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FYI: Forensic Ling Journal, German Ling Society Summer School

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  1. SUE BLACKWELL, FORENSIC LINGUISTICS Journal: subscription information
  2. Anne-Marie Mineur, DGfS Summerschool (August 28th -- September 1995) Saarbruecken

Message 1: FORENSIC LINGUISTICS Journal: subscription information

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 12:59:00 FORENSIC LINGUISTICS Journal: subscription information
Subject: FORENSIC LINGUISTICS Journal: subscription information

 The International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law

Published by Routledge, London, UK

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Sue Blackwell (Reviews Editor), Angelika Braun, Jack Chambers, Tom Davis,
Bethany Dumas, Diana Eades, Bruce Fraser, John Gibbons, Michael Gregory,
Allen Hirson, Harry Hollien, Robert Kaplan, Hannes Kniffka, Hermann Ku"nzel,
William Labov, Peter Ladefoged, Judith Levi, Michael Mansfield QC,
Francis Nolan, Tony Sanford, Roger Shuy, Kate Storey.


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Message 2: DGfS Summerschool (August 28th -- September 1995) Saarbruecken

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:02:31 DGfS Summerschool (August 28th -- September 1995) Saarbruecken
From: Anne-Marie Mineur <mineurCoLi.Uni-SB.DE>
Subject: DGfS Summerschool (August 28th -- September 1995) Saarbruecken

 *** NOTE: Early registration closes June 30th ****

The Fifth Summer School of the German Linguistic Society (Deutsche
Gesellschaft fuer Sprachwissenschaft) will be held between August 28th and
September 8th, 1995 at the University of Saarland (Saarbruecken, Germany).
The topic is "Language: Cognitive Structures and Processes". The programme
will cover cognitive aspects of natural language in the areas of
theoretical linguistics, computational linguistics, and psycholinguistics.

* 18 courses in German and English language each course consisting of
 five 90 minute lectures as well as workshops, exercises, and

* Plenary lectures on "Language and Cognition"

* Evening lectures on the topic "Language: Cognitive Structures and

* There will be a social programme, including official reception in
 Saarbruecken castle, a Summer School party ...


Ring- Christopher Habel (Koordination): Sprache und
vorlesung Kognition

A Theoretical linguistics

Phonetics William Barry: Cognitive Aspects of Phonetics

Phonology Richard Wiese: Einf"uhrung in die Optimalit"atstheorie

Syntax Hubert Haider: Invarianten der syntaktischen

 Michael Herweg & Tibor Kiss: Theoretische und
 kognitive Aspekte einer deklarativen Grammatikanalyse
 des Deutschen. Prinzipien und Schemata der HPSG

Semantics Leonard Talmy: How Language Structures Concepts

 Gilles Fauconnier: Cognitive Semantics

 Hans Kamp: Einstellungen, Einstellungsberichte und
 sprachliche Kommunikation

 Jeff Pelletier: Formal Semantic Issues Surrounding Generic

Lexicon Dieter Wunderlich: Lexical Decomposition Grammar

B Psycholinguistics

Language Barbara Hemforth & Gerhard Strube: Kognitives Parsing
 Simon Garrod: Language Comprehension and How We Track
 the Thread of Discourse

Speech Thomas Pechmann: Sprachproduktion

Language Werner Deutsch: Das Allgemeine und das Spezielle im
acquisition Erstspracherwerb am Beispiel der Personreferenz

Lexicon Etta Drews & Pienie Zwitserlood: Das Mentale Lexikon

Neuro- Barbara H"ohle & Stephanie Kelter: Neurolinguistik:
linguistics Kognitive Aphasieforschung

C Computational linguistics

Lexicon James Pustejovsky: Processes of Lexically-based
 Inference: Co-composition and Abduction

Processing Hans Uszkoreit: Performanzmodellierung in der
models Computerlinguistik

Man-Maschine Wolfgang Wahlster: Prozessmodelle multimodaler
communication Kommunikation

Registration :


Early registration (before June 30th) :

Students: DM 280
Visiting scholars: DM 560
Industrial participants: DM 1100

Registration after June 30th

Students: DM 350
Visiting scholars: DM 650
Industrial participants: DM 1200

You may register from now on. We shall try to find low-priced accommodation
(applications will be dealt with on a first done, first served basis).

Information and registration:

 DGfS-Sommerschule 1995
 Universitaet des Saarlandes
 Computerlinguistik, Bau 17.2
 D-66041 Saarbruecken
 Tel.: +49 (681) 302-4444;
 Fax.: +49 (681) 302-4351

Local organization: Manfred Pinkal and Claudia Villiger

This and further information is also available on WorldWideWeb:

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