeting, Language and law newsletter

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  2. "Bethany Dumas, UTK", Electronic Newsletter: Language and Law (Second Call)


Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 10:15:46 CORTONA PHONOLOGY MEETING III
From: georgi jetchev <>


Dear Colleague:

This is the announcement of a Phonology Meeting that the Scuola Normale
Superiore inteds to organize on
 11-14 April 1996.
We encourage the submission of any contribution in theoretical and
descriptive phonology, with special emphasis on Italian and its dialects.
In 1987 and 1990, we held the first Cortona Phonology Meetings, which were
judged both successful and enjoyable by those who intervened. The two
volumes of proceedings were published by Rosenberg & Sellier in Torino
under the titles: Certamen Phonologicum (edited by P.M. Bertinetto and M.
Loporcaro) and Certamen Phonologicum II (edited by P.M. Bertinetto, M.
Kenstowicz and M. Loporcaro).
Those who came to the previous meetings surely liked Cortona, a beautiful
medioeval town on the top of a hill in the middle of the Etruscan area
(half-way between Firenze and Roma, less than two hours by train from both
Unfortunately, due to the less than satisfactory financial situation, we
cannot offer this time the same treatment that we provided before. All we
can venture to offer (but even this depends on the amount of subsidy that
we are going to obtain) is the lunch at the conference building for all
speakers. We hope nevertheless that many of you will be interested in the
event, and take part in the meeting. After all, we are certain that what
attracted the previous participants was the intellectual excitement, rather
than trivial economic details.
In any case, we can assure that Cortona offers fairly cheap (although not
luxurious) lodging possibilities. Thus, you should not think that the
participation in this conference is going to be expensive, unless of course
you want to be hosted in a real hotel. As to meals, we can obtain
favourable prices by a local restaurant (a fairly good one, by the way).
The DEADLINE for submission of an abstract is:
 end of September 1995.
We encourage you to use email to this purpose. However, since there may be
wrong characters (especially in phonetic transcriptions), we ask you to
send also a fax, or a normal letter. Do not forget to indicate also your
full address, email, phone and fax number.
The second circular will be distributed before the end of this year, and
will contain a preliminary list of participants and titles, plus price
indications for the different types of lodging.
We do hope that you shall consider this opportunity.
Best regards from

 Pier Marco Bertinetto, Livio Gaeta, Georgi Jetchev

Scuola Normale Superiore, p. dei Cavalieri 7, I-56126 PISA
tel. ++39/50/509111; fax ++39/50/563513
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Message 2: Electronic Newsletter: Language and Law (Second Call)

Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 10:34:59 Electronic Newsletter: Language and Law (Second Call)
Subject: Electronic Newsletter: Language and Law (Second Call)


TO Researchers on Language and Law

FROM Bethany K. Dumas

RE New Electronic Newsletter:
 Language in the Judicial Process

DATE May 15, 1995

This is the second call for bibliographic items to be included in a new
electronic newsletter on Language and Law, LANGUAGE IN THE
JUDICIAL PROCESS. The Newsletter will be maintained on a
World Wide Web homepage (address to be announced). The first issues
will list current bibliography in language & law, cite legal cases in which
linguistic issues are important, etc. One goal of the Newsletter is to
continue the fine tradition begin by Judith N. Levi, whose bibliographical
work on language and law over more than a decade culminated in the
publication of her 1994 bibliography, Language and Law: A Bibliographic
Guide to Social Science Reseach in the U.S.A. (see below for ordering
information). For the title of the newsletter, I am indebted to Judith and
also to Anne Graffam Walker; their pioneering work in organizing and
coordinating both the 1985 Georgetown University conference, "Language
in the Judicial Process," and the 1990 volume of the same name,
constituted a substantial contribution to the developing field of language
and law. I use the name "Language in the Judicial Process" with their

If you have authored or know about items you want included, please
send me complete bibliographic citations (including full first names,
please, and full pagination). The preferred style is that of the LSA Style
Sheet. The deadline for receipt of items for the first issue is today, May
15, 1995. Items may be submitted by e-mail, by fax, or by post:

E-mail to

FAX TO Bethany K. Dumas
 Department of English
 (615) 974-6926

Post to Bethany K. Dumas
 Department of English
 The University of Tennessee
 Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0430 USA

Later, I hope to expand to Newsletter to include abstracts of articles and
summaries of relevant cases. If you have abstracts or summaries of items
to submit, please send them--now or later. In addition, I solicit offprints or
other copies of manuscript or published items to be maintained in a
permanent file in my office at The University of Tennessee.


Levi, Judith N., and Anne Graffam Walker, eds. 1990. Language in
the judicial process. New York and London: Plenum Press.

Levi, Judith N. 1994 Language and Law. 1994. Chicago, IL:
American Bar Association.

***Ordering information for Levi's 1990 bibliography, Language and
Law: A Bibliographic Guide to Social Science Reseach in the U.S.A.:***

Send check *in U.S. funds only* to American Bar Association,
Commission on College and University Legal Studies, 541 N. Fairbanks
Court, Chicago, IL 60611-3314, according to the following price list
(prices shown include shipping and handling):

$15.00 LANGUAGE AND LAW, 56 pp

Please add, if applicable: 1.31 Illinois resident sales tax
 .90 D.C. resident sales tax
 .75 Indiana and Maryland resident sales tax
 5.00 Outside U.S. and Canada [for air mail]

Make the check payable to the American Bar Association.
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