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Tue Jun 27 1995

Qs: Nonreferential NP's, Burmese, Biographies

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  1. Simon Corston, Nonreferential NP's in English
  2. Helge Sand y, Burmese
  3. ursula.doleschal, biographies of linguists

Message 1: Nonreferential NP's in English

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 08:48:04 Nonreferential NP's in English
From: Simon Corston <>
Subject: Nonreferential NP's in English

In a number of lgs (Roviana and Yup'ik Eskimo being the two in which I
have encountered this), nonreferential NP's are phonologically and/or
morphologically/syntactically incorporated into the vrb/verb
phrase/verb group. Are there any similar structural clues which could
be used to identify nonreferential NP's in English?

My interest is in identifying nonreferential NP's in written English so
that a computer natural lg processing system would know not to set up
referents for them to serve as antecedents for subsequent anaphora
resolution. Compounds (e.g. duck-shooting season) can I suppose be
treated superficially as single words, but what about things like 'lose
faith in', 'catch sight of'. Of course, some criteria will involve
larger discourse issues, but it may be that it is possible to identify
at least some nonreferential NP's "cheaply", i.e. just by looking
within a clause and/or considering inherent lexical semantics.

I will summarize and post any replies to this list.
Regards, Simon Corston.
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Message 2: Burmese

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 08:51:42 Burmese
From: Helge Sand y <>
Subject: Burmese

Burmese pronunciation
Could somebody inform me what the Burmese pronunciation of the name
Myanmar is?

Helge Sandoy, University of Bergen
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Message 3: biographies of linguists

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 18:34:36 biographies of linguists
From: ursula.doleschal <ursula.doleschalWU-WIEN.AC.AT>
Subject: biographies of linguists

 Dear colleagues!
 I compile a biographical database about linguists.
 Unfortunately I don't know birth data, full names and countries of
he following persons dealing with lexicography and semantics:

Agricola E.) [Erhard] (Germany)
Bach E.) [Emmon] (USA)
Bellert I.) [Irena] (Poland - Canada)
Be=08=B1nak H.) [Henri] (France? )
Bendix E.)
Broz=08=96 L.) (Czechia?)
Wehrle ?) (Germany)
Vint=08=D0eler O.) [Onufrie] (Rumania)
Jones K. S.) [K. Spark] (UK)
Dubois J.) [Jean] (France)
Zawadowski Leon) )Poland)
Josselson H.) [Harry H.] (USA?)
Casalis D.)
Casalis J.)
Katz J.J.) [Jerrold J.] (USA)
Kay M.) (UK)
Klimonov D.) (Germany)
Cliff N.)
Coyaud M.) [Maurice]
Kuchar=08=96 J.) (Czechia?)
Lagane R.) (France)
Lounsbury F.G.) [Floyd G.] (USA)
Levy N.)
Lindekens R.)
Leech G.N.) [Geoffrey N.] (UK)
Loriche R.)
Makris J.) [James]
Mantchev K.)
Masterman M.) (UK)
Matthiot M.) [Madeleine]
Niobey G.)
Parker-Rhodes A.F.) [Arthur Frederick]
Peltzer K.)
Rey-Debove J.) [Josette] (France)
Reum A.) [Albrecht]
Ross B.)
Rudskoger A.)
Staal T.F.)
Wilks Y.) [Yorick] (UK)
=46lavell J.H.) [John H.]
=46lavell Eleanor R.)
=46oote I.P.)
Heller L.G.)
Hiz=08=9A H.) [Henry]
Schenkel W.) (Gemany)
O~im H.) [Haldur] (Estonia)
Edmundson H.P.)
O=08=FFhmann S.)
Epstein M.N.)
Blinkenberg A.) [Andreas Peter Damsgaard] (1893-?)
Morris Ch.W.) [Charles William] (b. 1901-?)
Stern G.) [Gustav] (1882-?)
=46ilipec J.) [Josef] (=FD. 1915-?)

 Is it possible to learn some more information about these persons?

 Who can help me?

Ursula Doleschal&Sergej Krylov (
Institut f. Slawische Sprachen, Wirtschaftsuniv. Wien
Augasse 9, 1090 Wien, Austria
Tel.: ++43-1-31336 4115, Fax: ++43-1-31336 744
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