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Fri Jun 23 1995

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Once again, we are posting notices of new books and/or software which are available for discussion. If you would like to lead a discussion on one of the available works, you should contact Daniel Seely at: We expect that commentary will be informal and interactive, and we hope that the author(s) of the works will join in. ------------------------------ COMPUTATIONAL LING Dougherty, Ray C. (New York University); Natural Language Computing: An English Generative Language in Prolog; xlvi, 349 pp. + 3.5" IBM diskett of freeware Prolog Interpreters for IBM-PC and Macintosh plus all programs for IBM, Macintosh, Quintus, and C-Prolog. ISBN: 0-8058-1525-2 cloth $69.95; paper $36.00. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. A follow-the-dots approach aimed at a reader who knows no Prolog and little about Chomsky's generative grammer. Beginners acquire the ability to write programs to encode their own problems into constraint based logical grammer formalisms starting from scratch. All linguistic (Minimalist Theorty) and Prolog terms are defined using 75 full page diagrams, 100 programs, and 105 session files. Examination copies for course adoption available. Email: ordersleahq, Available for discussion.


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