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Webelhuth, Gert (editor); (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
March 1995 6 x 9 400 pages
0-631-18061-3 paperback $24.95
0-631-18059-1 hardcover $69.95
This volume provides an authoritative overview of Government and Binding
Theory, and -- in crucial new papers by Noam Chomsky and Alec Marantz --
of the subsequent development of the Minimalist Program.
Written by a group of internationally respected researchers, each chapter
is focused on an individual module of the theory. Articles describe the
current development of and state of work on a particular topic; its place
within the architecture of the GB approach to linguistic structure; and
the prospects and need for change within the module.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Haegeman, Liliane (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
1994 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 728 pages
0-631-19067-8 paperback $27.95
This new edition has been extensively updated throughout. Major
structural changes include new chapters on Functional Heads and Head
Movement and on Relativized Minimality. Discussions of a number of topics
either absent from or only briefly addressed in the first edition have
been integrated or expanded, for example, the structure of small clauses,
chain formation, and reconstruction, multiple movement, wh -absorption,
full interpretation, and expletive replacement. The copious exercises
have been revised to increase potential for creativity and flexibility to
approach. New exercises highlight further controversial issues.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Wardhaugh, Ronald (University of Toronto)
January 1995 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 288 pages
0-631-19642-0 paperback $24.95
0-631-19641-2 hardcover $54.95
Understanding English Grammar presents the essentials of English
structure comprehensibly to students who have had little or no
opportunity to study the language, and does so within a framework derived
from modern linguistic theory. Students, however, require no previous
knowledge of linguistics. Through use of this book, students will gain an
understanding of what is involved in the scholarly study of language and,
while doing so, acquire a considerable knowledge of English grammar.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Hornstein, Norbert (University of Maryland, College Park)
July 1995 6 x 9 240 pages
0-631-18942-4 paperback $24.95
0-631-17912-7 hardcover $59.95
The aim of this book is to review critically grammatical research into
logical form over the past 20 years and to reconsider some of its major
themes in the light of recent theoretical innovations. The book focuses
especially on Quantifier Raising and a host of conditions that have been
proposed a constrain valid LF phrase markers. The second section
considers what properties a "minimalist" LF should have. This material is
by its nature more speculative. Among the topics broached are anticedent
contained deletion constructions, weak crossover configurations and
multiple interrogatives.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Fu, Jingqi. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); On Deriving Chinese
 Derived Nominals: Evidence for V-to-N Raising, Pb. xv + 244 pp.
 Ph.D. dissertation, 1994. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4 foreign
 surface). GLSA,
This thesis investigates the syntactic structure of Chinese derived nominals
and argues for a syntactic account (Hazout (1990) and Borer (1991,
forthcoming) and against a lexical account (Chomsky 1970, Grimshaw 1990) of
nominalization. It is shown that derived nominals exhibit both nominal and
verbal properties. Since these verbal properties, such as word order, VP
reconstruction effects, VP sensitive context deletion and constituent
structure, are structureal and not lexical in nature, it is argued that
derived nominals are best analyzed as syntactically derived from an
underlying VP, via head-raising.
Canac Marquis, Rejean. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); A/A-Bar Chain
 Uniformity. Pb. xiii + 285 pp. Ph.D. dissertation, 1994. $16 + S/H ($3
 domestic, $4 foreign surface). GLSA,
This thesis develops a theory of Chain Uniformity based on a strict A/A-Bar
distinction, replying to alleged shortcomings of an A-A-bar typology of
syntactic positions. Arguing all positions withing Functional Categories
(FCs) are inherently undetermined w.r.t. A/A-bar, chain Uniformity allows a
chain contextual determination of their A/A-bar status, eliminating the
exponential complexity related to increasing number of FCs from a language
acquisition viewpoint, yet allowing a cross-linguistic flexibility previous
typologies lacked. Chain Uniformity implies a reanalysis of (non-unifrom)
Operator-variable chains as two unfiorm chains connnected through Clausal
predication (as in Null Operator constructions (NOCs)) at the level of
AgrPs, capturing intricate properties of past-participle agreement in French
(chapter 3). Other chapters extend the analysis to specific constructions,
e.g. scrambling (chapter 5), Weak and Weakest crossover effects (chapter 4)
and NOCs (chapter 6).
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