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Wed Jul 24 1996

Disc: Expletive Infix summary (Addendum)

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  1. Adrian Clynes, Addendum, expletive infix summary

Message 1: Addendum, expletive infix summary

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 11:55:45 +0800
From: Adrian Clynes <>
Subject: Addendum, expletive infix summary

An addendum to my summary on expletive infixing (7.1019). Thanks to
Robert G. Lee & Diana Ben-Aar for contributions not acknowledged

>From Mike Hammond, two further papers for the bibliography:
Michael T. Hammond, one in _Language_ '91 ('Metrical structure and the
arboreal grid' [AC]) and the
other in the Proceedings of _FLSM_ around the same time.

A check of Linguist List records brought up quite a few mentions
of this topic, including a long bibliography by Cari Spring in 5.1235.

Other late contributions included:

From: Elizabeth Grace Winkler

>From FSINIS[...]
When I was in the service it was quite common for drill instructors to say
something like, "I can guaran-goddamn-tee ya'll a miserable eight weeks!"

From: Andrew S Mccullough

"I guaran damn' tee it!" [...] I know I have used the following often
enough in my perpetually running late life: Shit, it's already
five-fucking-thirty?? [...] I found the mention of fan-fucking-natic
to be completely artificial, and I have not noticed the duplication of
internal consonants to be a part of infixing in general. My
intuitions tell me the above infix was created rather than heard,
simply because it sounds so awkward.

Here is the Alan Munn test of infixing:
How do you infix Kalamazoo (MI)? Kalama-fucking-zoo is fine.
Kala-fucking-mazoo is weaker but still ok. Ka-fucking-lamazoo is out,
as is any non-syllabic breaking combination. Why?

From: ("Melanie Misanchuk")

[...] I had friends who worked in a public theatre situated in our
high school, and because of our tender ages, there were a few rules
about no sex in the catwalks and no swearing in the booth. This
caused them to formulate a whole list (which they posted) of banned
words and corresponding numbers, so that they'd just shout out a
series of numbers rather than the words themselves. One of your
responses verified "abso-fucking-lutely" in Ontario and Quebec; it was
on their list in Saskatoon, Sask. as well. But my personal favourite
was "unbe-fucking-lievable" (the final syllables said as fast as
humany possible), which was, I believe, number 137...

Thanks again to all respondents

Adrian Clynes
Dept of English & Applied Linguistics			
Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei					
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