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Wed 07 Jun 1995

FYI: Grad studies in cognitive science, Albuquerque housing

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  1. Boicho Kokinov, Graduate Studies in Cognitive Science
  2. LENELL ELIZABETH ANN, Albuquerque housing

Message 1: Graduate Studies in Cognitive Science

Date: Fri, 26 May 95 20:01:42 BGGraduate Studies in Cognitive Science
Subject: Graduate Studies in Cognitive Science

 Department of Cognitive Science

Admission to the Graduate Program in Cognitive Science is open
till July 30.
It offers the following degrees: Post-Graduate Diploma, M.Sc.,


 Teaching in English both in the regular courses at NBU and
in the intensive courses at the Annual International Summer
 Strong interdisciplinary program covering Psychology,
Artificial Intelligence, Neurosciences, Linguistics, Philosophy,
Mathematics, Methods.
 Theoretical and experimental research in integration of the
symbolic and connectionist approaches, emergent hybrid cognitive
architectures, models of memory and reasoning, analogy, vision,
imagery, agnosia, language and speech processing, aphasia.
 Advisors: at least two advisors with different backgrounds,
possibly one external international advisor.
 International dissertation committee.


Elizabeth Bates (UCSD, USA), Amedeo Cappelli (CNR, Italy),
Cristiano Castelfranchi (CNR, Italy), Daniel Dennett (Tufts
University, USA), Charles De Weert (University of Nijmegen,
Holland), Christian Freksa (Hamburg University, Germany), Dedre
Gentner (Northwestern University, USA), Christopher Habel
(Hamburg University, Germany), Douglas Hofstadter (Indiana
University, USA), Joachim Hohnsbein (University of Dortmund,
Germany), Keith Holyoak (UCLA, USA), Mark Keane (Trinity
College, Ireland), Alan Lesgold (University of Pittsburg, USA),
Willem Levelt (Max-Plank Institute of Psycholinguistics,
Holland), Ennio De Renzi (University of Modena, Italy), David
Rumelhart (Stanford University, USA), Richard Shiffrin (Indiana
University, USA), Paul Smolensky (University of Colorado, USA),
Chris Thornton (University of Sussex, England), Carlo Umilta'
(University of Padova, Italy)


 B.Sc. degree in psychology, computer science, linguistics,
philosophy, neurosciences, or related fields.
 Good command of English.

Cognitive Science Department,
New Bulgarian University,
21 Montevideo Str.
Sofia 1635, Bulgaria,
tel.: (+3592) 55-80-65
fax: (+3592) 54-08-02
e-mail: or
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Message 2: Albuquerque housing

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 10:21:21 -Albuquerque housing
From: LENELL ELIZABETH ANN <lenellucsu.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Albuquerque housing

I have two rooms in a home available for the linguistics institute in
The rate is $700 each for the entire institute (or longer,if you need to
be there earlier).
Occassional guests can be negotiated. Contact me by e-mail for more info.
Elizabeth Lenell
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