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Books: Speech Motor Production&Fluency Disorders(Proceedings)

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  1. LIESHOUTNICI.KUN.NL, Proceedings 3rd Nijmegen International Conference

Message 1: Proceedings 3rd Nijmegen International Conference

Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 10:19:28 BST
Subject: Proceedings 3rd Nijmegen International Conference

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Speech Motor
Production and Fluency Disorders, held in Nijmegen June 5-8, 1996

Editors: Wouter Hulstijn, Herman F.M.Peters and Pascal H.H.M. Van
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam.
Publication date: May 1997
Hard cover, (about) 650 pages. Price Dfl 275,-/$ 165.-

46rom June 5-8 the 3rd International Conference on Speech Behaviour
and Fluency Disorders was held in Nijmegen. Scientists, researchers
and clinicians from essentially all important research centers in the
field participated in this conference.

As after the previous conference held in 1990 a book based on the
conference presentations will be published by Elsevier Science
Publishers in the Exerpta Medica International Congress Series in May
1997. Because of the limited edition the booksellers' price after the
conference will be about Hfl. 275,-/$ 150.- (about 650 pages).

However, the conference is under contract to purchase 250 copies at a
pre-subscription price of Dfl 165,- ($ 97.50) which makes a discount
of about 40%. Therefore, untill October 15, 1996 it is possible to
order the proceedings at this special pre-subscription price Dfl.
165,-/$ 97.50, including individual postage costs.

Note: This is the only possibility to order the proceedings at the
pre-subscription price. As mentioned above, the deadline for ordering
at the pre-subscription price is October 15, 1996.

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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Speech Motor
Production and Fluency Disorders, held in Nijmegen June 5-8, 1996

Editors: Wouter Hulstijn, Herman F.M.Peters and Pascal H.H.M. Van

Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam.
Publication date: May 1997
Hard cover, F1 650 pages. Price Dfl 275,-/$ 165.-


Speech motor models and developments in neurophysiological science:
new perspectives Raymond D. Kent
A neuromotor perspective on speech production - Vincent L. Gracco

The gestural phonology model - Louis Goldstein
Towards a theory of phonetic encoding in language production - Antje
S. Meyer

Brain imaging in speech production: choices and challenges - Judith L
Mapping and modelling human cognition - Peter T. Fox
PET research in speech and language production - Peter Indefrey
Speech and language research from multiple perspectives: electrical
brain stimulation, electrical recording, and acute structural lesions
- Barry Gordon
The neurophysiology of speaking: possibilities of event-related
potential research on speech production - Peter Hagoort

Principles of human brain organization related to lateralization of
language and speech motor functions in normal speakers and stutterers
- William G. Webster
H2150 positron emission tomography studies in developmental
stuttering: comparisons of brain activity during non-linguistic
orolaryngeal motor activity, fluency- and dysfluency-evoking language
conditions - A.R. Braun, et al.
An O15 positron emission tomography (PET) study on adult stutterers:
findings and implications - Roger J. Ingham, Peter T. Fox and Janis
Costello Ingham
A positron emission tomography investigation of post-treatment brain
activation in stutterers - Robert Kroll, L. De Nil, S. Kapur and S.
PET scan evidence of parallel cerebral systems related to treatment
effects - Glyndon Riley and Joseph C. Wu
Neurophysiologic and behavioral evidence for a fluency-generating
system - Ben C. Watson and Frances J. Freeman
Topographic EEG mapping of stuttering subjects during speech and
non-speech tasks under normal and altered feedback conditions -
Michael P. Raststatter, Joseph Kalinowski, Jerry Crawford and Andrew
Prosodic disturbances in stuttering adults - Lutz Jaencke, Anne
Bauer and Karl Theodor Kalvaram


Functional Components of the Motor System: An Approach to
Understanding the Mechanisms of Speech Disfluency - Michael D. McClea
n Stuttering and misguided learning of articulation, or why it is
extremely difficult to estimate the physical parameters of limbs -
Karl Theodor Kalveram A multi-leveled, dynamic approach to stuttering
- Anne Smith Spatial and temporal variability in obstruent gestural
specification by stutterers and controls: comparisons across sessions
- Peter J. Alfonso and Pascal H.H.M. Van Lieshout Higher and lower
order influences on the stability of dynamic couplin g between
articulators - Pascal H.H.M. Van Lieshout, Wouter Hulstijn, Peter
J. Alfonso and Herman F.M. Peters Applications of motor learning
theory to stuttering research - Anthon y J. Caruso, Ludo Max and
M. Troy McClowry Speech Production Learning in Adults with Chronic
Developmental Stuttering - Christy L. Ludlow, Kathleen Siren and Mary
Zikria Gesture Mirrors Speech Motor Control in Stutterers - Rachel
Mayberry and Rosaly Shenker Mechanical perturbation of the jaw during
speech in stutterers and nonstutterers - Anne Bauer, Lutz Jaencke and
Karl Theodor Kalvaram

