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  1. , NELS 26 -- Call for Papers/Registration
  2. Reuben Van de Vijer, reminder of call for papers ConSOLE 4

Message 1: NELS 26 -- Call for Papers/Registration

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 15:35:04 -NELS 26 -- Call for Papers/Registration
From: <>
Subject: NELS 26 -- Call for Papers/Registration

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*********PLEASE DISTRIBUTE******************PLEASE DISTRIBUTE*********

 NELS 26
 Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 October 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1995

 Keynote speaker: Noam Chomsky

Abstracts are invited for twenty-minute papers on any aspect of
theoretical linguistics. Special workshops will be held on Monday,
October 30, on Indo-European Linguistics and Sentence Processing.


Abstracts should be anonymous and typed single-spaced in 12-point font
on no more than one 8 1/2" x 11" page with one-inch margins.
References, but no examples, may be included on a second page. For
the sake of the reviewers, guidelines will be strictly enforced. At
most one individual, one joint, and one workshop-related abstract per
person will be considered. Please write "workshop" in the top
left-hand corner of your abstract if you would like to have it
considered for one of the Monday workshops.

Submissions should include (a) ten anonymous copies of an abstract, or
five if submitted for the workshop only; (b) one copy stating the name
of; the author(s) and affiliation(s), for inclusion in the NELS
booklet if accepted; (c) a typed 3" x 5" card bearing the title of the
paper and the authors' names, affiliations, phone numbers, and
snailmail and e-mail addresses. Please indicate whether you would
like e-mail acknowledgement of receipt. Abstracts sent after the
deadline will not be considered. We will accept no fax or e-mail
submissions. Accepted presenters will be notified in early September.

Please send abstracts to:

 Dianne Jonas and Martha McGinnis, coordinators
 NELS 26
 Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
 20D-219 MIT, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA

Preregistration fees are $20 for students, $30 for others. The
deadline for preregistration is September 8, 1995. A registration
form will be sent out electronically. On-site registration fees will
be $30 for students, $45 for others.

For more information, please write to or to the above
 NELS 26 at Harvard/MIT
 *Registration Form*

To receive the pre-registration discount, this form and a check
payable to NELS 26 must be received by 8 September 1995. Registration
forms received after that (and registration at the door) will require
the on-site fee.

Our address is: NELS 26
 Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy
 20D-219 MIT
 Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Pre-registrants who cannot attend will receive a refund if we are
informed before 8 September 1995.

Name: ______________________________________________________
Affiliation: _______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________
City: ____________________ State/Province: _________________
ZIP/Postal Code: ____________________ Country: _____________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________________________
FAX: _______________________________________________________

Preregistration fee
___ Student: US$20 (on site US$30)
___ Other: US$30 (on site US$45)

The preregistration fee must be in US dollars. Those outside the US
may register before the conference and pay the lower rate at the door.

ASL interpretation may be provided.
Please check here if you require it: ___.
Which day(s) will you need interpretation: __________________

Although Boston hotels are near full during most autumn weekends, for
a number of reasons the NELS weekend is especially crowded. Many of
the hotels in or near Harvard Square are already booked. If you know
that you will be coming to NELS 26--or if you even suspect that you
might be coming--then it is imperative to make hotel reservations as
soon as possible. On the other hand, there are a large number of
hotels in the Cambridge/Boston area, many of which are quite
convenient to both Harvard and MIT. A list of them will be provided
by e-mail on request to

We can suggest a number of other potential strategies. If you will be
driving to NELS, then you may want to stay in a hotel outside of
Boston/Cambridge and commute in. Although this has a number of
advantages, we strongly recommend that you take public transportation
into Cambridge if you choose to do this. (In particular, we suggest
parking your automobile at the Alewife MBTA station and either taking
the Red Line subway to Harvard or MIT, or the bus to Harvard.) In
Harvard Square or Tech Square, legal parking is expensive and
inconvenient even if you find any--and if you park anyway, we shall
count you fortunate if your car is merely ticketed and towed away.

For the more adventurous among our attendees, we will be providing a
limited amount of crash space, with preference being given to students
and unemployed. If you are interested, please fill out the following
form and return it to us, either at the address above or (preferably)
e-mail it to as soon as possible.
*********************Crash Space Request Form*********************

1. I am ____ female ____ male
2. ____ I require a no-smoking environment.
 ____ I must be able to smake where I stay.
 ____ I don't smoke but I don't care whether my hosts do.
3. I can bring my own ____ towel ____ sleeping bag ____ pillow.
4. I am allergic to/afraid of/can't deal with: _____________
5. I will need crash space on the following night(s):
 ____ Thursday ____ Saturday
 ____ Friday ____ Sunday
6. Other special needs: ____________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________________
E-mail: ____________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________________________
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Message 2: reminder of call for papers ConSOLE 4

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 11:12:15 -reminder of call for papers ConSOLE 4
From: Reuben Van de Vijer <rubenCsli.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: reminder of call for papers ConSOLE 4

Reminder of:
14-16 DECEMBER 1995

The fourth meeting of the Student Organization of generative
Linguistics in Europe (Console) will be held in Paris from :

***14 until 16 December***

Sole aims at providing students of generative linguistics with a
possibility of gaining international experience and a publication
forum of their own. Furthermore Sole strives at enhancing contacts and
cooperation between students of generative linguistics in Europe and
around the world.

Papers are solicited in the field of generative linguistics, more
specifically, but not limited to phonology, morphology, semantics,
sign language, language acquisition and syntax. If you are interested
please send three anonymous copies of an abstract of maximally two
pages, including references, diagrams and examples using minimally a
10 pnt font to:

Jacqueline Gueron
Departement d'Anglais
U. de Paris X -Nanterre
200 Avenue de la Republique
92001 Nanterre Cedex

or to:

Alain Rouveret
Departement des Sciences du Langage
U. de Paris VIII
2 rue de la Liberte
93256 Saint-Denis Cedex

The deadline for submission is August first. Abstracts received after
1 August will not be considered.

Jacqueline Gueron , Alain Rouveret or Ruben van de Vijver
( will be happy to answer questions you may
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