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Fri 20 Jan 1995

Jobs: Software development, Ontological engineering, NLP

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  1. Karen Pittman, Job -- C/LISP, KR, NL: Austin, TX

Message 1: Job -- C/LISP, KR, NL: Austin, TX

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 17:03-060Job -- C/LISP, KR, NL: Austin, TX
From: Karen Pittman <karenMCC.COM>
Subject: Job -- C/LISP, KR, NL: Austin, TX

Cycorp is seeking enthusiastic, highly-motivated multi-talented people
for positions in software development, ontological engineering, and
natural language processing. Each of these involves working with and
extending the Cyc technology -- an immense, broad, multi-contextual
knowledge base and inference engine which our group has developed over
the last eleven years. Cyc already contains a useful selection of
fundamental human knowledge: facts, rules of thumb, and heuristics for
reasoning about the objects and events of modern everyday life. Cyc
enables a multitude of knowledge-intensive products and services which
could revolutionize the way in which people use and interact with
computers, and Cycorp is dedicated to making this happen. To date, Cyc
has made possible ground-breaking pilot applications in the areas of
heterogeneous database browsing and integration, captioned image
retrieval, and natural language processing. We are looking for a few
individuals to join us in this challenging enterprise.

Software Development
o C applications programming expertise (Unix, Macintosh, PC)
o Preferably some Common Lisp programming experience
o Database theory and application development (Oracle, DB2)
o Formal logic (predicate calculus) and deductive theorem proving
o Inference engine design, implementation, and maintenance

Ontological Engineering
o Facility with formal logic (predicate calculus)
o Preferably some background in AI, esp. knowledge representation
o Programming ability is a plus, but not required

Natural Language Processing
o Familiarity with NL parsing theory (including statistical
 and/or corpus-based parsing methods and other methods)
o Experience in designing, building, and extending parsers
o Facility with predicate calculus, and some knowledge of
 mathematical methods in linguistics
o Familiarity with linguistic theory, esp. morphology and syntax;
 knowledge of pragmatics and/or discourse theory a plus
o Ability to think procedurally and concretely (thus, programming
 skills would be a plus)

For immediate consideration, send your resume and a cover letter to:

Doug Lenat
Cycorp, Inc.
3500 West Balcones Center Drive
Austin, Texas 78759

FAX: 512-338-3858

 Cycorp is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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