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Mon Sep 2 1996

Confs: Computational humor, Psyling

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  1., Computational Humor Symposium
  2. Kati' van Nice, Psyling conference

Message 1: Computational Humor Symposium

Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 11:31:17 GMT
From: <>
Subject: Computational Humor Symposium

Symposium on Computational Humor
Workshop on Interpretation and Generation of Verbal Humor
Seminar on Analysis of Long Humorous Texts
Essay Contest

University of Twente
Enschede, the Netherlands
September 11, 1996

FINAL PROGRAM & Important Notices

Symposium: Computational Humor
- ----------------------------
Wednesday, September 11, 1996
CollegezalenComplex, Universiteit Twente, Enschede

For registration of the Symposium only (Dfl. 50), please contact
the IWCH-secretariat, see below.

12.30	Information stand open

13.45	Anton Nijholt: Introduction
14.00	Hugo Brandt Corstius (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
14.30	Gerrit Krol (Netherlands): Berekende Humor; Essay-wedstrijd
15.00	Break, coffee
15.15	Oliviero Stock (Trento, Italy): 'Password Swordfish': Verbal
	Humor in the Interface
15.45	Marvin Minsky (Boston, USA): Computational Humor
16.30	Discussion
16.45	Break
17.15	Douglas Hofstadter (Bloomington, USA): Real Creativity, 	
17.45	Discussion
18.00	Panel Discussion: Future Directions in Computational Humor
	Chair: Graeme Ritchie (Edinburgh, UK)
	Members (to be confirmed): Victor Raskin (USA), Marvin Minsky
	(USA), Oliviero Stock (Italy) and Bruce Karz (UK)
19.00	Closing

Note: Unfortunately, for private reasons Douglas Hofstadter had to
withdraw his promise to be at the symposium. In Bloomington and in
Twente the computer support groups of the Cognitive Science Laboratory
and the Department of Computer Science have set up an audio-visual
link which should make a remote participation (talk, discussion
and maybe panel discussion) possible.

Workshop: Interpretation and Generation of Verbal Humor
- -----------------------------------------------------
Thursday, September 12 and Friday September 13, 1996
Vrijhof, Campus, University of Twente

For registration of the Workshop (and Seminar), please contact the
IWCH-secretariat, see below.

Thursday, September 12
Opening: Anton Nijholt

09.30	Victor Raskin (W.Lafayette, USA): Computer Implementation of
	the General Theory of Verbal Humor
10.15	Break
10.30	Akira Ito et al. (Kobe, Japan): Why do People use Irony?
11.00	Rachel Giora & Ofer Fein (Tel Aviv, Israel): Irony 
	Comprehension: The Graded Salience Hypothesis
11.30	Akira Utsumi (Yokohama, Japan): Implicit Display Theory of 
	Verbal Irony
12.00	Lunch
13.45	Osamu Takizawa et al. (Kobe, Japan): On Computational 		
	Processing of Rhetorical Expressions
14.15	Carmen Curco (London, UK): Relevance Theory and Humorous 	
14.45	Break/Demos/Posters
15.15	Panel Discussion
16.00	Ephraim Nissan (London, UK): From ALIBI to COLOMBUS: The 	
	Long March to Self-aware Computational Models of Humor
16.30	Salvatore Attardo (Youngstown, USA): Humor Theory beyond 
	Jokes: The Treatment of Humorous Texts at Large
17.15	Closing

Friday, September 13

09.30	Bruce Katz (Sussex, UK): A Neural Invariant of Humour
10.00	Judith Weiner (Temple, USA): Why is a Riddle not Like a 
10.30	Break
11.00	Tony Veale & Mark Keane (Dublin, Ireland): The Cognitive
	Structure of Humour, Metaphor and Creativity
11.30	Tony Veale & Mark Keane (Dublin, Ireland): Bad Vibes: Polarised 
	Marker Passing
12.00	Lunch
13.45	Kim Binsted & Graeme Ritchie (Edinburgh, UK): Speculations on 	
	Story Puns
14.30	Dan Loehr (Georgetown, USA): An Integration of a Pun Generator
	with a Natural Language Robot
15.00	Break/Demos/Poster
15.15	Cameron Shelley et al. (Waterloo, Canada): Analogy and 		
	Creative Humor
15.45	Michael Ephratt (Haifa, Israel): More on Humor Act: What Sort of 
	Speech Act is the Joke?
16.15	Break
16.30	Closing Lecture
	John Allen Paulos (Temple, USA): Humor and Cognition: Is there a
17.15	Closing of the Workshop

