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  1. GLSA - UMass, NEW BOOK: Psycholinguistics & Phonetics

Message 1: NEW BOOK: Psycholinguistics & Phonetics

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 09:58:55 EDT
From: GLSA - UMass <>
Subject: NEW BOOK: Psycholinguistics & Phonetics


University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics 19: Linguistics
	in the Laboratory. Pb. v + 327 pp. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4
 	foreign surface). Graduate Linguistic Student Association (GLSA),
 	University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
This volume contains 12 papers investigating diverse aspects of the
interaction between the grammar and the language processor. Contributions
range from the perception of focus and the processing of prosody, to the
acquisition of light verbs, to the processing of quantifiers. For further
information, including the table of contents, contact


Configurations: Essays on Structure and Interpretation
edited by Anna-Maria Di Sciullo

This collection of papers addresses several fundamental questions in
syntax and morphology: how word structure and phrase structure relate
to each other, the properties of a configurational theory of argument
structure and adjunct structure, and the correct licensing
requirements and conditions of grammar. The authors base their
proposals on a wide range of evidence from Romance, Hellenic, West
Germanic, Semitic, African and Amerindian languages. This book is a
vital contribution to understanding the structural issues central to
linguistic theory.

The contributors to Configurations are: Emmon Bach, Anna-Maria Di
Sciullo, Teun Hoekstra, Abdelkader Fassi Fehri, Mireille Tremblay,
Christopher Laenzlinger, Degif Petros, Pilar Barbosa, Arhonto Terzi,
Geoffrey Poole, Ed Zoerner, Jeffrey Gruber, Juvenal Ndayiragije,
Rejean Canac Marquis, and Edward Keenan and Edward Stabler.

A complete table of contents and the preface are available on our web
site at

July 1996 $23.95 paperback 344 pages + index ISBN 1-57473-006-1
Cascadilla Press PO Box 440355, Somerville, MA 02144, USA
phone: 617-776-2370 fax: 617-776-2271 e-mail:




The special topic of this doctoral dissertation is: how to account
for pronouns bound in their governing category.

- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Abstract of "The Case of Bound Pronouns in Peripheral Romance"
 by Dr. Jelly Julia de Jong
of the Department of General Linguistics of the University of
- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The (un) grammaticality of data like in (1) and (2) is not accounted
for by the standard binding conditions:

(1) a. Fernando[i] habla siempre de el[i]. [Spanish]
 F. talks always about him

 b. O Fernando[i] comprou a casa para ele[i]. [Portuguese]
 the F. bought the house for him

(2) a. * Fernando[i] se lava a el[i]. [Spanish]
 F. washes him
 b. * O Fernando[i] ama-se demasiado a ele[i]. [Portuguese]
 the F. loves too-much him

The dissertation presents lots of new binding-data; all examples are
given in six languages: Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Rumanian,
Sardinian and Spanish. The thesis presents data of bound pronouns in
locative PPs (sometimes also called 'adjuncts'), non-locative PPs
(with oblique prepositions) and data of anaphors in PPs with a dummy
preposition and with 'fixed' prepositions, as well as

 The explanation by DeJong of data as in (1) and (2) exploits a
module of generative grammar: Case-theory, and does not make use of
the 'standard' binding conditions by Chomsky (1981,1986). Special
about the analysis of the data is that both a GB-solution and a
minimalist account are presented in different chapters. This means
that the account of bound pronouns in local domains is not dependent
on the framework used.

The price of "The Case of Bound Pronouns in Peripheral Romance" by
Jelly Julia de Jong is $20,-

For more info you can contact: or via
faxno. 31-50-3636855 (to: Jelly de Jong, ATW)

You can order the doctoral dissertation in three different ways:
-send money grants for the value of $20,-
-send an American Express traveller cheque of $20,- and fill in "J. de
 Jong" after "pay to the order of" on the cheque
-send $20,- cash by registred mail

all to: Dr. Jelly Julia de Jong
 ATW, Letteren
 Postbus 716
 9700 AS Groningen
 The Netherlands

Under the same conditions you can also order two other dissertations
from the Department of Linguistics of the University of Groningen:

"Barriers and Licensing" by Dr. Wim Kosmeijer
"Licensing Conditions and Phrase Structure" by Dr. Eric Hoekstra

$20,- each or all three dissertations for $50,-
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