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TOC: Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data

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  1. David Prager Branner, TOC: Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data

Message 1: TOC: Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 00:28:54 PDT
From: David Prager Branner <>
Subject: TOC: Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data
 of the Yuen Ren Society Treasury of Chinese Dialect Data
 Issue II: March, 1996

 Li3 Rong2, "Preface"

Reports on Fresh Dialects:

 Jerry Norman, "Tonal Development in the Jennchyan Dialect." The
 place within Miinbeei of the dialect of Jennchyan in Fukien

 A^ng Ui^-ji^n, "A Taiwanese dialect with the accent of in
 Chyuanjou." In Chinese.

 R. VanNess Simmons, "A Dialect of the Harngjou Suburbs - a
 Vocabulary for Jiangjiatarng." A distinctly Wu-type dialect spoken
 on the outskirts of Mandarin-speaking Harngjou City.

 Ch'en Shu-chu"an, "A Study of the Guanmiaw Dialect." Material in a
 Taiwanese Miinnan dialect. In Chinese.

 Jeff Crosland, "A Glossary of Gai4-de2 Dialect." A Chyuanjou-like
 variety of rural Miinnan from Fukien's Derhuah County.

 David Prager Branner, "A Gerchuan Juyu Dialect Notebook." An
 unusual dialect in Fukien Liancherng.

Fresh Materials from Well-known Dialects:

 W. South Coblin, "Tone and Tone Sandhi in Early Qi ng1 Guan1-hua4"

 Li3 Zhu2-qing1, "Fu2-zhou1 Trisyllabic Tone Sandhi Rules"

 Benjamin Ao, "Nantong Tone Sandhi." A descriptive study for a
 Jiangsu dialect.

The Yuen Ren Society is devoted to descriptive fieldwork in Hann Chinese
dialectology. This issue of the _Treasury_ is 354 pages long and is
printed on acid-free paper.

For ordering information, please contact <> or
write to

	The Yuen Ren Society
	Asian Languages and Literature
	Box 353521
	University of Washington
	Seattle, WA 98195-3521
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