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Journal of the Linguistic Society of America

 Book notice list

Below is the list of books currently available for 500 word book
notices. The opportunity to write book notices is offered to all
readers of Language whether or not they are LSA members, though
the editor reserves the right to decline to send books to
volunteers whose previous book notices have presented substantive
or stylistic problems that increase the time required for
editing. Students are encouraged to write book notices, though a
faculty supervisor must agree to approve the book notice before
it is submitted to the editor. Book notices are due within
three months after the reviewer receives the book; this insures
that works are reviewed in a timely fashion.

Please feel free to circulate this list to colleagues.

Arteaga, Alfred (ed.) An other tongue: Nation and ethnicity in
the linguistic borderlands. Durham: Duke University Press, 1994.
Pp. x, 295. Cloth $49.95, paper $17.95.

Bates, Dawn, Thom Hess and Vi Hilbert; edited by Dawn Bates.
Lushootseed dictionary. Seattle and London: University of
Washington Press, 1994. Pp. xxi, 381. Paper $30.00

Belcher, Diane and George Braine (eds.) Academic writing in a
second language: Essays on research and pedagogy. Norwood, NJ:
Ablex Publishing Co., 1995. Pp. xxxi, 410. Cloth $59.95, paper

Bergen, Robert D. (ed.) Biblical Hebrew and discourse
linguistics. Dallas, TX: SIL, 1994. Pp. 560. Paper $40.00.

Bharati, Akshar, Vineet Chaitanya and Rajeev Sangal. Natural
language processing: A Paninian perspective. New Delhi: Prentice
Hall of India, 1995. Pp. xviii, 220.

Breva-Claramonte, Manuel. La didactica de las lenguas en el
Renacimiento: Juan Luis Vives y Pero Simon Abril. Bilbao:
Universidad de Deusto, 1994. Pp. 270.

Campbell, Kim Sydow. Coherence, continuity, and cohesion:
Theoretical foundations for document design. Hillsdale, NJ:
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994. Pp. ix, 113. Cloth $29.95,
paper $17.95.

Carl, Wolfgang. Frege's theory of sense and reference: Its
origins and scope. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995.
Pp. viii, 220.

Crangle, Colleen and Patrick Suppes. Language and learning for
robots (CSLI lecture notes, 41). Stanford: Center for the Study
of Language and Information, 1994. Pp. xxi, 276.

Darnell, Regna and Juidith Irvine (eds.) The collected works of
Edward Sapir, IV: Ethnology. Berlin and New York: Walter de
Gruyter, 1994. Pp. 963.

de Beaugrande, Robert, Abdulla Shunnaq, and Mohamed H. Heliel,
eds. Language, discourse and translation in the West and Middle
East. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing
Company, 1994. Pp. xi, 256.

Dougherty, Ray C. Natural language computing: An English
generative grammar in Prolog. (With accompanying disk)
Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994. Pp. xlvi, 349.
Cloth $69.95, paper $36.00.

Engh, Jan. Verb i passiv fulgt av perfektum partisipp: Bruk og
historie. Oslo: Novus forlag, 1994. Pp. x, 374. Paper NOK 285.00

Extra, Guus and Ludo Verhoeveon (eds.) The cross-linguistic study
of bilingual development. Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1994. Pp.

Fassi Fehri, Abdelkader. Issues in the structure of Arabic
clauses and words. Dordrecht, Boston & London: Kluwer Academic
Publishers, 1993. Pp. xiv, 314.

Fine, Elizabeth C. The folklore text: From performance to print.
Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1994. Pp.
244. Paper $12.95.

Flower, Linda.The construction of negotiated meaning: A social
cognitive theory of writing. Carbondale and Edwardsville:
Southern Illinois University Press, 1994. Pp. x, 334.

Formigari, Lia and Daniele Gambarara (eds.) Historical roots of
linguistic theories. (Amsterdam studies in the theory and history
of linguistic science). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins,
1995. Pp. viii, 309.

Fuchs, Catherine and Bernard Victorri (eds.) Continuity in
Linguistic Semantics (Lingvisticae Investigationes: Supplementa
19). Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1994. Pp. 255.

