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Sun Jul 21 1996

FYI: Jobs in TESL/TEFL and ling on WWW, MA at Birkbeck College

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  1. KENJI KITAO, "Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics" on WWW
  2. UBLV050CCS.BBK.AC.UK, MA at Birkbeck College

Message 1: "Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics" on WWW

Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 09:13:34 BST
Subject: "Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics" on WWW
"Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics" on WWW

We have compiled "Jobs in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics" (URL:

This web page includes information on ELT jobs and jobs in
* *
* Dr. Kenji Kitao E-mail *
* Dept. of Linguistics Work Fax 01524-843085 *
* Lancaster University Work Phone 01524-65201 Ext. 3045 *
* Lancaster LA1 4YT UK Hone Phone 01524-65201 Ext. 2335 *
* URL: *
* *

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Message 2: MA at Birkbeck College

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 15:33:00 -0000
Subject: MA at Birkbeck College

19 July, 1996

FROM: Larry Selinker Department of Applied Linguistics, Birkbeck
College, University of London


Dear Colleagues, 

We have restructured and still have places available in an
interdisciplinary MA *which offers a unique blend of philosophy,
psychology and linguistics* (from external examiner s report) which
features APPROACHES TO LANGUAGE and begins October, 1996.


Birkbeck College, University of London

2 years part-time; October - September; 3 evenings per week; biennial intake - 
October 1996 

This interdisciplinary course approaches the study of language from
the perspective of contemporary cognitive theory, drawing on recent
insights from the work of philosophers of mind and language, cognitive
psychologists, psycholinguistics, theoretical and computational
linguistics. Designed for graduates with a background in one or more
of these disciplines, the course provides extensive training in the
theory and practice of one of the liveliest areas of the modern
cognitive sciences, and is an excellent stepping-stone to further
research in this burgeoning field.

It is not intended to provide a professional qualification in

This is a taught part-time MA. It lasts two calendar years, and is
based on a course of evening lectures and seminars, drawing upon the
resources of the Birkbeck Department of Philosophy, the Birkbeck
Centre for Speech and Language, and the Department of Applied
Linguistics, as well as other resources in Birkbeck and in the wider
University of London community.

As well as taking courses in the core disciplines of philosophy of
language, psycholinguistics, and theoretical linguistics, students
will participate in a weekly interdisciplinary seminar. This
APPROACHES TO LANGUAGE seminar is a special feature of the degree,
running over both years of the course, and designed to allow weekly
discussion of cutting-edge issues in Language and Mind, where students
work in small groups with some of the leading figures in the field.

In the first term, three introductory courses - in philosophy,
cognitive science, and linguistics - will be offered. These provide an
overview of the areas within each discipline which are relevant to the
study of language. In the remainder of the first year all students
will follow three core courses: Philosophy of language 1,
Psycholinguistics, and the interdisciplinary Approaches to Language
seminar. These core courses will be examined by assessment of course
work consisting of three essays, each of approximately 3,000 words.

In the first two terms of the second year, all students will continue
to attend the weekly interdisciplinary (Approaches to Language). They
will also select two courses of advanced study from a list which will
normally include the following: Philosophy of psychology, Philosophy
of language II, Cognitive psychology, Psycholinguistics, Computational
models of mind, and Theoretical and Computational linguistics. Each
course will be examined by a 3-hour written paper in June of the
second year. Each student will also prepare a dissertation of about
10,000 words to be submitted by 1 September. The content of the
dissertation will be expected to reflect the courses interdisciplinary
approach to language.

Contributing staff:

Department of Philosophy: Language and Mind, Philosophy of Language:

Department of Psychology: WILLIAM MARSLEN-WILSON: Spoken language
comprehension; mental lexicon; cognitive architecture LORRAINE
K. TYLER: language comprehension; cognitive neuropsychology; semantic
deficits RICHARD COOPER: Cognitive modelling; computational
linguistics; situation theory JOE LEVY: Connectionist modelling;
semantic memory; models of memory

Department of Applied Linguistics: LARRY SELINKER: Second Language
Acquisition, Interlanguage Theory

Visiting distinguished lecturers, as they pass through London, are
often included.

Admission requirements: good first degree (BA) in or including
philosophy, psychology or linguistics. Other relevant qualifications
will be considered.

Late applications: by September, subject to availability of places

Admissions Tutor: Dr Sarah Patterson, Department of Philosophy

For further details, contact: 

 Dr Sarah Patterson,
 Department of Philosophy
 Birkbeck College,
 Malet St.,
 London WC1E 7HX,
 0171-631 6536


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