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Tue 23 May 1995

Calls: Lg variation/ling theory, Afroasiatic lgs

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  1. "roeland van hout", call for papers
  2. "Jacqueline Lecarme", Conference on Afroasiatic Languages

Message 1: call for papers

Date: 12 May 95 13:06:03 MET
From: "roeland van hout" <>
Subject: call for papers

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 Language Variation and Linguistic Theory
 September 3, 4 and 5, 1995
 University of Nijmegen

Organizers: Frans Hinskens, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
 Roeland van Hout, Univeristy of Tilburg, The Netherlands

DEADLINE for abstract submission: June 23
Notification of ACCEPTANCE: July 10

 P. Kiparsky, Stanford University
 W. Labov, University of Pennsylvania
 P. Auer, University of Hamburg
 H. Cedergren, Universite de Quebec, Montreal
 M.R. Lloret, Univeritat de Barcelona
 A. McMahon, Univerity of Cambridge

There is a growing awareness that a fruitful cooperation between the study
of language variation and change (in e.g. HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS, DIALECTOLOGY
and SOCIOLINGUISTICS) and work in PHONOLOGICAL THEORY is both possible and
desirable. The study of language variation and change would benefit from
this kind of cooperation both on the conceptual and theoretical levels -
among other things. Phonological theory may well profit from a greater use
of what is commonly called 'external evidence', e.g. performance errors and
evidence from language variation and change.

This workshop is intended to provide an international platform where insights
and approaches can be discussed from a maximally interdisciplinary point of
view. It aims to bring together representatives from both theoretical
phonological approaches and the more data-oriented fields, who are willing
to explain what they are working on, why and how - in such a way that
representatives of the other 'camps' will also be able to see how such
work might be of interest to their own research. The general goal of
the workshop is to study the possibilities and problems for a further
integration of phonological thinking on the one hand and the analysis
of language variation and change on the other.


 Sunday September 3
Theme#1 Discussion on the theses:
 'There can be no progress in the study of language variation
 without formal linguistic theory' and
 'There can be no progress in formal linguistic theory without
 the study of language variation'

 Sunday September 3
Theme#2 Is there a need for a new conceptual framework?

 Monday September 4
Theme#3 Which issues can and should, and which issues cannot and
 should not be studied in the interface between the study
 of language variation and phonological theory?

 Monday September 4
Theme#4 Which methods are appropriate for such interdisciplinary research?

 Tuesday September 5
Theme#5 Cause and 'actuation', linguistic constraints and internal
 spread ('embedding') of a linguistic change

 Tuesday September 5
Theme#6 Possible and impossible processes of linguistic change

Apart from the contributions by the invited speakers, time has been
scheduled for two papers on each of the six themes. Per paper there
will be 30 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion.
The workshop papers will be selected on the basis of abstracts.
Please submit before June 23, 1995, giving the following information:
1. the workhop theme you will address in your paper;
2. a clearly titled, 500-word summary for review;
3. the title of your paper (once more); your full name & affiliation,
 current address & phone number, e-mail address, fax number

Send submissions (preferably by e-mail) to:
 Roeland van Hout
 Dept. of Linguistics
 University of Tilburg
 Post Box 90153
 5000 LE Tilburg
 The Netherlands

Write to the above address for further information, or to express your
desire to participate without presenting a paper.

 Frans Hinskens
 Roeland van Hout
 Norval Smith
 Leo Wetzels

The registration fee is HFL 200,= / HFL 100,= for PhD-students. Coffee,
tea and lunches included.
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Message 2: Conference on Afroasiatic Languages

Date: Fri, 19 May 95 08:40:41 +0Conference on Afroasiatic Languages
From: "Jacqueline Lecarme" <>
Subject: Conference on Afroasiatic Languages

Content-Length: 1214


 Sophia Antipolis
 June 1996

 Preliminary call for Papers

The Third Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics, organized by the CNRS
Laboratoire "Langues, Langage et Cognition", University of Nice - Sophia
Antipolis, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, is to be held
at Sophia Antipolis, France, in June 1996 (still undated). The aim of
the Conference is to promote research in theoretical linguistics in
relation to Afroasiatic languages.

Papers are invited in all areas of syntax, morphology and phonology.
Initial reactions are expected before June 15, 1995, simply by sending
(even provisional) title(s) to one of the following addresses. Faxes
or e-mails are encouraged.

Requests for further information about the Conference should be
addressed to:

 Jacqueline Lecarme
 1361, route des Lucioles
 06560 Sophia Antipolis

 Tel: +(33) 92 96 73 95
 Fax: +(33) 93 65 29 27


 Ur Shlonsky
 Departement de Linguistique generale
 Faculte des Lettres
 Universite de Geneve
 Geneve 4 1211

 Tel: +(0041-22) 705 73 56
 Fax: +(0041-22) 328 25 66
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