Gernsbacher, Morton Ann and T. Giv"n. Coherence in spontaneous
text. (Typological studies in language, 31). Amsterdam and
Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1995. Pp. x, 267.

Gile, Daniel. Basic concepts and models for interpreter and
translator training (Benjamins translation library, 8). Amsterdam
and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1995. Pp. xv, 277.

Giv"n, Talmy (ed.). Voice and inversion. Philadelphia: John
Benjamins Publishing Co., 1994, Pp. 402.

Gopinathan, S; Anne Pakir; Ho Wah Kam; & Vanithamani Saravanan.
Language, society and education in Singapore: Issues and trends.
Singapore: Times Academic Press, 1994. Pp. vii, 391.

Grossmann, Maria. Opposizioni direzionali e prefissazione:
Analisi morfologica e semantica dei verbi egressivi prefissati
con des- e es- in catalano. (Quaderni patavini di linguistica
monografie, 14) Padova: Unipress, 1994. Pp. 147.

Harries, Elizabeth Wanning. The unfinished manner: Essays on the
fragment in the later eighteenth century. Charlottesville and
London: University Press of Virginia, 1994. Pp. xi, 215.

Haspelmath, Martin and Ekkehard Konig (eds.) Converbs in cross-
linguistic perspective: Structure and meaning of adverbial verb
forms--adverbial participles, gerunds-- (Empirical approaches to
language typology, 13). Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter,
1995. Pp. x, 565.

Hengeveld, Kees. Non-verbal predication: Theory, typology,
diachrony (Functional grammar series 15). Berlin and New York:
Mouton de Gruyter, 1992. Pp. xxiii, 321.

Hill, Clifford and Kate Parry (eds.) From testing to assessment:
English as an international language (Applied linguistics and
language study). London and New York: Longmans, 1994. Pp. viii,

Ilie, Cornelia. What else can I tell you? A pragmatic study of
English rhetorical questions as discursive and argumentative
acts. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1994. Pp.
vii, 248.

Issacharoff, Michael and Lelia Madrid. De la pensee au langage.
Paris: Jos Corti, 1995. Pp. 228.

Jannedy, Stefanie, Robert Poletto, and Tracey L. Weldon (eds.).
Language files: Materials for an introduction to language &
linguistics (6th edition). Columbus: Ohio State University Press,
1994. Pp. xiii, 477.

Kandiah, Thiru, and John Kwan-Terry (eds.). English and language
planning: a Southeast Asian contribution. Singapore: Times
Academic Press, 1994. Pp. ix, 309.

Karlsson, Fred, Atro Voutilainen, Juha Heikkila, and Arto Anttila
(eds.) Constraint grammar: A language-independent system for
parsing unrestricted text (Natural language processing, 4).
Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1994. Pp. viii, 430.
Cloth DM 298.00.

Kassai, Ilona (ed.). K tnyelv s g~ s magyar nyelvhaszn lat
(Proceedings of the 6th Living Language Conference, 1993).
Budapest: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1995. Pp. 318.

Kenesei, Istvan (ed.). Levels and structures (Approaches to
Hungarian, volume five). Szeged: JATE, 1995. Pp. 342. Paper

Kim-Renaud, Young-Key (ed.) Thoeretical issues in Korean
linguistics. Stanford: CSLI Publications, 1994. Pp. xvi, 555.
Cloth $55.00, paper $29.95.

King, Alan. The Basque language: A practical introduction. Reno,
Las Vegas and London: University of Nevada Press, 1994. Pp. xvi,

Kiyose, Gisaburo N. Japanese grammar: A new approach. Kyoto:
Kyoto UniversityPress, 1995. Pp. x, 181.

Kretzenbacher, Heinz L. and Harald Weinrich (eds.) Linguistik der
Wissenschaftssprache (Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin,
Forschungsbericht 10). Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter,
1995. Pp. vi, 407.

Laing, Margaret, and Keith Williamson (eds.) Speaking in our
tongues: Medieval dialectology and related disciplines.
Rochester, NY: D. S. Brewer, 1994. Pp. xi, 231.

