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Sun Aug 25 1996

Qs: Preparing papers (Correction of Vol-7-1182)

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  1. Teresa A. Ehling, Preparing papers

Message 1: Preparing papers

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:13:40 CDT
From: Teresa A. Ehling <>
Subject: Preparing papers
Editor's note: This query was originally posted in Vol-7-1182, but the
address given for the person who posted the query was incorrect. It
was listed as <>, but the correct address is
<>. Please make note of the correction. 

The MIT Press, in an effort to streamline its production, and
ultimately its on-line delivery of our journal, Linguistic Inquiry,
would like to ask the readership of the LINGUIST list the following
specific questions about how they prepare papers for submission to
the scholarly journals in the field:

* Assuming you use a computer to write and prepare your mss.,
which platform do you use (Mac, PC, Unix, etc.)?

* What word processing program do you use?

* What program(s) or fonts do you employ for drawing your trees,
metrical grids, OT tableaux, etc. (e.g., do you use the graphics
module of your word processor, LaTeX, Arboreal, Expressionist, etc.)

Please respond directly to me. I would be happy to post a summary,
if there is sufficient interest.

On behalf of Jay Keyser and Anne Mark for Linguistic Inquiry,

Teresa A. Ehling The MIT Press 55 Hayward Street
Vox: (617) 253-1672 Cambridge, MA 02142-1399
Fax: (617) 258-6779
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