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Sun 21 May 1995

Sum: Aspect Phrase

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  1. Leslie Barrett, AspP summary

Message 1: AspP summary

Date: Tue, 16 May 95 11:00:02 EDAspP summary
From: Leslie Barrett <barrettZELIG.CS.NYU.EDU>
Subject: AspP summary

Thank you to all who responded to my query regarding Aspect Phrase:

Alice ter Meulen
Thomas Ernst
Uwe Junghanns
Robin Schafer
Erika Mitchell
Patrick Schindler

And the references are...........

Caroline Heycock (1994) Layers of Predication: the non-lexical syntax
of clauses

Hoekstra and Mulder (1990) "Unergatives as Copular Verbs" Ling. Review
7. 1-79

Syntax and Semantics #23 edited by R. Hendrick (this volume has many
relevant works pertaining to Celtic languages - I won't list them

Maaike Schoorlemmer (1993) "Passive SJA and Tense-licensing in Russian"
ms. Research Institute for Language and Speech

Franks, Steven/Greenberg, Gerald R. (1994) "The Functional Structure of
Slavic Clauses" in Toman, J. ed. Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics

U. Junghanns, (1995) "Funktionale Kategorien im russisschen Satz" in
Linguistische Beitraege zur Slavistik aus Deutschland und Oesterreich,II
(in print) to be ordered from Kubon & Sanger, 80328 Muenchen, Germany

J. Ouhalla (1990) "Sententail Negation, Relativized Minimality and the
Aspectual Status of Auxiliaries" The Linguistic Review 7

G. Ramchand (1993) Aspect and Argument Structure in Modern Scottish
Gaelic. Stanford University Ph.D dissertation

E. van Gelderen (1993) The Rise of Functional Categories (see chs 6-8)

T. Hoekstra (1995) [article in the February edition of GLOT]

Thanks once again to everyone for all the help!

Leslie Barrett
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