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Tue Jun 27 1995

Confs: Workshop on Hansa and Low German Influence

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  1. David Denison, Hansa Workshop at 12ICHL

Message 1: Hansa Workshop at 12ICHL

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 11:46:43 Hansa Workshop at 12ICHL
From: David Denison <>
Subject: Hansa Workshop at 12ICHL

Here are details supplied by Ernst Hakon Jahr for one of the
workshops to be held on Friday 18th August 1995.

David Denison

 Twelfth International Conference on Historical Linguistics,
 Hulme Hall, Manchester, 13-18 August 1995.

Please note new dialling codes and revised phone numbers at the
University of Manchester up to the time of the conference:

+44 (0)161-275 3194 or 3042 (phone)
+44 (0)161-275 3187 (fax only)

Conference e-mail address:

The Influence of the Hansa and Low German on European Languages

Organizers: Ernst Hakon Jahr (Tromso) and Laura Wright (Hertfordshire)

Scheduled papers:

James Milroy (Newcastle): Internal vs external motivations for
linguistic change: what does empirical sociolinguistics have to say
about the distinction?

Kurt Braunmuller (Hamburg): Communication strategies in the area of
the Hanseatic League: the approach by semicommunication.

Raymond Hickey (Essen): Trading with invaders: language contact in
medieval Ireland.

Anne Haavaldsen (Bergen): Trade and language from the 'German Wharf'
in Bergen - the runic evidence.

Harry Perridon (Amsterdam): Is the definite article in Jutlandic a
borrowing from German?

Muriel Norde (Amsterdam): Grammaticalization vs reanalysis: the case
of possessive construction in Germanic.
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