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Tue Sep 3 1996

Sum: Job sources for TESOL

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  1. Hori Masahiro, Job sources for TESOL

Message 1: Job sources for TESOL

Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 09:44:56 +0900
From: Hori Masahiro <>
Subject: Job sources for TESOL

Dear LINGUIST members:

A little over a month ago I sent the following request to
the members of this list:

 I have been asked by individuals at a university in the Kyushu
 region of Japan to assist in a search for an entry-level English
 professor. I am told that it is preferable for applicants to have
 done graduate work in teaching English as a second language.
 When the time comes to formally advertise the openning I plan
 to do so on this list but would also like to advertise on other
 lists that are used by persons interested in teaching English as
 a secong language. I would greatly appreciate receiving
 suggestions regarding lists that would be appropriate for such
 an advertisement.
 Please respond directly by e-mail. Thank you.

I received several very helpful responses. I have already privately
expressed my appreciation to the individuals who were kind enough
to repond but wish to reiterate my appreciation here. Thanks to them,
I learned that, in addition to this list, there are two venues that are
particularly suited to the advertisement of the type of position I
described. The first is TESL-L. The following is a description of
how to subscribe I received from one particularly thoughtful individual:

 TESL-L is the list for teachers of English as a second or foreign
 It has a branch called TESLJB-L, where jobs for teachers and
 administrators can be posted. Only regular subscribers can post.
 If you want to subscribe send a message to
 with this message in the body:
 sub tesl-l firstname lastname
 sub tesljb-l firstname lastname
 You cannot subscribe only to tesljb without subscribing to tesl-l,
 but you can add the message set * nomail tesl-l
 to your message if you are not interesed in it.

The second is O-Hayo Sensei. Here is what I was told about it:

 The WWW site "O-Hayo sensei" ( is
 probably one of the best sites for you to post ads to. O-Hayo
 Sensei, a bi-weekly onlinenewsletter, provides information on
 teaching opportunities in Japan. I only took a casual glance at
 the page, but it seems clear from the the webcounter reading
 that not a few job-seekers having access to the site
 every day (11294 people have accessed since 21 October 1995).
 The editor of O-Hayo Sensei can be contacted at:
 You can place a job ad in Ohio Sensei by sending the
 message "get position form" to:

Further information about opportunities to teach English in Japan
can be found "Teaching English in Japan" (URL: ). I looked
at this but did not find any site other than those mentioned above
at which I wished to advertise.

The response from each of the three sites has been good. I have
received inquiries from about thirty individuals so far. I was
initially concerned that the number of respondents to our
advertisement would be so great that replying to their inquiries
would be a tremendous burden.
Fortunately, however, the response has been strong but not
overwhelming. Most of the respondents are well qualified.

I hope the information I have provided here is useful to institutions
considering advertising on the Internet and to persons seeking similar

Yours truly,

KIrk Masden
Kumamoto Gakuen University
Kumamoto, Japan

P.S. Persons wishing to receive information about the position we
are advertising should either look at our ad in O-hayo Sensei (address
given above) or write to me via e-mail.
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