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Confs: Natural lg processing (RANLP)

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  1. Nicolas Nicolov , RANLP: Call For Participation

Message 1: RANLP: Call For Participation

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 00:32:16 RANLP: Call For Participation
From: Nicolas Nicolov <>
Subject: RANLP: Call For Participation

 International Conference
 Tzigov Chark, Bulgaria
 14 - 16 Sept 1995

 Tzigov Chark is a beautiful resort in the Rhodope Mountains on the
 shore of Batak Lake. Tzigov Chark is 150km from Sofia, the capital
 of Bulgaria.


 Kuang-hua Chen, Hsin-Hsi Chen (Taiwan)
 A corpus-based approach to text partition
 Allan Ramsay, Reinhard Schaeler (Ireland)
 Case and word order in English and German
 Marcel Cori, Michel de Fornel, J.M. Marandin (France)
 Parsing Repairs
 Christer Samuelsson (Germany)
 Example-Based Optimization of Surface-Generation Tables
 Ivan Bretan, Maans Engstedt and Bjoern Gambaeck (Sweden)
 A Multimodal Environment for Telecommunication Specifications
 Inaki Alegria, Xabier Artola, Kepa Sarasola (Spain)
 Improving a robust morphological analyzer using lexical
 Daniel Jones, Harold Somers (UK)
 Bilingual vocabulary estimation from noisy parallel corpora
 using variable bag estimation
 Harris Papageorgiou (Greece)
 Clause recognition in the framework of alignment
 Tadashi Nomoto (Japan)
 Effects of Grammatical Annotation on a Topic Identification Task
 Wiebke Ramm and Claudia Villiger (Germany)
 Global Text Organization and Sentence-Grammatical Realization:
 Towards a Discourse-Level Control of Grammatical Selections
 Olivier Ferret and Brigitte Grau (France)
 An Episodic Memory for Understanding and Learning
 David D. Palmer (USA)
 Experiments in Multilingual Sentence Boundary Recognition
 Marie Owens, P.O'Boyle, F.J. Smith (UK)
 A missing-word evaluation of statistical language model
 performance using human subjects
 Khalil Sima'an (Holland)
 An Optimized Algorithm for Data Oriented Parsing
 Jan Schaake and Geert-Jan M. Kruijff (Holland)
 Discerning relevant information in discourses using TFA
 Hideki Kozima, Akira Ito (Japan)
 Context-sensitive measurement of word distance by adaptive
 scaling of a semantic space
 Akito Nagai, Ishikawa Yasushi, Nakajima Kunio (Japan)
 Concept-Driven Search Algorithm Incorporating Semantic
 Interpretation and Speech Recognition
 Shinsuke Mori and Makoto Nagao (Japan)
 Grammar extraction and parsing a natural language using
 N-gram statistics
 Mihoko Kitamura, Yuji Matsumoto (Japan)
 A MT system based on translation rules acquired from parallel corpora
 Udo Hahn, Michael Strube (Germany)
 ParseTalk about textual ellipsis
 Victoria Arranz, Ian Radford, Sofia Ananiadou, Jan-ichi Tsujii (UK)
 Towards a sublanguage-based semantic clustering algorithm
 Jung H. Shin, Young S. Han, Young C. Park, Key S. Choi (Korea)
 A HMM Part-of-Speech Tagger for Korean With Wordphrasal Relations
 Ye-Yi Wang and Alex Waibel (USA)
 Connectionist Transfer in Machine Translation
 Malgorzata Stys (UK), Stefan Zemke (Sweden)
 Incorporating Discourse Aspects in Polish -- English MT:
 Towards Robust Implementation:
 Kalina Boncheva (Bulgaria)
 Generation of Multilingual Explanations from Conceptual Graphs
 R. Basili, M. Della Rocca, Maria Pazienza, P. Velardi (Italy)
 Contexts and categories: tuning a general purpose verb
 classification to sublanguages
 Ruslan Mitkov (Germany)
 Two engines are better than one:
 generating more power and confidence in the search for the antecedent
 Ching Long Yeh, Chris Mellish (UK)
 An empirical study on the generation of descriptions for
 nominal anaphors in Chinese
 Ismail Biskri, Jean Pierre Descles (France)
 Applicative and combinatory categorial grammar
 from syntax to functional semantics)
 Hang Li and Naoki Abe (Japan)
 Generalizing Case Frames Using a Thesaurus and the MDL Principle


