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Books: Phonology, Lang Acquisition

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Dressler, Wolfgang U., Martin Prinzhorn, John R. Rennison (curr.),
 1994 317pp. paperbound approx. USD 50 Rosenberg & Sellier
 via Andrea Doria 14, I-10123 Torino (credit card accepted)
The book collects the contributions to the last Phonologica conference
(Krems 1992). Contributions by: H. Basboll, P.M. Bertinetto et al., A.
Calabrese, G. Drachman & A. Malikouti-Drachman, W.U. Dressler & K.
Dziubalska-Kolaczuk, P. Fikkert, C. Gussenhoven, J. Harris & G. Lindsey, H.
van der Hulst & J.G. Kooij, B. Kroeger & C. Opgen-Rhein, M.R. Lloret, Y.C.
Morin, M.N. Chiosain, M.L. Onederra, G.L. Piggott, D. Recasens & E.
Farnetani, J.R. Rennison, R.A. Rhodes, H. Sandoy, M. Selting, P. Siptar,
J.O. Svantesson, M. Vayra, G. Williams. They deal with subjects such as:
Representations, phonology-phonetics interface, phonological and phonetic
prominence, typology, diachrony.
 For more information, please contact:
Lamontagne, Greg. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Syllabification
 and Consonant Cooccurrence Conditions, Pb. ix + 352 pp. Ph.D.
 Dissertation, 1993. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4 foreign). Graduate
 Linguistic Student Association (GLSA),
 English heterosyllabic consonant clusters form the basis of an
 investigation into the relationship between syllabification
 algorithms and consonant cooccurrence conditions. Here a modular
 theory of the syllable is presented which constrains tauto- and
 heterosyllabic clusters by appealing to independently motivated
 phonological principles (like the OCP) and general phonetic
 processes (like the effects of gestural overlap). Generalizations
 exhibited by English consonant clusters are discussed and accounted
 for in terms of these (general) prosody-independent constraints.
Perez-Leroux, Ana Teresa. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Empty
 Categories and the Acquisition of WH-movement, Pb. xiv + 286 pp.
 Ph.D. Dissertation, 1993. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4 foreign).
This dissertation explores children's acquisition of relative clauses
and long distance question formation in English and Spanish. The
experimental study of children's acquisition of long distance Wh-movement
shows that children's grammar exhibit properties of Wh-movement, like
obedience to barriers and the ECP and properties that do not fit a
Wh-movement analysis, such as partial movement and resumptive pronouns. It
argues that the default chain in Child Grammar is composed of a null
operator-null constant, and that developments in the nominal feature system
leads to the replacement by a set of fully developed A'-dependencies.
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