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Thu 22 Jun 1995

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The following books are in the LINGUIST office, available for review. Most are books that were announced during 1994, but that no one has requested yet. Others are books for which the publishers sent no announcement. These are listed by titles only. (If you are the author of one of these books, you might want to nudge your publisher to send us a 15-line book description.) If you would like to review any of the books below, please contact Daniel Seely at -Helen & Anthony


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THE MAGIC OF A COMMON LANGUAGE: Jakobson, Mathesius, Trubetzkoy, and
the Prague Linguistic Circle
by Jindrich Toman
Current studies in linguistics series #26, The MIT Press
$40 hardcover
Available from The MIT Press 800.356.0343 or <>
Social and cultural environment, historical factors, and tenets of the
Prague Linguistics Circle.
Available for discussion.
Firth, Alan (ed). [1995] The Discourse of Negotiation: Studies of
Language in the Workplace. Language & Communication Library. Pergamon.
Trix, Frances. [1993] Spiritual Discourse: Learning with an
Islamic Master. University of Pennsylvania Press.
Gleitman, Lila and Barbara Landau. [1994] The Acquisition of the
Lexicon. A Bradford Book. The MIT Press. Cambridge, MA.
Figueroa, Esther. [1994] Sociolinguistic Metatheory. Language &
Communication Library Volume 14. Pergamon.
Deane, Paul D. [1992] Grammar In Mind and Brain: Explorations in
Cognitive Syntax. Cognitive Linguistics Research, 2. Mouton de
Fiengo, Robert and Robert May. [1994] Indices and Identity.
Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Twenty-Four. The MIT Press: Cambridge.
Kayne, Richard S. [1994] The Antisymmetry of Syntax. Linguistic
Inquiry Monograph Twenty-Five. The MIT Press: Cambridge.
Levin, Beth and Malka Rappaport Hovav. [1995] Unaccusativity: At the
Syntax-Lexical Semantics Interface. Linguistic Inquiry Monograph
Twenty-Six. The MIT Press: Cambridge.
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