LINGUIST List 6.856

Fri Jun 23 1995

FYI: Haskins Lab, Lisp HTTP Server, IPA for Unix

Editor for this issue: Anthony M. Aristar <>


  1. Philip Rubin .... 203-432-0890, Haskins Laboratories World Wide Web site
  2. John C. Mallery, ANNOUNCE: Mac Common Lisp HTTP Server 1.2 beta (29.2)
  3. "c.a. creider", IPA fonts for Unix (TeX)

Message 1: Haskins Laboratories World Wide Web site

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 15:58:12 Haskins Laboratories World Wide Web site
From: Philip Rubin .... 203-432-0890 <>
Subject: Haskins Laboratories World Wide Web site

Haskins Laboratories, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is a private,
non-profit research laboratory founded in 1935.
We have been continuously engaged in interdisciplinary basic research
for over fifty years, including pioneering work on the acoustics of speech,
the development of speech synthesis and its application to the study of
speech perception.
Currently, most of the Laboratories' research projects are focused on
problems in human communication and related topics, including speech perception
speech production, reading, linguistics, motor behavior, cognitive science,
nonlinear dynamics, medical imaging, functional MRI, etc.

Our <A HREF="";>WWW home page</A>
provides an overview of the Laboratories.
<A HREF="";>Special
features </A> of our web site include a virtual tour of the
<A HREF="";>Pattern
Playback</A>, an early talking machine; a description of research on
<A HREF="";>SineWave
Synthesis</A> that includes an on-line perception experiment;
an interactive tutorial on our
<A HREF="";>Articulatory
Synthesis</A> vocal tract model; and information on
<A HREF="";>V-TV</A>,
the Vocal Tract Visualizer CD-ROM that is presently under development,
including some sample

Philip Rubin, Ph.D.
Vice President for Technical Resources
Haskins Laboratories
270 Crown St., New Haven, CT 06511
email: www:
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Message 2: ANNOUNCE: Mac Common Lisp HTTP Server 1.2 beta (29.2)

Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:23:53 ANNOUNCE: Mac Common Lisp HTTP Server 1.2 beta (29.2)
From: John C. Mallery <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Mac Common Lisp HTTP Server 1.2 beta (29.2)

The Common Lisp Web Server is now available for MCL 3.0.

You can now interface your Lisp Programs to the world show exactly
what you can do better and faster in Lisp.

The server is full-featured (http 1.0 and html 2.0) and comes complete
with source code. It has been proven in major production systems
(running on the lisp machine) and applied in a number of Artificial
Intelligence systems.

Key features include:

 * Computed URLs
 * HTML 2.0 generation.
 * Implements GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE HTTP methods.
 * Extensible, object-oriented architecture.
 * Advanced condition architecture.
 * Self-documentation.
 * Working examples to get you started.
 * Toolkit of web abstractions.
 * Rapid prototyping for research, products, or protocol development.
 * Disconnected operation on PowerBooks.
 * Complete source code.
 * Free.

The server was described in a paper at the 1st WWW conference

MAC and Lisp Machine versions are now available for FTP from:

Mac version 1.1 is included in the MCL 3.0 CD from Digitool
which was cut yesterday and should be in user hands within about two weeks.
The server also
runs in MCL 2.0.1, but only in single threaded mode.

A listserve to discuss Common Lisp based www servers, clients, and
related design issues is available at You can join by sendin
an email message to including in the message body

 subscribe www-cl <your email address>

Future releases will be announced to www-cl.

Please report any interesting applications or server extensions to

Volunteers are sought for ports to LispWorks, Franz, Lucid, CMU Lisp
or any other full-featured lisps running on PCs, UNIX machines, or other
architectures. Given the Mac port, this reduces to deploying threads
and interfacing to TCP.

There will be a tutorial on this server and programming the Web at the 1995
Lisp Users and Vendors Conference in Cambridge in August, 1995. (Contact for further information).

Information is sought on other uses of dynamic languages (e.g., Lisp,
Scheme, Dylan)
in world wide web applications.

The Mac port was a product of a collaboration between Apple's Cambridge
Research Laboratory,
The AI Department of the University of Wuerzburg, Digitool Inc, and the MIT
Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory. Support for the MIT AI lab's research is provided in part by
the Advanced Research
Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense under contract number
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Message 3: IPA fonts for Unix (TeX)

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 06:05:55 IPA fonts for Unix (TeX)
From: "c.a. creider" <>
Subject: IPA fonts for Unix (TeX)

In LINGUIST 6.810, Steve Anderson requested an English version of the
documentation for the tsipa fonts. Prof. Fukui Rei, one of the authors
of the fonts, has supplied such a translation and also indicated that
a new version of tsipa package in the CTAN archives is being prepared
which will contain this documentation. In the meantime, the documentation
is available via ftp at in subdirectory pub. Download
the files or tsipadoc.lj (Postscript, PCL versions) depending
on your printer. If you wish to process the documentation yourself,
download tsipa.sty.gz and tsipadoc.tar.gz. Use latex 2.09, not latex2e.

Chet Creider
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