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Sat 20 May 1995

Sum: Small Talk

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  1. Julie Nicole, Sum: small talk

Message 1: Sum: small talk

Date: Wed, 17 May 95 23:08:53 EDSum: small talk
From: Julie Nicole <>
Subject: Sum: small talk

Dear readers

Two weeks ago I send a message concerning small talk. Here is the summary of
the answers I received. Thank you to: Joerge Koch, Ingo Plag, Guy Aston
Pedro Luis Diez-Orzas and Maria Gordin.

I received some message concerning a programmation language also called small
talk. If people are interested, here are the references:

Adele Goldberg and Dave Robson. Smalltalk-80. The language and its
implementations. Reading, Mass. Addison-Wesley. 1993

Grady Booch. Object-oriented design with applications. Redwood City, Calif.
Benjamin/Cummings Rub. Co. 1991, (1993 2nd ed.)

Smalltalk/V. Object-oriented programming system (OOPS) Tutorial and programming
handbook, digital inc. (9841 airport blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045,
(213) 645-1082) 1986.

Goldberg A. Robson D.: Smalltalk-80. The language, Addison-wesley publishing

Concerning the other small talk, here are the references:

Henne, Helmut, Rehbock, Helmut: Einfuehrung in die Gespraechsanalyse. 2nd ed.
Berlin New York 1982. 124-157.

Schneider, Klaus Peter. 1988. Small Talk, Analysing phatic discourse. Marburg:

Goffman, 1981, Forms of talk, Blackwell

Bublitz W.,1988, Supportive fellow speaker. Benjamin

Cheepen, C. 1988, The predictability of informal conversation. Pinter

Sacks, H. 1991. Lectures on conversation. Blackwell

Aston, G. 1988. Learning comity, Cooperativa libraria universitaria editrice,
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