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Sun Sep 8 1996

Confs: Japanese/Korean ling, Discourse as Mosaic

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  1. Shoichi Iwasaki, Japanese / Korean Linguistics Conference
  2. Keli Yerian, GLS Discourse as Mosaic conference schedule

Message 1: Japanese / Korean Linguistics Conference

Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 23:45:43 BST
From: Shoichi Iwasaki <iwasakiHUMnet.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: Japanese / Korean Linguistics Conference

 The Seventh Japanese / Korean Linguistics Conference

 November 8-10, 1996
 University of California, Los Angeles
 LATC Club House
 Co-sponsored by the Department of East Asian Languages and
 Cultures (UCLA), the Department of Linguistics (UCLA),
 Center for Japanese Studies (UCLA), International Studies and
 Overseas Programs (UCLA), and the Japan Foundation.

 Preliminary Conference Program

Friday, November 8
8:45 Registration
9:45 Welcome and announcements (Noriko Akatsuka, UCLA)
10:00 "Economy of Expression in Japanese and Korean"
 Peter Sells, Stanford University
10:30 "Resultatives in Korean and Unaccusativity"
 Soowon Kim, University of Washington & Joan Maling,
		Brandeis University
11:00 Break
11:10 "A Note on Scope Dependencies in Japanese Multiple
 Shin Watanabe, Smith College
11:40 "Scope Identification via Quasi-Binding"
 Daeho Chung, UCLA
12:10 "The Laziest Pronouns"
 Satoshi Tomioka, University of Massachusetts at Amherst &
 Cornell University
12:40 Lunch Break
1:40 "It Takes Two to Dance: The Interactional
 Determinations of NP Intonation Units with a Marked
 Rising Intonation ('hangimonkei') in Japanese
 Tsuyoshi Ono, University of Arizona & Eri Yoshida, Santa
	 	Monica College 
2:10 "Co-construction in Japanese Revisited: We Do 'Finish
 Each Other's Sentences'"
 Makoto Hayashi, University of Colorado, Boulder
 & Junko Mori, University of Iowa
2:40 "Turn-taking Mechanism in Japanese Conversation:
 Intonation, Syntax, and Pragmatics"
 Hiroko Furo, Georgetown University
3:10 Break
3:20 "Color Naming and Color Categorization in Korean"
 Rodney E. Tyson, Ewha Woman's University
3:50 "Attachment Ambiguity and its Preference in Head Final
 Yuki Hirose & Soon Ae Chun, CUNY
4:20 "Where the Progressive and the Resultative Meet: A
 Typology on Imperfective Morphology in Japanese,
 Korean, Chinese and English"
 Yasuhiro Shirai, Daito Bunka University
4:50 Break
5:00 "Is There a Genuine Himself Type Local Anaphor in
 Korean and Japanese?"
 Gunsoo Lee, Missouri-St.Louis/Washington University
5:30 "Semantics and Pragmatics of Korean Contrastive Topic
 and its English Counterpart"
 Hae-Kyung Wee, Indiana University
6:00 "Morpho-syntactic Realizations of Aspectual Structure"
 William McClure, University of Durham

Saturday, November 9
 Special Workshop on Demonstratives in Japanese and Korean
9:00 Introduction
9:10 "The Structural Positions of Demonstratives in Japanese
 and Korean"
 John Whitman, Cornell University
9:55 "On the Historical Change of the Japanese
 Demonstratives - Centering Around Their Anaphoric Use"
 Satoshi Kinsui , Kobe University
10:40 Break
10:50 "On the Semantics and Semantic Changes of the Distal
 Demonstrative Kare in Japanese"
 Yukinori Takubo, Kyusyu University
11:35 "Demonstratives in Japanese, Formal Dependency, and
 Organization of Grammar"
 Hajime Hoji, USC
12:20 Lunch Break
1:20 "Focus Realization of Japanese English and Korean
 English Intonation"
 Motoko Ueyama & Sun-Ah Jun, UCLA
1:50 "Voicedness Alternations in the Tohoku Dialect of
 Sachiko Ohno, University of Arizona
2:20 "Backingness and the Phrasing in Japanese"
 Kiyomi Kusumoto, U of Massachusetts at Amherst
2:50 Break
3:00 "Sino-Vietnamese and Sino-Korean Evidence for Old
 Japanese Ko-otsu Distinction"
 Mark H. Miyake, University of Hawaii at Manoa
3:30 "The Correspondence between the Form and Meaning of
 Predicative Grammatical Categories in Classical Japanese"
 Katsunobu Izutsu, Hokkaido University
4:00 Break
4:10 "The Complementizer to yuu in Japanese"
 Yoshiko Matsumoto, Stanford University
4:40 "On Japanese Connectives sorede, dakara, and ja"
 Mutsuko Endo Hudson, Michigan State University
5:10 Break
5:20 "The Null Beneficiary in Benefactive Construction"
 Nanako Machida, Nanzan University
5:50 "Raising Asymmetry and Derivational Uniformity"
 Hiromu Sakai, Hiroshima University
6:20-7:00 Informal Discussion/Social Hour
7:00-9:00 Reception (LATC Club House)
 [Sign up at Registration Desk Required]

