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Sat Aug 10 1996

Confs: Conference on Guan(1)hua(4)

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  1. Hua LIN, Conference on Guan(1)hua(4)

Message 1: Conference on Guan(1)hua(4)

Date: Wed, 07 Aug 1996 10:42:02 PDT
Subject: Conference on Guan(1)hua(4)

 Announcing The First International Conference on
Guan1hua4 (Mandarins' Language, Officials Language, or Common Language)
 Qingdao, China; July or August, 1997

 (First Announcement)

The First International Conference on Guan1hua4 (which can be
translated into "Mandarins' Language", "Officials' Language", or
"Common Language," though none of the translations match it
completely) will be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, People's
Republic of China in late July or Early August, 1997, exact
date to be given in the Second Announcement.

Topics of the conference include:
1) the characteristics of Guanhua
2) its historical development
3) description and analysis of various Guanhua dialects
4) comparison between a Guanhua Dialect and other Chinese dialects
5) comparison and relationship between Guanhua and languages
 of the National Minority groups
6) the relationship between Guanhua and the Modern Standard Mandarin
7) the relationship between Guanhua and regional cultures
8) others

The conference language is Mandarin Chinese. Registration fee
is 300.00 Yuan (about US $35). Services provided by the
Conference include arranging accommodation, transportation
between the airport (or railway station) and the conference
site, and help with leisure travel after the conference.

Conference sponsors are:
Dialect Research Office, Department of Chinese, Shandong University;
Department of Chinese, Normal College, Qingdao University;
Dialect Research Office, Social Science Academy of China;
"Dialect" Editorial Department, Social Science Academy of China;
Department of Chinese, People' University of China;
Department of Chinese, Hebei University

Members of the Organizing Committee:
CAO Zhiyun, CHEN Shujing, CHEN Zhangtai, HOU Jingyi, LUO Futeng,
LI Xingjian, LI Xingjie, QIAN Zengyi, XIE Zili, ZHANG Hongkui,
and ZHANG Zhenxing

Individuals interested in presenting a paper should contact
the following people before December 1, 1996:

Mr. LUO Futeng
Department of Chinese
Shandong University
27 Shanda South Rd.
Jinan, Shandong Province
People's Republic of China
Postal Code 250100
Phone: (531)-890-3861 (ext.) 3086
Fax: (531)-890-2167


Mr. LI Xingjie
Department of Chinese
Normal College, Qingdao University
Qingdao, Shandong Province
People's Republic of China
Postal Code: 266000
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