Lerat, Pierre Les langues specialisees. Paris: Presses
Universitaires de France, 1995. Pp. 201.

Levinsohn, Stephen H. (ed.). Discourse features of ten languages
of West-central Africa (Publications in Linguistics 119).
Arlington: Summer Institute of Linguistics and the University of
Texas at Arlington Press, 1994. Pp. ix, 241.

Lima, Susan D., Roberta L. Corrigan and Gregory K. Iverson. The
reality of linguistic rules (Studies in language companion
series, 26). Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1994.
Pp. xxiii, 480.

Lippi-Green, Rosina. Language ideology and language change in
early modern German: A sociolinguistic study of the consonantal
system of Nuremberg. (Amsterdam studies in the theory and history
of linguistic science). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John
Benjamins, 1994. Pp. xiv, 150.

Lucas, Ceil and Clayton Valli. Language contact in the American
deaf community. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992. Pp.
xviii, 161.

Masi Canuto, Mari Luisa. El complemento circunstancial en
espanol. Castell" de la Plana: Publicacions de la Universitat
Jaume I, 1994. Pp. 132.

McClamrock, Ron. Existential cognition: Computational minds in
the world. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995. Pp. viii,
215. Cloth $28.95.

MacWhinney, Brian. The CHILDES project: Tools for analyzing talk
(2nd ed.). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 1995. Pp.
xii, 458.

Meisel, J rgen M. Bilingual first language acquisition: French
and German grammatical development. Amsterdam & Philadelphia:
John Benjamins, 1994. Pp. 282.

Merino, Barbara J., Henry T. Trueba and Fabi n A. Samaniego
(eds.) Language and culture in learning: Teaching Spanoish to
nation speakers of Spanish. Washington and London: The Falmer
Press. Pp. xi, 279.

Merisalo, Outi and Raija Sarasti-Wilenius (eds.) Mare balticum--
mare nostrum: Latin in the countries of the Baltic Sea (1500-
1800). (Acts of the Helsinki Colloquium, 16-21 August, 1992).
Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 1994. Pp. 175.

Metzger, David. The lost cause of rhetoric: The relation of
rhetoric and geometry in Aristotle and Lacan. Carbondale and
Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1995. Pp. xvi,

Miikkulainen, Risto. Subsymbolic natural language processing: An
integrated model of scripts, lexicon, and memory. Cambridge: MIT
Press, 1993. Pp. xii, 391.

Moeschler, Jacques, Anne Reboul, Jean-Marc Luscher, and Jacques
Jayez. Langage et pertinence: R f rence temporelle, anaphore,
connecteurs et m taphore. Nancy, France: Presses Universitaires
de Nancy, 1994. Pp. 301. Paper FF 160.00.

Moreno de Alba, Jose G. La pronunciacion del espanol en M xico
(Estudios de Dialectolog!a Mexicana, V). Santa Teresa, Mexico: El
Colegio de Mexico. 1994. Pp. 158.

Morzinski, Mary. The linguistic influence of Polish on Joseph
Conrad's style (East European monographs no. CDXII) Lublin: Maria
Curie-Sk~odowska University, 1994. Pp. 148. Cloth $28.00.

Neel, Jasper. Aristotle's voice: Rhetoric, theory and writing in
America. Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois
University Press, 1994. Pp. 259. Cloth $34.95,

Nelson, Keith E. and Zita Reger (eds.) Children's language:
Volume 8. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 1995. Pp.
xix, 289.

Nesset, Tore. Russian stress: Stress as an inflectional
formative in Russian noun paradigms and Bybee's cognitive
morphology. Oslo: Novus Press, 1994. Paper NOK 166.00. Pp. xi,

Norden, Magnus. Logische Beziehungskonzepte und
Inferenzprozeduren: Zu einer semantisch-kognitiven Theorie der
verbalen idiome im Deutschen. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell
International, 1994. Pp. 198. Paper SEK 162.

Odlin, Terence (ed.) Perspectives on pedagogical grammar
(Cambridge Applied Linguistics series). Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 1994. Pp. x, 340.

Perera, Katharine, Glyn Collis & Brian Richards (eds.). Growing
points in child language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
1994.Pp. 264. Paper $19.95.

