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Books: Semantics, Phonology, Child language, Beng

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Lappin, Shalom (editor), (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
December 1995 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 608 pages
0-631-18752-9 hardcover
This volume provides a comprehensive view of the central issues in
contemporary semantic theory. New articles by leading researchers in the
field give an introductory account of previous work along with a
presentation of new innovations and results. Thus the Handbook is both an
authoritative guide to the major developments of linguistic semantics and
a significant contribution to the current research. The articles in the
Handbook are written in an accessible style and include detailed
references. In addition, the volume includes an extensive central
bibliography which is intended to serve as a research tool for students
and linguists working in the field.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Goldsmith, John A. (University of Chicago)
January 1995 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 1000 pages
0-631-18062-1 hardcover $79.95
The Handbook of Phonological Theory brings together a detailed
examination of the state of phonological theory in this decade. In a
series of essays on topics as varied as underspecification theory,
prosodic morphology, and syllable structure, 37 leading phonologists
offer a critical survey of the leading and guiding ideas that lie behind
the research in this active area of linguistic research. In all cases,
the contributions have been written by leading workers in the areas which
they discuss, and in many of the cases, the chapters of the handbook are
the first published expositions of new perspectives which have already
begun to shape the climate of research in the field.
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
Fletcher, Paul and MacWhinney, Brian (editors), (University of Reading
and Carnegie Mellon University)
1994 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 786 pages
0-631-18405-8 hardcover $79.95
This volume, in its twenty-five definitive papers on normal and
non-normal language development, represents the authoritative and
up-to-date complete sourcebook on child language development. All aspects
of child's language development are addressed, including phonetics,
phonology, grammar, and lexical development. Connectionism and
government-binding theory, as applied to development, are fully
represented. The relevance of input, cognition and social factors to
language development is explored. Chapters on methodology, particularly
using computer databases, are provided for both normal and non-normal
BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS: phone: (800) 216-2522 fax: (802) 864-7626
 INDEX). 1995. xxv + 116 pp. PREPAID U.S. check or money order, US$11.50 +
 3.50 p&h (US)/5.00 (CAN)/5.50 (Other). IULC Publications, 720 E. Atwater
 Ave., Bloomington IN 47401. <>
This is the first dictionary of this Southern Mande language of the Cote
d'Ivoire. With over 2000 headwords plus many idiomatic phrases, it provides
linguistic and cultural information. An introduction on the sociolinguistic
status of Beng, and a section on its phonology and grammar are included.
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