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Tue 13 Jun 1995

Calls: Computer-Mediated DA extension, Typology

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  1. Susan Herring, Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis deadline extended
  2. UVT UK, LP'96 - Typology

Message 1: Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis deadline extended

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 18:32:20 CDComputer-Mediated Discourse Analysis deadline extended
From: Susan Herring <>
Subject: Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis deadline extended

The deadline for submission of manuscripts to the _Electronic Journal of
Communication_ special issue on "Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis"
has been extended. The new deadline is JULY 10, 1995. If you had been
thinking about submitting an article but were unable to meet the original
deadline, there is still time.

All manuscripts must be prepared according to the EJC author guide and
submitted electronically in ascii format. The EJC author guide is
available on the world wide web at

or by e-mail request from Susan Herring at Queries
about the special journal issue should also be sent to this address.

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Message 2: LP'96 - Typology

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 20:11:41 LP'96 - Typology
From: UVT UK <>
Subject: LP'96 - Typology

 LP'96: Call for Papers:
 The Department of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies
 The Institute of Phonetic Studies
 Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
 Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)

 announce a conference

 LP'96: Typology: prototypes, items orderings and universals

 August 20-22 1996

 This is the third LP (Linguistics and Phonetics) conference of
 the two departments within the space of six years. The first
 was held in 1990, the second in 1994 (Proceedings of LP'90 are
 still available on request from Charles University Press - Ka-
 rolinum (Ovocny trh 5 Prag 1, 11636) or from the Department of
 Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies, Proceedings of LP'94 will
 be available in July 1995).

 The term item-order was the central term discussed at the
 LP'94 Conference.The term "item" was used in the sense of any
 linguistic unit such as phoneme, morpheme, syllable, word,
 word-form, phrase, clause, sentence. The primary aim of LP'96
 is to contribute to the clarification of the role of
 item-order in typology and to its interrelationship with other
 language means in typology.

 Topics will focus among other on following questions:

 1) What does a possible type of natural language entail? What
 parameters differentiate language from other phenomena?
 The topic includes among other: Biological, genetic and philo-
 sophical aspects of linguistic universals; function-form appro-
 ach to typology; the role of comparison of acoustic and percep-
 tion phenomena in both natural and synthetic speech signals;
 internal and external phonetic values; kinds of iconicity/
 isomorphism/ economy at individual levels of linguistis analy-
 sis; markedness of item-orderings (e.g. is it meaningful to
 differentiate fixed and free word-order according to the dicho-
 tomy unmarked-marked?)

 2) Which factors are relevant for classification as such and
 for classification of languages in particular?
 The topic includes among other: the processses of reduction
 and clustering of linguistic phenomena; substruction of lin-
 guistic properties; the concept of type of languages.

 3) What is the foundation of typology as a linguistic discip-
 The topic includes among other: kinds of typology: traditional
 typologies (morphological, syntactic, semantic), cognitive
 typology (configurational vs non-configurational langua-
 ges, Baker's incorporation, mirror principles, kinds of rai-
 sing, etc.), classification of typologies (parameters)

 4) Is linguistic typology only the subject of theoretical dis-
 cussions or has it consequences for linguistic applications?
 The topic includes: consequences for language teaching, for
 linguistic databases, for development of text-editors, for mul-
 tilingual communication and multimedia in www in contrast with
 monolingual communication, etc.

 Organizing Committee:

 Frantisek Danes (Czech Academy of Sciences)
 Osamu Fujimura (The Ohio-State University)
 Laura A. Janda (The University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill)
 Premysl Janota (Charles University, Prague)
 Helena Kurzova (Czech Academy of Sciences)
 Jiri V. Neustupny (Osaka University)
 Pavel Novak (Charles University, Prague)
 Bohumil Palek (Charles University, Prague) - chairman
 Ewa Willim (Jagellonian University, Poland)

 Preliminary application for LP'96 and short abstract (half page)
 should be sent not later by September 30, 1995.

 Premiminary Application Form




 phone mail adress fax e-mail

 Preliminary title of submitted paper:

 Note: If you plan to request financial support from various
 funds, please feel free to contact me as to the topic of your
 paper at any time.

 Updated information on LP96 will be available at:

 Contact address:
 e-mail: or
 or by mail:
 Bohumil Palek
 Department of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies
 2, Jan Palach Sq., 116 38 Prague 1, Czech Republic
 phone: (xx422) 24491 524
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