Sunday, November 10
9:00 "The Japanese Dummy Verbs and Organization of
 Keiko Miyagawa, USC
9:30 "Predicate Cleft Constructions in Japanese and Korean"
 Eun Cho & Kunio Nishiyama, Cornell University
10:00 Break
10:10 "Thetic Markers and Japanese/Korean Perception Verb
 Hisako Ikawa, University of Arizona
10:40 "Syntax Reflexes of Tripartite Structures of Generic
 Youngchul Jun, Indiana University
11:10 Break
 Senko K. Maynard, Rutgers University
 Ventriloquism in Text and Talk: Functions of
 Self- and Other-Quotation in Japanese
12:20 Lunch Break
1:20 "On the Irregular Behavior of 'h' in Korean"
 Sechang Lee, USC
1:50 "Noun Faithfulness: Evidence from Accent in Japanese
 Jennifer L. Smith, U of Massachusetts at Amherst
2:20 "Correspondence in Korean Hypocoristic Truncation"
 Seung-Hoon Shin, Indiana University
2:50 Break
3:00 "What the Language of Television Commercials Reveals
 about Cultural Preferences: A Glimpse into Japanese,
 American, and Korean Advertising Strategies"
 Yong-Yae Park & Susan Strauss, UCLA
3:30 "The Use and Non-use of Honorifics in Sales Talk in
 Kyoto and Osaka: Are They Rude or Friendly?"
 Shigeko Okamoto, California State University, Fresno
4:00 Break
4:10 "The Functions of Sentence-initial iya in Japanese
 Scott Saft, University of Hawaii at Manoa
4:40 "Hai and Ee: An Interactional Analysis"
 Naomi H. McGloin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
5:10 Break
5:20 "Pronoun Drop and Perspective in Japanese"
 Satoshi Uehara, Wellesley College
5:50 "Prepared and Unprepared Information: An Evidential
 Aspect of Japanese ne"
 Akio Kamio, Dokkyo University
6:20 Closing Remarks (Shoichi Iwasaki, UCLA)

Shoichi Iwasaki
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Message 2: GLS Discourse as Mosaic conference schedule

Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 10:05:47 EDT
From: Keli Yerian <>
Subject: GLS Discourse as Mosaic conference schedule

		 The Georgetown Linguistics Society
			 October 11-13, 1996
			 Intercultural Center
			 Georgetown University
			 Washington, DC

Information on registration and how to contact GLS appears at the end
of this message.


Friday, October 11
11:00 		Registration opens, Intercultural Center
12:45 - 1:00	Opening remarks
 1:00 - 2:00	Shirley Brice Heath, plenary speaker

 2:15 - 4:15
Patricia O'Connor, organizer, Speaking for the Other
Yuling Pan, Power Recognition in Chinese Official Settings
Christina Kakava, Talking at Cross-Purposes: Speaking For and About
 the Other in Greek Discourse 
Patricia O'Connor, 'He Gonna Die': Self-Positioning in the Constructed
 Dialogue of the Other
John T. Clark, "But is 'Pop that Coochie' a Valuable Idea or
 Information?": How Elite Aspiring Rhetoric Insinuates the Center
Hiroko Furo, Agonism Versus Irenicism: Different Frames in American
 and Japanese Political Discourse
Douglas J. Glick, At the Intersection of Language, Ethnicity and
 Interpretation: Lessons from a Hebrew-Language Television Interview
Brian Kleiner, Pseudo-Argument in Talk about Race
Jeff Connor-Linton, What's in a Speech Act?: A Multi-Feature Functional
 Analysis of Stylistic Variation
Andrea Tyler & Lucy Pickering, Examining Cross-Cultural
 Miscommunication: A Case for a Multi-Dimensional Discourse Framework
Gus M. Habermann, The Discourse of Indoctrination: A Test of Language
 Socialization Theories?
Margaret Luebs, Transcribing Discourse, Transcribing Ideology

