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Mon 05 Jun 1995

Disc: Syldavian Tutorial

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  1. Guy Deutscher, Re: Syldavian tutorial

Message 1: Re: Syldavian tutorial

Date: Tue, 23 May 95 19:35:48 +0Re: Syldavian tutorial
From: Guy Deutscher <>
Subject: Re: Syldavian tutorial

Jacques Guy's Grammar of Syldavian is of course a very welcome
contribution to the understanding of that seldom investigated language.
However, one couldn't help being slightly disappointed that it
did not contain a translation of the longest text (and only one,
as far as I know) which has survived in this ancient language.
I refer of course to the page of the 14th cent. manuscript which is
reproduced in "le sceptre d'Ottokar" (p. 21), and which goes
approximately thus:

Pir Ottokar du~s pollsz ez ko"nikstz dan tronn eszt
pho ma~ Ozeilla~ cza"ida~ o"n estca~r akpu~ kzommetz
pakkeh o lapza~da ko"nikstz itd o alpu~ klo"ppz
staszrvitchz erom szu~bel o". Da~zsbick ta"llta
o"pp o ca~rro".

Can we have a chapter 2?

Guy Deutscher
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