Philippaki-Warburton, Irene, Katerina Nicolaidis, and Maria
Sifianou, eds. Themes in Greek linguistics: Papers from the First
International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Reading, September
1993. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing
Company, 1994. Pp. xvii, 534.

Quasthoff, Uta M. (ed.). Aspects of oral communication (Research
in text theory). Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1995.
Pp. 493. Cloth 250.00 DM.

Rastier, Francois, Marc Cavazza, and Anne Abeille. Semantique
pour l'analyse de la linguistique a l'informatique. Paris:
Masson, 1994. Pp. xii, 240.

Rey, Alain. Essays on terminology (Benjamins translation library,
9). Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1995. Pp. xiv,

Ristad, Eric Sven, ed. DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and
Theoretical Computer Science: Language Computations. American
Mathematical Society. 1994. Pp. xiv, 198.

Rosenblatt, Louise M. The reader, the text, the poem: The
transactional theory fo the literary work. Carbondale and
Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994. Pp. xv,
210. Paper $14.95.

Saarinen, Sirkka (ed.). Timofej jevsevjevs folklore-sammlungen
aus dem tscheremissischen IV (M moires de la Soci t Finno-
Ougrienne, 219). Helsinki: Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura, 1994. Pp.

Selting, Margret. Prosodie im Gesprach: Aspekte einer
interaktionalen Phonologie der Konversation. (Linguistische
Arbeiten; 329). T bingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1995. Pp. xii,
386. Paper DM 178.

Scholfield, Phil. Quantifying language: A researcher's and
teacher's guide to gathering language data and reducing it to
figures. Clevedon, Philadelphia and Adelaide: Multilingual
Matters, Ltd., 1995. Pp. x, 298. Cloth $89.95, paper $29.95.

Schwink, Frederick W. Linguistic typology, universality and the
realism of reconstruction (Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series, 12). Washington, D.C.: Institute for the Study
of Man, 1994. Pp. 133.

Sokolov, Jeffrey L. and Catherine E. Snow (eds.). Handbook of
research in language development ising CHILDES. Hillsdale, NJ:
LEA, 1994. Pp. 489. Paper $29.95, Cloth $89.95.

Snell Hornby, Mary, Franz P chhacker, and Klaus Kaindl (eds.).
Translation studies: An interdiscipline. Amsterdam &
Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1994. Pp. 438.

Steen, Gerard. Understanding metaphor in literature: An empirical
approach. (Studies in language and linguistics). London & NY:
Longman, 1994. Pp. xiii, 263.

Su, Soon Peng. Lexical ambiguity in poetry. (Studies in language
and linguistics). London & NY: Longman, 1994. Pp. ix, 188.

Syrett, Martin. The unaccented vowels of Proto-Norse. Odense,
Denmark: Odense University Press, 1994. Pp. 323. Paper DKK

Szalay, Lorand B., et al. American and Chinese perceptions and
belief systems: A People's Republic of China--Taiwanese
comparison (Cognition and language series). NY: Plenum Press,
1994. Pp. x, 270. Paper $69.50.

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Studies of atypical children. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum,
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Heidelberg: Universit tsverlag C. Winter, 1995. Pp. vii, 416.
Cloth DM 128.

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Publishing, Inc., 1994. Pp. 358. Cloth $72.00.

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Systematic evolution and sociohistorical context. Heidelberg:
Universit tsverlag C. Winter, 1994. Pp. 230.

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Ltd., 1995. Pp. 289.

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(eds.). Discourse comprehension: Essays in honors of Walter
Kintsch. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995. Pp.
xii, 426. Cloth $79.95, paper $39.95.

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in late-medieval Engliand.Ann Arbor: University of Moichigan
Press, 1994. Pp. xiii, 361. Cloth $52.50.

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Studies in language origins, vol. 3. Amsterdam & Philadelphia:
John Benjamins, 1994. Pp. xix, 344.

Winter, Werner (ed.) On languages and language: The presidential
addresses of the 1991 meeting of the Societas Linguistica
Europaea (Trends in linguistics. Studies and Monographs: 78).
Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 1995. Pp. 294.

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