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Sat Aug 17 1996

Qs: Full/Empty categories, Epistemic Use of _shall_, Varbrul

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  1. "PXX06625niftyse", full/empty delayed
  2. "M.Shuib"To:, Epistemic Use of _shall_
  3. abdou razky, varbrul program?

Message 1: full/empty delayed

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 00:05:00 +0900
From: "PXX06625niftyse" <>
Subject: full/empty delayed
Re: about the posting -empty & full-

Some time ago I posted a question about recent publications on the
empty/full distinction in the theory of parts of speech. Also, I am
very interested in your opinions concerning this important

Several members of the list indicated that they would be interested in
a summary of the responses. I would be glad to summarize the
responses, however, I have received only ONE response so far. I am
still optimistic about the future feedback of this posting, since the
empty/full distinction seems to be connected with a number of other
issues, such as grammaticalization, semantic bleaching, the open class
vs. closed set dichotomy, iconicity, etc.

The only response I received the other day contains the interesting
statement that the 'full' vs. 'empty' distinction in grammar was first
introduced by Vendryes, closely following Meillet's distinction
between mots lexicales and mots outiles.

I wonder if you have any comment on this particular point. I hope
that those who have indicated their interest in a summary and a
(reasonably complete) bibliography will get both in a short while.

Best wishes,

Shikoku Gakuin University
765 Kagawa-ken, Zentsuji-shi,
Bunkyo-cho 3-2-19 (JAPAN)
TEL=FAX -81-877-63 5451
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Message 2: Epistemic Use of _shall_

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 11:36:48 -0100
From: "M.Shuib"To: <>
Subject: Epistemic Use of _shall_
Can the modal SHALL be used epistemically, (i.e. to express speaker's

M. Shuib
University of Sheffield
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Message 3: varbrul program?

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 15:10:27 -0300
From: abdou razky <>
Subject: varbrul program?
Dear linguists,

I've read somewhere that there's a Macintosh version of the Varbrul
program, could someone tell me if it is available freely or as a
shareware and eventually send me the site from where I couls download
it. thank you Please send your answer to my e-mail box :
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