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Wed Sep 4 1996

FYI: Grad student positions, ACLU on Eng-only, O-Hayo Sensei

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  1. "Marleen van de Wiel", Graduate Student Positions in Syntax/Phonology
  2. Karen Stanley, ACLU briefing on eng-only language policy
  3., O-Hayo Sensei #15 Now Available

Message 1: Graduate Student Positions in Syntax/Phonology

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:22:45 +0700
From: "Marleen van de Wiel" <>
Subject: Graduate Student Positions in Syntax/Phonology

 Graduate Student Positions in Syntax/Phonology
 at CLS/Tilburg University

The Grammatical Models Group (GM) at the Center for Language Studies
(CLS) / Tilburg University invites applications for admission from
prospective graduate students. The GM-group (staff: Norbert Corver,
Ben Hermans, Riny Huybregts, Henk van Riemsdijk (chair), and Craig
Thiersch) is specialized in syntax and phonology, but within CLS it is
integrated with groups working on formal semantics, computational
linguistics, psycho- and sociolinguistics, and phonetics. More
information about CLS can be obtained from Marleen van de Wiel
(CLSKUB.NL). You may also wish to consult our homepage under
construction at:

The program leads to a Ph.D. degree in four years. Classwork
requirements are organized within LOT, the collaborative network of
Dutch graduate schools in linguistics.

Candidates are expected to have some background in linguistics. For
most countries this means that they should have completed an MA degree
or hold an equivalent diploma. Applications should be accompanied by a
statement of purpose, a curriculum vitae, a sample of recently written
papers (if any), and three names (preferably with e-mail addresses) of
people willing to write a letter of recommendation or to provide
information about the candidate in some other form. Furthermore,
students whose native language is not Dutch or English should submit
satisfactory evidence for their proficiency in English. Deadline for
the receipt of applications is October 1 1996.

We expect to be able to accept a maximum of four new graduate
students. Admission decisions may be expected by the end of october
and the start of the program is January 1 1997.

Successful applicants may expect a waiver of all tuition. Furthermore,
the usual facilities (desk, computer, some travel money) are offered,
as well as support with housing, immigrations, etc. (no guarantees,
though). To two of the candidates who are admitted we can offer
additional financial support in the form of a graduate stipend of NLG
27'000.-- per year (annually renewable for a total of four years,
provided results are satisfactory), that is approximatively NLG
2250.-- or slightly in excess of US$ 1300.-- per month. A graduate
stipend further entitles the recipient to a maximum of two years worth
of postdoctoral employment in our department provided the dissertation
is completed in time. Any application should specify if your actual
enrollment in our program is contingent on obtaining a graduate
stipend or whether you can also come with independent financial
support (note that non-Dutch citizens will have to submit proof of
financial support to the immigrations authorities in order to obtain a
residency permit).

Applications are to be sent in hard copy to: Norbert Corver
 Tilburg Univ. / Letteren / GM / CLS
 P.O. Box 90153 NL - 5000 LE -
 TILBURG Fax: +31 13 4663110 Tel: +31
 13 4662773/4662971 E-mail:
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Message 2: ACLU briefing on eng-only language policy

Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 07:24:57 CDT
From: Karen Stanley <>
Subject: ACLU briefing on eng-only language policy

Since at times there has been extensive discussion on the list about
language policy in various parts of the world, I thought I would let
people know that there is an American Civil Liberties Union Briefing
Paper on the subject of English Only legislation in the US at the
following site:

If there is someone on the list who is unable to access this website,
but would like to read the briefing paper, contact me directly and I
will send it to you as a (long) email message.

Karen Stanley
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
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Message 3: O-Hayo Sensei #15 Now Available

Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 08:27:13 -0800
From: <>
Subject: O-Hayo Sensei #15 Now Available
The current issue (#15) of O-Hayo Sensei, the free, bi-weekly
newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan is now available.

Contents of 1996 #15 (9/1/96):

Twenty-Five Teaching Positions
Other-Language Teaching Positions
Editing Jobs
Deciphering The Japanese Street Address
Call For Abstracts: The 11th Pacific Asia Conference
The Classifieds
Twenty Schools/Employers from the OH Databases
 (Subscriber Edition Only)
How to Call and Write
Current Exchange Rates
Airfare Watch

The current issue is available free via e-mail as a text-only document
(about 36K), by sending a message with ONLY this EXACT text string in
the body:

 get issue 1996no15

to ONLY this address:

O-Hayo Sensei will be e-mailed back to you in a few hours.

Or, you can visit the WWW site for a preview:

Good luck!

Lynn Cullivan
Editor, O-Hayo Sensei
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