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Fri 09 Jun 1995

Qs: Neurophysiology, Chinese rhymes, Native American lgs

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  1. "SUSAN SOTILLO", neurophysiology and written language
  2. Alexis Manaster Ramer, Chinese rhymes--help needed
  3. , Call for Data: Please post

Message 1: neurophysiology and written language

Date: 4 Jun 95 18:59:00 EST
Subject: neurophysiology and written language

I would be grateful for references to recent research that would
fall under the category of neurophysiology. Does anyone know of
studies on aphasic or other kinds of patients who are trying to
recover fluency in the use of language by using
computers to communicate with therapists, caretakers, or doctors?

The focus of this type of research should be on the strengthening
of neural networks through the use of computers by sending and
receiving messages. It could also involve performing specific types of
exercises that stress writing as opposed to speech.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Please reply to
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Message 2: Chinese rhymes--help needed

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 18:14:13 -Chinese rhymes--help needed
From: Alexis Manaster Ramer <amrCS.Wayne.EDU>
Subject: Chinese rhymes--help needed

I am doing a study of rhyming practices in popular Chinese
verses. Unfortunately, some of the corpora are only in
characters, and my ability to read these is very limited.
I am wondering if there is anybody out there who can read
Mandarin fluently who would be interested in collaborating?

Alexis MR
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Message 3: Call for Data: Please post

Date: Wed, 07 Jun 1995 17:29:28 Call for Data: Please post
From: <laura.rollerASU.Edu>
Subject: Call for Data: Please post

Text follows:

Do you have information about newly coined words in a Native American
language? Would you be willing to share the information?

My name is Laura Roller. I am a graduate student under the direction of
Dr. Elizabeth Brandt in the Department of Anthropology at Arizona State
University. I am researching new words coined in Native American
languages (including Native Hawaiian) for their semantic content. This
research is part of a larger project investigating Native American
language renewal. I am seeking examples of coined words, along with
morphological and semantic analysis to assist me as a non-speaker.
 If you have this kind of information, I would like to hear from
you! Participation is of course voluntary, and return of information
will be considered your consent to participate in the research. You can
contact me at Besides the initial contact, some
follow-up questioning via e-mail or by telephone may be necessary.
Questions about the research design may be directed to Dr. Elizabeth
Brandt at
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