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Tue Aug 13 1996

FYI: Oekobase electronic database in Germany, LaTeX Macros

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  1., Oekobase electronic database in Germany
  2. Michael Covington, LaTeX Macros for Linguists

Message 1: Oekobase electronic database in Germany

Date: Thu, 08 Aug 1996 20:01:00 MDT
From: <>
Subject: Oekobase electronic database in Germany

	 Dear all,

	 A few days ago I send out the following question:

	 In Germany we do have a database called "Oekobase" which,
	 among various other information concerning environmental
	 matters, provides a good terminological documentation of the
	 most frequently used eco- and enviro- words in German. I
	 would be interested to learn if any such electronic
	 documentation for English has been compiled so far. This
	 could include corpora, commercial and public databases as
	 well as any collection compiled by institutions,
	 organisation or private persons for internal use (i.e.
	 subject indexes, word lists etc.).

	 Do you know of any such resources or do you have any of them
	 which you could provide for research purposes?

	 Thank you for all the hints I have been sent so far. Of
	 course, further hints will be very welcome.

	 Since some people asked me where the Oekobase is available I
	 give the postal address (I assure you that I do not intend
	 to "advertise" anything and the information included in the
	 CD-ROM stresses that it is a non-profit service offered by
	 the Umweltbundesamt; as a matter of fact I could not
	 find any link in the Web on this information so far.

	 Clemens Hoelter GmbH
	 Am Kuckesberg 46
	 42781 Haan
	 Tel: 02129/959773

	 They charge a fee of DM 30 (the latest leaflet says DM 40),
	 incl. packaging and postage.

	 Thank you again for your support, I promise I let the list
	 know of anything valuable on this topic.


	 Susanne Lenz				 Tel:+621/1581-415
	 Student Researcheress Fax:+621/1581-415
	 Institut fuer deutsche Sprache
	 R 5, 6-13
	 D-68161 Mannheim	 email:lenz
	 IDS on the Web:
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Message 2: LaTeX Macros for Linguists

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 16:32:57 EDT
From: Michael Covington <>
Subject: LaTeX Macros for Linguists

I've just released a new version of "covington.sty" (note the new
spelling, with all 9 letters of my name).

This is a package of LaTeX macros for such things as sentences with
word-by- word glosses, phrase-structure rules, feature structures, and
Discourse Representation Theory.

The only significant change since the 1992 version is that the new
version is fully compatible with NFSS and LaTeX2e.

The new files are located on
and covington.tex and are accessible through my web page.

Michael A. Covington
Artificial Intelligence Center <><
The University of Georgia Unless specifically indicated, I am
Athens, GA 30602-7415 U.S.A. not speaking for the University.
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