Analysis of multi-peaked velocity curve profiles in the fluent speech
of stutterers and nonstutte- rers - Claudio Zmarich and Emanuela M.
Caldognetto Stuttering and articulator sequencing: intrinsic and
extrinsic timing perspectives - David Ward A comparison of normals'
and aphasics' ability to plan respiratory activity in overt and covert
speech - Philip Hoole and Wolfram Ziegle r


Laryngeal adjustments in stutterers and normal speakers - Georg
Wieneke and Peggy Janssen Part-word repetition of words beginning with
english stops-(1) influence of target VOT on point of termination -
N.S. Viswanath, D. Rosenfield and A. Joullian Part-word repetition of
words beginning with english stops-(2) acoustic dynamics before point
of termination - N.S. Viswanath and D. Rosenfield Speech timing and
coarticulation in stuttering, dysarthria and apraxi a of speech:
perceptual data - Anthony J. Caruso, et al. Linguistic Stress and the
rhythm effect in stuttering - Ann Packman, Mark Onslow and Janis Van
Doorn Effect of instruction to sing on stuttering frequency at normal
and fast rates - Helen Glover, Joseph Kalinowski, Andrew Stuart and
Michael Rastatter


A double-blind trial of pimozide and paroxetine for stuttering -
Sheila Stager, et al. Effects of risperidone, a dopamine receptor
antagonist, in the treatment of stuttering and its theoretical
implications - Gerald Maguire Event-related cortical potentials
preceding phonation in stutterers and normal speakers: a preliminary
report - Lawrence F. Molt


Automatic stuttering frequency counts - Peter Howell, Stevie Sackin,
Kazan Glenn and James Au-Yeung
The concept of subperceptual stuttering: analysis and investigation -
Anne K. Cordes and Roger Ingham
The measurement of voice onset abruptness via acoustic,
accelerometric, and aerodynamic signal analysis - Klaas Bakker, Roger
Ingham and Ron Netsell
Verbal delayed reactions: a useful tool to detect prefrontal function
impairments - P. Pinelli, et al.
Improving assessment of children's oral motor development in clinical
settings - J. Scott Yaruss
Demonstration software for making automatic stuttering frequency
counts - Peter Howell, Stevie Sackin, Kazan Glenn and James Au-Yeung

Stuttering and communicative suitability of speech - Marie-Christine
The effects of formal and casual interview styles on stuttering -
Peter Howell, Anuparma Kapoor and Lena Rustin
The electroglottographic signal as a device for stuttering evaluation
- Ulrich Natke, Karl Theodor Kalvaram and Lutz Jaencke
The simultaneous analysis of lip, jaw and tongue movements with an
integrated optical tracking and epg system - Emanuela Magno
Caldognetto, et al.
Functionality indexes for the evaluation of speech production: A study
in normal subjects - R. Colombo, et al.
Chronometry of the brain processes during speech production: a
quantitative test to monitor exposition to neurotoxic solvents - G.
Spinatonda, et al.
Towards a Nijmegen speech motor test - Herman F.M. Peters, Pascal
P.H.H. Van Lieshout, Annette Bakker, and Wouter Hulstijn

Cognitive and linguistic abilities of stuttering children - Andrea
Haege, Dieter Rommel, Helga S. Johanssen and Hartmut Schulze
Linguistic and paralinguistic aspects of stuttering in childhood -
Dieter Rommel, Andrea Haege, Helga S. Johanssen and Hartmut Schulze
Determinants of fluency in fast and slow speaking normally fluent
children - Frank R. Boutsen, Stephen B. Hood, Caren A. McCoy and
Cheryl A. Pfefferle
Stuttering as an automatisation deficit - Peter Howell, James
Au-Yeung, Jessica Beard and Lena Rustin
Visuomotor tracking ability of children who stutter: a preliminary
study - Patricia M. Zebrowski and Jerald B. Moon
The role of laterality in the clinical state of stuttering - Rosana
Brakus, S. Golubovic, V. Brakus and N. Duzdevic
Clinical application of speech science instrumentation in the
determination of treatment priorities in acquired and congenital
childhood dysarthria - B.E. Murdoch, S. Horton, D. Theodorus and E.C.
Phonological encoding: acoustic evidence for the syllable as a motori
planning unit - Inge Boers, Ben Maassen and Sjoeke van der Meulen


Neuronal group selection and emergent orofacial motor control: toward
s a unifying theory of speech development - Steven M. Barlow Speaking
rate and speech motor control: theoretical considerations an d
empirical data - Ehud Yairi and Kelly Hall

Quantitative assessment of dysarthria and developmental apraxia of
speech - Ben Maassen, Geert Thoonen and Inge Boers
Stuttering and phonological encoding in childhood - Herman Kolk and
Edward G. Conture

Relating stuttering onset to children's linguistic development - Nan
Bernstein Ratner On the mechanisms of speech monitoring - Albert
Interference between cognitive and motor processes during speech
production Hans-Georg Bosshardt
Lexicalization processes in adults who stutter - David Prins, Victori
Main and Susan Waupler

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