Seminar: The Analysis of Longer Humorous Texts
- --------------------------------------------
Saturday, September 14
Collegezalen Complex, University of Twente
09.00 - 12.00

Salvatore Attardo (Youngstown State University, USA) &
Wladyslaw Chlopicki (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)

The seminar revolves around the analysis of three humorous texts with
which the participants are expected to have familiarized themselves in
advance. During the seminar, different approaches to the humorous
material in the texts will be demonstrated and discussed. The texts
will include examples of irony and complex intertextual references.
The emphasis will be primarily on the processing of the humorous
materials and only secondarily on the textual processing per se.
Practical presentations by the participants during the seminar are
encouraged but not required for participation.

Essay Contest for Students
- ------------------------
Computational Humor (Berekende Humor) is also the topic of an essay
contest for Dutch computer science students. Students have been asked
to write an essay of four to eight pages (4000 - 8000 words) in which
computational modeling of humor and possible applications or
implications of this modeling is considered. The members of the jury
are Gerrit Krol (chairman; essayist), Peter Wesly (philosopher),
Michael Steehouder (linguist), Anton Nijholt (computer scientist) and
Joris Hulstijn (secretary of the jury; computer scientist). During the
symposium on September 11 the jury will present her report on the
results of the contest and the prize of thousand guilders will be
handed to the winner.

Symposium and Workshop Secretariat
- --------------------------------
Mrs A. Hoogvliet and Mrs C. Bijron
Department of Computer Science
University of Twente, P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
tel: +31 53 4893680
fax: +31 53 4893503

- ------
NOG Verzekeringen, Amsterdam
TNO-TPD, Delft
Origin MediaLab, Schellinkhout
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam
KPN Research, Leidschendam
Faculteit Informatica, Universiteit Twente
College van Bestuur, Universiteit Twente

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Message 2: Psyling conference

Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 09:30:39 -0000
From: Kati' van Nice <>
Subject: Psyling conference
 A psycholinguistic conference in honor of Donald J. Foss

A conference entitled "Structure and context in language processing: A
psycholinguistic conference in honor of Donald J. Foss" will be held
October 11-12, 1996 in Austin, Texas at the Thompson Conference Center
at the University of Texas. This conference is cosponsored by The
Psychology Department of The University of Texas at Austin, The
Science Directorate of the American Psychological Association, and
friends of Donald J. Foss.

'Structure and context in language processing' is an important theme
for many areas of psycholinguistics -- parsing, speech perception,
language acquisition, language evolution, and others. At the
conference psycholinguists from a variety of areas will come together
to share their theoretical insights and empirical evidence on this
topic. Individually, they focus on different parts of the processing
picture; collectively, they provide insights into processing of a
number of linguistic structures (syntactic, morphological, prosodic,
etc.), in a number of contexts (which involve factors that go beyond
linguistic structure). Invited speakers include: Thomas G. Bever,
Helen Smith Cairns, Charles Clifton, Anne Cutler, Randy L. Diehl,
Catharine H. Echols, David Fay, Kenneth Forster, Merrill F. Garrett,
Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Philip Gough, James J. Jenkins, Beth
L. Losiewicz, Peter F. MacNeilage, Richard P. Meier, Robert E. Shaw,
Shari R. Speer, David Swinney, and Kathy Y. van Nice.

The registration fee is $75.00 ($40.00 for students), which includes
breaks, lunches, and a reception on Friday, October 11. There is an
additional fee of $30.00 for those attending the banquet in honor of
Don Foss on Saturday, October 12. Participants must register by the
deadline; there will be NO on-site registration.

OMNI AUSTIN HOTEL DEADLINE for booking discounted rooms: SEPTEMBER 19,

Please send requests for registration forms (email or hardcopy) or
further information about the conference to: Joey Walker, Department
of Psychology, Mezes 330, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712, Tel:
(512)471-5985, Fax: (512)471-6175, email:
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