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Wed Jul 31 1996

Qs: Buzz-words, E. Hermann article, "Merry X-mas" in Hawaiian

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  1. caroline nachman, buzz-word lists
  2. Geoffrey Sampson, E. Hermann article
  3. Jakob Ladefoged, "Merry X-mas" (!) in Hawaiian

Message 1: buzz-word lists

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 08:47:00 CDT
From: caroline nachman <>
Subject: buzz-word lists

 what is the scholarly term for the list of 50 - 150 buzz-words
[words, terms, phrases that have special meaning within context given]
that enables e.g. humanities student to understand discussion of
specific computer software, or PC geek to understand personal dating
column? we have always referred to it as a "buzz-word set", but now
wish to put the correct name to it.
 was reminded of this when a U.K. scholar supplied such a list
which instantly made UK-based movies intelligible to me.
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Message 2: E. Hermann article

Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:26:00 -0000
From: Geoffrey Sampson <>
Subject: E. Hermann article

I have a photocopy of an article by Eduard Hermann, "Gab es im
Indogermanischen Nebensaetze?" ("Did Proto-Indo-European contain
subordinate clauses?"), from the _Zeitschrift fuer vergleichende
Sprachforschung_; unfortunately nothing in the pages I have indicates
the date. Can anyone advise? It is labelled "N.F. (Neue Folge?)
XIII.4", but no easily- available reference book tells me what year
that corresponds to. I believe it was probably a year in or about the

Geoffrey Sampson
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Message 3: "Merry X-mas" (!) in Hawaiian

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:13:02 +0200
From: Jakob Ladefoged <>
Subject: "Merry X-mas" (!) in Hawaiian

I have been asked to find out how "Merry Christmas" is spelled in
Hawaiian ("you study linguistics, and this is an exotic language, so
you'll of course know it, right?!") - it should (perhaps) be something
like "kali kali kamakka", but the one who asked me wasn't sure at all.

	- so, if anyone out there happens to know this (and the
precise spelling), I'd be grateful


Jakob Ladefoged
Aarhus University
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