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Books: Pragmatics, Ling Psychology

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Dictionnaire encyclopidique de pragmatique, Paris, Seuil, 1994, , 562
pages, FF 380.-
by Jacques Moeschler (University of Geneva) and Anne Reboul (CRIN-CNRS &
INRIA, Nancy)
This book is the first synthesis written in French on pragmatics. It is
composed of 20 chapters (about 20 pages each) dealing with themes like
linguistics and pragmatics, speech acts theory, integrated and cognitive
pragmatics, truth-functional interpretation, context, reference, logical
connectives, conversational maxims, implicatures, presupposition,
argumentation theory, scalar operators, polyphony, deixis and anaphora,
vagueness, metaphor, fiction and narration, coherence, conversation, and
the future of pragmatics. The theoretical framework is mainly gricean and
post-gricean (relevance theory), though the book gives an important place
to Ducrot's theory of argumentation. The book contains a glossary (about
100 entries), a table of symbols, a detailed table of content (17 pages)
and a subject and author index (2200 entries).
Langage et pertinence. Rifirence temporelle, anaphore, connecteurs et
mitaphore, Nancy, Presses Universitaires de Nancy (coll. Processus
discursifs), 1994, 301 pages, FF 160.-
by Jacques Moeschler (University of Geneva), Anne Reboul (CRIN-CNRS &
INRIA, Nancy), Jean-Marc Luscher (University of Geneva), Jacques Jayez
(EHESS, Paris)
This book is the first attempt to give a linguistic description of temporal
reference, anaphora, connectives and metaphors in French within Relevance
theory. The purpose of this book is to give a pragmatic account of
linguistic devices generally analysed from a semantic point of view.
Content: Language and relevance, temporal anaphora and deixis, pronominal
anaphora, pragmatic connectives, lexical relevance and metaphor.
Further information on the 2 books above:
Anne Reboul - Equipe Dialogue, CRIN-CNRS&INRIA Lorraine
Batiment Loria, B.P. 239, 54506 Vandoeuvre Les Nancy
Psyche: An Annual of General and Linguistic Psychology. Introduced by
Routledge/Thoemmes Press (Facsimile Editions)
W. Terrence Gordon. 18 Volume Boxed Set. March 1995. 6500pp.
Launched in 1920 by C. K. Ogden and others as the successor to the Cambridge
Magazine, Psyche occupied a unique place for over 30 years. Committed from
the outset to keeping readers abreast of developments in the burgeoning fields
of experimental, theoretical and applied psychology, Psyche provided not only
systematic reporting in these domains but set itself the task of stimulating
research of high quality by the critical thrust of its editorial stance. In
addition to full-length articles, Psyche featured lively correspondence,
a regular chronicle of research in the U. S. and on the continent, a
 comprehensive survey of current literature, and regular reports from the
 meetings of
congresses and associations. Bertrand Russell, Bronislaw Malinowski,
J. B. Watson, Sir Richard Paget, A. A. Roback, and Edward Sapir were among
those who added their contributions to editorials and features by C. K. Ogden.
The development of Basic English under the impetus of Jeremy Bentham 's work
is fully documented in Psyche, as are all aspects of the linguistic research
of Ogden's Orthological Institute.
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