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Sat 03 Jun 1995

Confs: Forensic ling, Formal grammar

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  1. Helen Fraser, Confs: Forensic Linguistics
  2. Glyn Morrill, Conference--FORMAL GRAMMAR

Message 1: Confs: Forensic Linguistics

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 13:12:57 +Confs: Forensic Linguistics
From: Helen Fraser <>
Subject: Confs: Forensic Linguistics

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International Association of Forensic Linguists Conference
University of New England, Armidale NSW Australia 9-12 July 1995

Registration for the conference is due by 12 June, and registration forms
can be obtained from Diana Eades (

Any queries about registration, accommodation etc should be directed to
Phil Johnston at New England Conference Management, fax 61 67 711713

___________________ (

Helen Fraser (Dr)
Dept of Linguistics
University of New England
NSW 2351

Phone 067 73 2128/3189
Fax 067 73 3735
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Message 2: Conference--FORMAL GRAMMAR

Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 18:04:19 Conference--FORMAL GRAMMAR
From: Glyn Morrill <>
Subject: Conference--FORMAL GRAMMAR

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 August 12-13, 1995
 in conjunction with the
 European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

Saturday August 12th

1.00-2.00 "Linear Logic for Meaning Assembly"
 Fernando Pereira (Invited Speaker), AT&T Bell
2.00-2.40 "Partial Proof Trees as Building Blocks for a
 Categorial Grammar"
 Aravind K. Joshi & Seth Kulick, University
 of Pennsylvania
2.40-3.00 "The Fall of Function-Argument Biuniqueness"
 Alex Alsina, National University of Singapore
3.30-4.10 "Features and Agreement in Lambek Categorial Grammar"
 Mark Johnson and Sam Bayer, Brown University
4.50-5.30 "Distribution, Collection and Scoping:
 a Categorial Approach to Plurality"
 Bob Carpenter, Carnegie Mellon University
6.00-6.40 "Bare Plurals in Spanish Are Interpreted as Properties"
 Louise McNally, The Ohio State University
6.00-6.40 "A Proof-Theoretic Approach to Natural Language
 Understanding - Ellipsis: a Case Study"
 Ruth Kempson, University of London
6.40-7.20 "Ellipsis and Multimodal Categorial Type Logic"
 Petra Hendriks, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
7.20-8.00 "Word Order Domains in Categorial Grammar"
 Koen Versmissen, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht

Sunday August 13th
9.00-1.30 Special Session: "Clause Union and Argument Structure"
 Erhard Hinrichs & Tsuneko Nakazaw,
 Dani'ele Godard, Anna Abeill'e & Philip Miller,
 Esther Kraak,
 Miriam Butt,
 Owen Rambow.
 Discussion Chairs: Tilman Hoehle & Bob Carpenter
3.30-4.30 "Inflection, Derivation and Grammatical Architecture"
 Susan Steele (Invited Speaker), University of Arizona
4.30-5.10 "Ne-Cliticization Does Not Support the
 Unaccusative/Intransitive Split"
 Graziella Saccon, University of Texas at Austin
5.10-5.30 "Trees and the Representation of Disjunct
 Marcel Cori and Jean-Marie Marandin, Universit'e Paris
6.00-6.40 "Pomset Logic as an Alternative Categorial Grammar"
 Alain Lecomte and Christian Retor'e, INRIA Lorraine
6.40-7.20 "Interpreting Lexical Rules"
 Mike Calcagno, The Ohio State University
7.20-7.40 "A Semantics for Lexical Rules As Used in HPSG"
 Walt Detmar Meurers, Universit"at T"ubingen
7.40-8.00 "OT, Finite-State Representations and Procedurality"
 T. Mark Ellison, Instituto de Engenharia de
 Sistemas e Computadores, Lisboa

Reserve: "On the Formalisation of Choice Functions as
 Representing the Scope of Indefinites"
 Yoad Winter, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht

For information about the European Summer School in
Logic, Language and Information (14th-25th August) contact:
ESSLLI95, GILCUB, Avda. Vallvidrera 25, 08017 Barcelona; Fax
+43 3 2054656; e-mail:
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