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Proceedings of NACCL 6 edited by Jose Camacho and Lina Choueiri. GSIL
Publications. University of Southern California. 1995.
Volume 1. Syntax and Semantics
Ahrens, Kathleen The Meaning of the Double Object Construction in Chinese
Chen, Dongdong. UTAH: Chinese Psych Verbs and Beyond
Cole, Peter and Chengchi Wang. Ziji: Antecedents and Blockers
Ernst, Thomas. Scope and NP-traces
Gao, Qian. Focus Criterion: Evidence from Chinese
Gu, Yang. Aspect Licensing and the Checking Theory
Hsieh, Ruohmei. DOU and Universal Quantification in Chinese
Huang, Chu-Ren; Meili Yeh, and Li-Ping Chang. Two Light Verbs in Mandarin
 Chinese A Corpus-based Study of Nominalization and Verbal Semantics
Huang, Shi-Zhe. Dou as an Existential Quantifier
Iljic, Robert. Perspective-related Phenomena in Mandarin Chinese
Kim, Nam-Kil. Some problems in Chinese and Korean experiential
Li, Yafei. From Wh-in-situ to Kidneys
Paris, Marie-Claude. The Interaction between Focus Operators and Types of
 Predications in Mandarin
Shi, Dingxu. The Structure and Properties of Potential Resultative Compounds
Shyu, Shu-ing. How to Get Even in Chinese
Sung, Kuo-Ming. Classifier Incorporation and QP Stranding
Tang, Ting-chi. More on the Relation Between Word-Syntax and Sentence-Syntax in
 Chinese: Case Study in Compound Nouns
Ting, Jen. and Yafei Li. "Nominalization" in the Pivotal Construction and the
 Empty Light Verb in Mandarin Chinese
Troike Rudolph C. and Junlin Pan. In Defense of P': The Status of Chinese
 Locative Particles
Tsao, Feng-fu. On Verb Classification in Chinese
Wu, Yuru Long-distance Reflexive Binding in Chinese and Speaker Empathy
Wu, Xiu Zhi Zoe Contructions with Causative Meaning in Mandarin Chinese
Yong, Shin. The Time Spans and Aspects Expressed by the Particle le in Mandarin
Yu, Ning Towards a Definition of Unaccusative Verbs in Chinese
Zhou, Minglang Preverbal and Postverbal Time Phrases in Chinese: Semantic
Volume 2. Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Phonology and Morphology
Ann, Jean and Long Peng. The Composition of a Segment and its Implication for
 Sign language phonology
Ao, Benjamin and Chilin Shih. Contextual Variations of Segmental Duration in
 Mandarin Chinese
Bai Jianhua. What is Happening on the Chinese Information Highway?
Biq Yung-O. Comma, Topic, Text, and Discourse
Castaing, Jacqueline From Chinese to Vietnamese: A Representation of
 Etymological Links
Chan, Marjorie and James Tai From Nouns to Verbs: Verbalization in Chinese
 Dialects and East Asian Languages
Chien, Yu-chin; Kenneth Wexler and Hsing-wu chang. Children's acquisition of
 the subject-orientation property of the Chinese Reflexive Ziji
Lee Thomas Hun-tak. Focus Adverbs in Child Cantonese
Lin, Hua. Mandarin Stress Revisited
Lin, Jo-Wang On Tone Sandhi of Pronouns in Xiamen Chinese: An Optimality Theory
Lin, Yen-Hwei Structure Preservation and Markedness in Chinese Affixal
Liu, Feng-hsi A Note on Clitics and Affixes in Chinese
Packard, Jerry Word-internal Process in Chinese Lexical Change
Peng, Shu-hui Effects of Prosodic Position and Tonal Context on Taiwanese Tones
Sproat, Richard and Chilin Shih. A Corpus-Base Analysis of Mandarin Nominal
 Root Compounds
Tao, Hongyin. The Grammar of Demonstratives in Mandarin Conversational
 Discourse: a Case Study
Tseng, Chin-Chin. An experimental study on the function of the accent in
 Taiwanese, Taiwanese-Japanese, and Taiwanese-English
Yip, Moira. Morpheme-level Features: Chaoyang Syllable Structure and
Wong Colleen H.. The acquisition of bei2 as verb and preposition in a Cantonese
Xie, Tianwei Using ZWDOS to Communicate in Chinese on PC
Zhang, Min Iconicity and Word Order Change in Chinese
Zhang, Ning. Tone Template of Mandarin Monosyllabic Reduplication
Zee, Eric A Preliminary Study of the Temporal Organization of Syllable
 Production in Cantonese
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