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Sun 25 Jun 1995

Calls: Chinese dialects, Indo-European

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  1. David Prager Branner, Call: Panel on Classification and Comparison
  2. Elizabeth Pyatt, Call for Papers: NELS 26 IE Workshop

Message 1: Call: Panel on Classification and Comparison

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 19:12:21 Call: Panel on Classification and Comparison
From: David Prager Branner <>
Subject: Call: Panel on Classification and Comparison

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 Panel on Chinese Dialect Comparison and Classification
 at the 206th Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society


 There will be a panel on Chinese Dialect Comparison and
Classification at the next Annual Meeting of the American Oriental Society
(AOS), in Philadelphia, March, 1996. The panel organizers welcome

 1. papers that rigorously address issues of Chinese dialect
 classification--as criteria, methodology, proposed groupings,
 etc., or
 2. studies that seek to further knowledge of the nature and
 relationships of Chinese dialects through detailed comparison--as
 comparison of phonology, lexicon, grammar, etc.

 The dialects discussed may be living or historical. We will give
preference to presentations that are data-heavy over papers that focus on
analysis with very little supporting data.

 Proposals are now being accepted for review and should be in the
form of a one-page typed abstract that details the issues addressed,
outlines the central conclusions, and characterizes the supporting data to
be included.

 This panel is separate from the other Yuen Ren Society conference
on Fresh Chinese Dialect Fieldwork that is being held at the same meeting.
It is permissible for one person to deliver papers at both events.

 As the AOS deadline for panel proposals is in mid-October, the
final deadline for us to receive your proposal/abstract is 24 September
1995. (Please send it sooner if at all possible.) Your proposal will be
anonymously submitted to our review panel, and you will be notified of a
decision once the panel proposal is finalized.

 For questions and further details, you may write to the panel
organizer, R. VanNess Simmons, after 1 September by email at or regular mail at:

 East Asian Languages
 Scott Hall, Room 330
 Rutgers University
 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 USA

 Alternatively, before 10 October you may write the Yuen Ren
Society by email at or by regular mail at:

 The Yuen Ren Society,
 att'n: David Prager Branner
 Asian Languages and Literature
 University of Washington
 Box 353521
 Seattle, WA 9819-35215 USA

This panel is being sponsored by the Yuen Ren Society. Please see our
Web pages beginning at

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Message 2: Call for Papers: NELS 26 IE Workshop

Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 12:59:52 Call for Papers: NELS 26 IE Workshop
From: Elizabeth Pyatt <>
Subject: Call for Papers: NELS 26 IE Workshop

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 * * * NELS 26 * * *

This is an extended call for papers for the Indo-European Workshop which
will take place in conjunction with NELS 26 at Harvard/MIT on Monday
October 30 (NELS 26 Oct. 27 - Oct. 30). Hopefully this announcement
will answer the general questions that have been asked by various people.


Purpose - The general purpose of this workshop is to
analyze or reconstruct interesting grammatical features of the
Indo-European languages in some modern linguistic framework.

Languages - Indo-European, any of its reconstructed descendants
(Proto-Germanic, Proto-Celtic, Proto-Indo-Iranian, etc.), and any of the
"Classical" or extinct Indo-European daughter languages (Latin, Sanskrit,
Tocharian A or B, Classical Armenian, etc.).

Abstracts dealing exclusively with a modern spoken Indo-European language
or languages (with no reference to the history) will not be considered
for this workshop


Potential Topics
1. Synchronic analysis of a syntactic, phonological, morphological
or semantic feature of an Indo-European language or proto-language done
within a recent linguistic framework.

2. Tracing the development of a grammatical feature (syntactic,
phonological, morphological, semantic) utilizing a recent framework.

3. Other

These abstracts will be reviewed by both Indo-Europeanists and
theoretical linguists who have worked with one or more of the
Indo-European languages.


Boring Details
Send 11 copies of a one-page abstract (10 anonymous & 1 with
name/affiliation and an index card to:

 Dianne Jonas & Martha McGiness
 NELS 26
 Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
 20D-219, MIT
 Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Abstracts must be 1 page (with one additional reference page - no
examples), 12 pt type, 1-inch margin on 8 1/2 x 11 paper

The index card must include: Name, e-mail, institution, address, phone
number, "Indo-European Workshop"

Abstracts must arrive by July 7, 1995 or they will not be reviewed

I hope this announcement answers the various questions that have
been asked. If not, please contact:

 Elizabeth J. Pyatt (for the NELS 26 Committee)

Thank you and see you at NELS!
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