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Thu 25 May 1995

Calls: Language and Consciousness, Sociolinguistics

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  1. Maxim Stamenov, Conference on "Language and Consciousness", 2nd Ann.
  2. Laboratory of Sociolinguistics, Sociolinguistics conference

Message 1: Conference on "Language and Consciousness", 2nd Ann.

Date: Mon, 22 May 95 11:15:15 BGConference on "Language and Consciousness", 2nd Ann.
Subject: Conference on "Language and Consciousness", 2nd Ann.

Content-Length: 6131

 Second Announcement and Call for Papers


 An International Symposium

 September 12-15, 1995, Varna, Bulgaria

Organized by: Institute of the Bulgarian Language
 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Co-organizer: American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
Sponsored by: Open Society Foundation (Sofia branch)

The conference will address the problem of the relationships
between language structure and the structure of
consciousness (and unconscious) in the context of the
current studies in linguistics, psycholinguistics,
neurolinguistics, philosophy of mind and language, and the
adjacent disciplines and fields of study in cognitive
sciences. The topics under discussion include (but are not
limited to) phonetics/phonology interface and the structure
of awareness, lexical access, the phenomena of
grammaticalization, the syntax/semantics interface, the
problem of metacognition, language testing and language
awareness, metaphorical language and consciousness,
discourse and consciousness, conscious/unconscious code
switching and the ways of its interpretation, the dialogical
structure of consciousness, etc.


Jens ALLWOOD (University of Goeteborg)
"Levels of Awareness and Intentionality in Linguistic

Panayot BUTCHVAROV (University of Iowa)
"The Role of Language in Cognition";

Stefana DIMITROVA (Institute of the Bulgarian Language)
"Actual Problems of Child Language from the Point of View of
the Formation of Language Consciousness";

Victor FRIEDMAN (University of Chicago)
"Consciousness and Contact in the Balkans: Choice, shift,
and interference";

John GUMPERZ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
"Reflexivity in Discourse"

Earl MAC CORMAC (Duke University)
"Metaphors of Consciousness and Consciousness of Metaphors";

Arthur REBER (City University of New York)
"The Cognitive Unconscious and the Acquisition of Natural

David ROSENTHAL (City University of New York)
"Consciousness and Speech";

Jackie SCHOEN (University of Toulouse)
"A Linguistic Illustration of the Lacanian Concept of
`object a'".

Applications for participation are invited for the workshops
given below. Those interested to contribute to them should
contact the coordinators:


Prof.Dr. Franz HUNDSNURSCHER, Universitaet Muenster,
Sprachenzentrum, Abt. Sprachforschung, Bispinghof 2B, D-
48143, Muenster, GERMANY;

Prof.Dr. Edda WEIGAND, Universitaet Muenster,
Sprachenzentrum, Abt. Sprachforschung, Bispinghof 2B, D-
48143, Muenster, GERMANY;


Dr. Rosemary STEVENSON, Human Communication Research Centre,
Dept. of Psychology, University of Durham, Durham DH1 3LE,

Dr. Maxim STAMENOV, Institute of the Bulgarian Language
Shipchenski Prokhod St. 52, bl. 17, 1113 Sofia, BULGARIA;

Further proposals for workshops are welcome.

The conference site is The International House of
Journalists (approx. 16 km. from Varna international
airport) near the internationally known resort "Golden
Sands". It is possible to reach this location by local
public transportation (bus) as well as by taxi from the
airport or from the town of Varna central railway station.
Further and more detailed information about the ways of
access will be given in the Third Announcement.

The cost for a single room per night plus the board for the
corresponding day is US$29.00 at the International House of
Journalists plus a resort tax of US$3.00 per day. The House
is nicely located in an privately owned small park and
vineyard at the seaside.

The regular fee is US$35.00. The fee for students is
US$20.OO. It should be paid at the registration desk after
arrival. The conference fee is waived for the participants
from the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

The deadline for applications is June 01, 1995. It is
acceptable to submit your proposal for a paper (with its
title and an abstract of approx. 200-250 words) by e-mail,
but the application will be considered complete after we
receive your proposal (in three hard copies in a camera
ready form by air mail) according to the following format:
title; name; affiliation; postal address; e-mail address;
abstract of approx. 200 words (preferably on a laser
printer). Please note that the abstracts will be reproduced
the way they were submitted by the authors. Each participant
will be given 20 min. for presentation of her/his paper and
10 min. for discussion.
 The future participants will be notified about the
acceptance of their papers by the Programme Committee in two
weeks after their application reached us by e-mail. The
official notification of acceptance by air mail may reach
them a week later.

Deadline for applications: June 01, 1995;
Arrival and registration: September 11, 1995;
Conference time: September 12-15, 1995;
Departure: September 16, 1995.


For more information please contact the Organizer:

Maxim Stamenov
Institute of the Bulgarian Language
Shipchenski Prokhod St. 52, bl. 17
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
Tel./fax (359-2) 732-217
E-mail: maxstambgearn.bitnet
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Message 2: Sociolinguistics conference

Date: Mon, 22 May 95 19:29:11 +0Sociolinguistics conference
From: Laboratory of Sociolinguistics <>
Subject: Sociolinguistics conference

Content-Length: 3435

Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Linguistics
Research Centre of Ethnic and Language Relations

International Sociolinguistic Conference

Sociolinguistic Problems
in Various Regions
of the World

October 22-24, 1996
Moscow, Russia

The Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
and its Research Centre of Ethnic and Language Relations will hold an
International Scientific Conference on "Sociolinguistic Problems in Various
Regions of the World" in the period from October 22 through
October 24, 1996. The working languages of the Conference are
Russian and English.

We envisage publishing a collection of abstracts and the Conference papers.

Applications for participation in the Conference indicating the
topic of the paper and abstracts in English (on 5 pages) are
expected to be received not later than December 1, 1995. The
following data on the author(s) should be provided: full name,
scientific degree, position, place of employment, postal address,
fax number and E-mail.

Our address:
103009, Moscow K-9, Bolshoi Kislovsky Per.
(previously Ul. Semashko), 1/12, Institute of Linguistics of the
RAS, International Conference Organizing Committee (Attn.: Ms.
V.Yu. Mikhalchenko or Ms. N.G. Kolesnik).

Telephones: (095) 290-46-11 (Ms. Vida Mikhalchenko)
 (095) 290-52-68 (Ms. Natalia Kolesnik)
 (095) 290-35-85 (Board of the Institute)

Fax: (095) 290-05-28

E-mail: socio
Each participant is expected to pay a registration fee of US$ 50.00.

The invitation to participate in the Conference will be sent to
you upon receipt of your application (presumably not later than
January 1, 1996).

The hotel accommodation cost ranges from US$ 30 to US$ 200 per
day (as of March 1995).

The proposed problems to be discussed at the Conference include:

- Language Situation and Language Policy.
- The Problem of the Goal-Directed Influence of Society on
 Language: Language Legislation.
- Language Conflicts and Ways of Their Neutralization.
- Development of Standard Languages.
- Functional Development of Languages.
- Bilingualism and Multilingualism.
- Educational Languages.
- Languages of Mass Communication.
- National Cultures and National Languages.
- The Russian Language as a Language of Interethnic and
 International Communication.
- Modern Trends in the Development of Ethnic and Language Relations.
- Social Differentiation of Language in Modern Society.
- Culture of Speech and Culture of Interethnic Relations.
- Problems of the Revival and Development of Languages of
 Minority Ethnic Groups.
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