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Mon Jul 22 1996

Qs: Beta testers for phonology font, Persian NLP, Web queries

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  1. Michael Bernstein, beta testers for phonology font
  2. APL2C, Persian NLP and Speech
  3. "M.Rius-Riu", Web queries

Message 1: beta testers for phonology font

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 18:03:08 EDT
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: beta testers for phonology font
Cascadilla Press has completed initial development and testing of a
font for phonological structures, and we're looking for a few
Macintosh users who are willing to beta test the font and tell us how
well it works. All you need is a Mac running System 6 with TrueType
or any version of System 7, and a printer.

Moraic (the font) contains pieces for connecting adjacent levels of
phonological structure with solid lines, dashed lines, and
dissociation lines (solid lines with two slashes through them). It is
not designed for connecting non-adjacent levels of structure.

If testing goes well, we will soon have a final version of Moraic for
both Macintosh and Windows. If you would be willing to test the font,
please send me an e-mail note directly at If
you would like to receive an announcement when we have a final version
of the font, please send an e-mail note to

 Michael Bernstein
 Cascadilla Press
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Message 2: Persian NLP and Speech

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 15:35:12 -0000
From: APL2C <>
Subject: Persian NLP and Speech

We are completing our archive of works, papers, articles, proposals
and resources on processing Persian (Farsi) language and speech. If
you know of any such resource/work please send us a copy of that work
or the reference and abstract (or a www link). Please pass this
message to persons who are working on Persian NLP and speech

There are already some useful resources on our homepage. homepage
address for the NLP section of APL2C is:

Apl2c Network Admin.
Siamak Rezaei


Association for Persian Logic, Language & Computing(APL2C)
Centre for Cognitive Science 
2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh 
EH8 9LW, UK. 
Fax: +44 (131) 650 4587
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Message 3: Web queries

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 12:15:09 BST
From: "M.Rius-Riu" <>
Subject: Web queries
Dear Linguists,

I am preparing an MA dissertation on Web publishing and Language
Resources on the Internet. These are my two queries:

1. I need information regarding Web publishing policies in higher
education institutions, i.e. who can publish what, and under what
guidelines -if any-, and also who maintains those pages, etc.

2. useful Web addresses for Spanish language teaching & learning

I'll post back a summary of responses.


Merce Rius
University of Kent at Canterbury
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