 4:30 - 6:30
Amy Sheldon, organizer, Managing Identities and Negotiating Relationships
R. Keith Sawyer, Gender Differences in Participant Frameworks and
 Footing in Preschool Play Discourse
Deborah Schiffrin, Topic and Ideology in Argument
Amy Sheldon, The Complementary use of Verbal and Nonverbal
 Resources in Children's Negotiation of Social Play
Clare MacMartin & Linda A. Wood, The Problematics of Respectability:
 Co-Constructing a Marginalized Identity
Stephanie Lindemann, Didar Akar, Jill D. Dowdy, Ana Cristina
 Ostermann, John Swales & Jens Turp, A Genre of Last Resort: Letters to
 the TMJ Association
Susan Herring, Beyond "Free Speech" on the Internet
Shi-Xu, Common Sense and Ideologies
Katerie Gladdys, Artist, Object, Audience: Constructing Linguistic
 Identity in a Formal Speech Situation
Randi A. Engle, The Collaborative Construction of Knowledge
 Transmission Events: The Case of Instructional Explanations Between
Boyd Davis & Jeutonne P. Brewer, The Individual Voice in Electronic
Melanie Nunemaker Moll & Agnes Bolonyai, Ways of Framing: The
 Assignment of Thematic Roles in a Business Meeting

 6:45 - 7:45	Livia Polanyi, plenary speaker
 8:00 - 10:00	Reception

Saturday, October 12
 9:00 - 10:00	Marcyliena Morgan, plenary speaker

 10:15 - 12:15
Deborah Tannen, symposium organizer, The Scope of Discourse
Marianne Mithun, The Discourse Shaping of Grammar
Wallace Chafe, Discourse Topics
A. L. Becker, Wordbuilding and Textbuilding
Jeff Deby & Kathleen Wood, organizers, The Lavender Mosaic: Lesbian
 and Gay Identities and Ideologies
Jeff Deby, Coming-Out Stories as Opportunities for Negotiating Identity
Rudolf Gaudio, "Out in the Open" Without "Coming Out": Queer Narratives
 from Nigerian Hausaland
Shari Kendall, Conflicting Ideologies in the News Coverage of Salt Lake
 City's Ban on Gay and Lesbian Clubs in Public Schools
Kathleen Wood, The Contribution of Coherence in the Narrative
 Construction of Identity in Lesbian Electronic Mail Coming Out Stories
Donna L. Lillian, The War Against Diversity: Homogenizing Canada
 Through Discursive Manipulation
Robin Shoaps, Rush Limbaugh as Rhetor: The Use of Transposition in
 Constructing and Accessing a Rhetoric of 'Common Sense'
Atsuko Honda, Institutional and Cultural Constraints on Conflict in
 Japanese Television Discussions
Christina Wasson, "Your Candor would be Appreciated": Performing
Contradictory Identities in Business Meetings

 12:15 - 2:15
Livia Polanyi, workshop, Formal Methods in Discourse Analysis (fee)
	(for further information on this workshop, contact GLS)

 2:15 - 4:15
Anne Goodfellow, Language, Culture, and Identity: Social and Cultural
 Aspects of Language Use in Two Kwak'wala-speaking Communities
Alice Chu, "'What do you want me to say--'Chinese'?": Negotiating
 Ethnic Identities in a Chinese Restaurant
Adrienne Lo, She's not a peanut!: Contesting Identities in Asian-
 American Discourse
Mary Bucholtz, Marking Black: The Construction of White Identities
 through African American Vernacular English
Mary Shapiro, Encouraged and Discouraged Registers: Style-Shifting
 Among Medics
Branca Telles Ribeiro, Listeners and Listening in Psychiatric
Anita Pomerantz, When the Supervising Physician Sees the Intern's
 Patient: It's a Risky Business
Adrienne Chambon, Self/Other Interaction: Identity Transformation in
 Therapeutic Conversation

