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Tue Jul 23 1996

Qs: AAVE, Child's ergativity, Contextual grammars

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  1. Rachel Lagunoff, Query: AAVE pronunciation
  2. Vincent DeCaen, Q? child's ergativity?
  3., Contextual Grammars

Message 1: Query: AAVE pronunciation

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 14:28:07 BST
From: Rachel Lagunoff <>
Subject: Query: AAVE pronunciation

How is the acronym AAVE (African American Vernacular English)

Rachel Lagunoff

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- Mark Helprin, A Vermont Tale
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Message 2: Q? child's ergativity?

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 11:34:04 EDT
From: Vincent DeCaen <>
Subject: Q? child's ergativity?

As my 4-yr old daughter gets ready for junior kindergarten, she's
finally making the switch to the English case system. previously, she
insisted on an ergative system--which still puzzles me, because I
can't see a source for it.

only if the event were bounded and strongly transitive would she use
"she". otherwise, the pronoun was "her" (and of course, trying to
correct this was useless). "her's sick" "her's going to the store".
similarly "him's sick" etc.

I wish I had kept a record of this with some hard data, but alas. my
question is this: I make the simple assumption that her ergative
hypothesis has a basis in UG, not English. so what do we know about
case acquisition, ergativity and UG principles and parameters that
might account for this?

just very curious.

Vincent DeCaen			 	 	 <>
Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative

c/o Deparment of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
4 Bancroft Ave., 3d floor, University of Toronto
Toronto ON, M5S 1A1 CANADA

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Message 3: Contextual Grammars

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 16:04:53 +0700
From: <>
Subject: Contextual Grammars
Contextual Grammars

We are interested in names of people who have investigated contextual
grammars, be it from a linguistical or from a mathematical viewpoint.

Any other information about contextual grammars will also be

- ---------------------------------

Kai Differt and Martin Kappes
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet
Fachbereich Informatik (20)
Postfach 11 19 32
D - 60054 Frankfurt am Main

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