 Fuji Ren, Lixin Fan (Japan)
 Reservable Structural Ambiguities and Its Application
 in Japanese-Chinese Machine Translation
 Jawad Berri,Dominique le Roux,Denise Malrieu,Jean-Luc Minel (France)
 SERAPHIN, an automatic system for main sentences extraction
 Matthew Hurst (UK)
 Parsing for Targeted Errors in Controlled Languages
 Franklin Cho (USA)
 Implementing Scrambling in Korean: A Principles and Parameters Approach
 Akira Utsumi (Japan)
 How to Interpret Irony by Computer: A Comprehensive Framework for Irony
 Martin Simon Ulmann (Switzerland)
 Decomposing German Compound Nouns
 Jan Schaake and Geert-Jan M. Kruijff (Holland)
 Information states based analysis of dialogues
 Galja Angelova (Bulgaria), Walter von Hahn (Germany)
 Naive Lexicon or Cryptic Formalismus?
 User support in Machine Aided Translation
 German Rigau Claramunt and Eneko Agirre (Spain)
 A Proposal for Word Sense Disambiguation using Conceptual Distance
 Chadia Moghrabi, L. Girard, M.S. Eid (Canada)
 Chemistry: a new domain for a portable text generation system
 Manfred Kudlek (Germany)
 Some formal aspects of time, tense and aspect
 Zaharin Yusoff (Malaysia)
 Unification-like attribute operations in the string-tree
 correspondence grammar


 Marie Christine Villain, Philippe Trigano, Jean Deloire (France)
 Intelligent textual database and automatic aquisition of word
 Nigel Collier (UK)
 Contextual meta-knowledge acquisition from corpora


Ruslan Mitkov IAI Saarbruecken/Univ. of Hamburg /Inst. of Mathematics-Sofia
Manfred Kudlek University of Hamburg, Germany
Michael Zock LIMSI, Orsay, France
Nikolai Nikolov Incoma, Bulgaria
Victoria Arranz CCL, UMIST, Manchester, UK
Nicolas Nicolov Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, UK


 For further information please contact:
 Prof. Ruslan Mitkov <> or
 Nicolas Nicolov <>


The conference will take place in Hotel "Orpheus", Tzigov Chark,
which accomodates up to 50 participants. We have chosen a small and cosy
conference hotel to create a better and friendlier working and social
environment: however this implies restrictions on the availability of
single rooms and participants will be normally offered to share 2-bed
rooms. Those interested in attending the conference are encouraged
to register as early as possible.


Tzigov Chark is situated on the shore of the beautiful Batak Lake in
the Western Rhodope mountains and is 150km from Sofia, the capital
of Bulgaria. The local organisers will provide a daily shuttle bus/
conference taxi from Sofia airport to the summer school location
at an inexpensive rate. Sofia is easily accessible by plane from most
major European cities (e.g. daily flights or several flights per week
from London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and other European
cities). There are also direct flights to Sofia from North America
(New York, Toronto) and Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur).
In order to enable the local organisers to plan the shuttle service
efficiently, please contact Victoria Arranz <>
with details about your journey (arrival/departure time and date) at
least 2 weeks before you leave for the summer school.


Conference participants are also invited to take part in the
which will take place immediately before the conference in the
same hotel. Further information about the conference can be
obtained from: Prof. R. Mitkov <> or
Nicolas Nicolov <> or you can have a
look at the summer school WWW page at URL:


Kindly note that bank processing charges are at the expense of the
participants and that registration after 1st August will incur a
surcharge of 30 USD.

 International Conference

Name: ________________________________________________
Affiliation: ________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
Telephone: ______________________________
Fax: ______________________________
e-mail: ______________________________

Registration Fee . . . . . : ___________ 180 USD for industrial participants
 140 USD for academic staff
 100 USD for students
Accommodation + half-board : ___________
(30 USD per day per person)
Specify days - Sept 1995 . : [ ] 13, [ ] 14, [ ] 15, [ ] 16, [ ] 17

Additional charge for
late registration . . . . : 30 USD (after 1 August)

=========================== ===========
TOTAL Amount in USD sent . : ___________

Date of bank transfer. . . : 1995
Bank transfer reference No : ___________
To bank account (tick one) :

[ ] BANK . . . .: AMEX
 ACCOUNT NO .: 00710 756 of First Private Bank PLS, Bulgaria
 INSTRUCTIONS: for onward credit to First Private Bank,
 Shoumen branch - Nikolai Nikolov
 Account in USD: 95079620 4 1 00 2560 1 4


[ ] BANK . . . .: CITIBANK New York
 ACCOUNT NO .: 36015 992 of First Private Bank PLS, Bulgaria
 INSTRUCTIONS: for onward credit to First Private Bank,
 Shoumen branch - Nikolai Nikolov
 Account in USD: 95079620 4 1 00 2560 1 4

Send your registration forms to:
Nicolas Nicolov
 Dept of Artificial Intelligence
 University of Edinburgh
 80 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN, UK
 Fax : +44-131 650 6516
 Phone : +44-131 650 2727
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