 2:15 - 6:30
Charlotte Linde, organizer, Institutional Memory and Individual
Robin Kornman, Epic and the Formation of Regional and National
 Identity: Tibet's Gesar Epic
Charlotte Linde, A Framework for the Study of Institutional Memory
Norma Mendoza-Denton & Charlotte Linde, Home Girls Remembered:
 Institutional Memory and Gang Structure
Sigrid Mueller, The Institutional Construction of Individual Identity:
 Women, Language, and Bureaucratic Documentation in Germany
Ida Obermann, Institutional Memory in an Alternative Education
 Movement: Strategies of Textual Reproduction and Challenge

 4:30 - 6:30
Anthony Berkley, Linguistic Awareness and Ideological Incorporation:
 The Construction of "Errors" In Maya Language Revival
Donna Patrick, Language Choice, Social Boundaries and Identity in
 Arctic Quebec
Edward A. Miner, Representations of Literacy in the Ugandan Press
Alexander D. Hoyt, Croatian as an Indicator of Identity
Rita Simpson, Metapragmatic Discourse and the Ideology of Impolite
 Pronouns in Thai
Karen L. Adams & Anne Winter, Group and Individual Identity in Gang
Barbara G. Hoffman, Occult Power and Noun Phrases in Mande Languages
Jean Wong, A Sequential Place for Marking Incipient Repair Solution:
 'Yeah' in Nonnative Speaker English Conversation

 6:45 - 7:45	Susan Philips, plenary speaker

Sunday, October 13
 9:00 - 10:00	William O'Barr, plenary speaker
 10:15 - 12:15
Heidi Hamilton, organizer, Discourse in Old Age
Anne Bower & Helen Black, Identity in Personal Narrative: Dialogue
 With God
Heidi Hamilton, "I have become the nurse and I don't like it very
 much": Changing Identities Within the Aging Family
Toshiko Hamaguchi, "Maybe that's why I became so lazy": Construction
 of Identities in a Life Story
Pam Saunders, "I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on": An
 Analysis of How Patients Save Face in Clinical Examinations
Vai Ramanathan, Reflexive Researching in Alzheimer Narrative
Nastia Snider, The Man is the Boss on the Dance Floor: Teasing in a
 Country Dance Lesson
Iris E.W.M. Bogaers, Managing Gender Through Meta-talk
Susan Berk-Seligson, Conversational Support Work: Marker of Gender
Colleen Cotter, Text and Identity: Women's Place at the Fourth Estate
Akira Satoh, Direct Speech in Japanese Journalistic Discourse
Pekka Kuusisto, Ethnic Homogeneism in Newspapers
Stanton Wortham & Michael Locher, Voicing on the News: A Technique
 for Analyzing Media Bias

 12:15 - 2:15 Theme lunches

 2:15 - 3:45
Susan F. Hirsch, Transforming Gender in Kenyan Islamic Courts: A Role
 for Linguistic Ideologies
Kirstin M. Fredrickson, Intertextuality and the Construction of
 Ideology in Law
Susan Ehrlich, The Construction of "Innocence" in Sexual Assault Trials
John J. Staczek, Linguistic and Cultural Awareness and Identity:
 Constructions of Self in the Writing of American University Students
Kathleen Ferrara, The Narrative (Re)Construction of "True Grit":
 Internal Dialogue in Danger of Death Stories--Texas Style
Deborah Keller-Cohen & Natasha Julius, "...because I'll tell you what,
 I've had a hellacious life!"
Rachel Nash, Piecing It Together: Nation as Mosaic
Nombuso Dlamini, Symbolic Practices and the Construction of Identity
 in South Africa
Alexei Iurchak, The Cynical Reason of Late Socialism: Language,
 Ideology, and Identity of the Last Soviet Generation
 4:00 - 5:00		Judith Irvine, plenary speaker
 5:00 - 5:15		Closing remarks

Please send your name and affiliation, mailing and e-mail addresses,
telephone number, and a check made payable to "Georgetown University"
to the address below. Registration Fees: (before September 20) $20.00
for students, $35.00 for non-students; (after September 20) $30.00 for
students, $45.00 for non- students; (Georgetown University students)
no fee. Registration fee for Livia Polanyi's workshop, Formal Methods
in Discourse Analysis: $40.00.


GLS 1996
Department of Linguistics
Georgetown University
Box 571051
Washington DC 20057-1051

Telephone: (202) 687-6166
World Wide Web:
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