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Tue Sep 10 1996

Confs: BISCA 96-semantic fields, Interpreting/lg processing

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  1. Roberto Poli, BISCA 96
  2. Sarah Williams, symposium on interpreting and language processing

Message 1: BISCA 96

Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 14:11:43 +0200
From: Roberto Poli <>
Subject: BISCA 96


 BOLZANO, 14-18 October 1996


Charles Fillmore
Semantic Frames vs. semantic Fields. Conflicts and Integrations

Peter Harder
Syntax, Semantics and Conceptualization

Dirk Geeraerts
The Structure of Lexical Variations

Zoltan Kovecses
The Domain of Emotion: The Conceptual Structure of a Semantic Field

- ---------------------------------------------------------
General information:
1. Attendance to the school will be limited to about 30 participants.
2. A hotel list will be sent upon notification of acceptance. Hotel
costs in Bolzano range between 70,000 and 250,000 Italian Liras per
day, full board.
3. Each speaker will give 5 lectures, with ample time for discussion.
4. All lectures will be in English.
5. The lectures will be given at Castel Maretsch, downtown, starting
October 14, at 9 a.m.
6. A small number of boursaries are available to qualified students to
meet the costs of participation.

People wishing to participate should write to Liliana Albertazzi,
Department of Sociology and Social Research, 26 Verdi st., 38100
Trento, Italy (call: (++39) 461 881 403; fax: (++39) 461 881 348), or
send an e-mail message to:

BISCA's board of directors includes: L. Albertazzi (Trento), R. Langacker
(La Jolla), J. Petitot (Paris), R. Poli (Trento) and L. Talmy (Buffalo)

For further information see BISCA's home page at:
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Message 2: symposium on interpreting and language processing

Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 17:02:56 +0200
From: Sarah Williams <>
Subject: symposium on interpreting and language processing
Stockholm University
21-22 February, 1997

There will be a two day symposium on "Language Processing and
Interpreting" at Stockholm University, 21-22 February 1997.

The aim of the symposium is to engage the interest of researchers
within the areas of psychology, linguistics, psycholinguistics and
neurolinguistics in a focus on the processes involved in simultaneous
interpreting. The theme of the symposium is twofold: to see how
theories and methodology from various disciplines could be fruitfully
applied to the study of simultaneous interpreting, and conversely, to
suggest ways in which the study of simultaneous interpreting might
contribute to knowledge in these areas. Established researchers from
various disciplines have been invited to give a paper from their own
research perspective. Areas we seek to cover in the symposium are:
working memory, speech perception and production, bilingualism, second
language research and neurolinguistics. These will then be
complemented with selected papers by researchers from within
interpreting research, a display of posters of ongoing research in
simultaneous interpreting and a final round table.

Speakers will include: Alan Baddeley (working memory), Kees de Bot
(bilingual speech production), Daniel Gile (interpreting research),
Kenneth Hyltenstam (bilingualism and code-switching), Bj=F6rn Lindblom
(speech perception), Bob McAllister (L1 and L2 perception), Barbara
Moser-Mercer (interpreting research), Michel Paradis
(neurolinguistics), Michael Sharwood-Smith (second language research).

If you would like further information, please send us the information
below by October 15th 1996. A circular, including a final program and
list of posters, will be sent out to all interested participants in
November. Participants will be required to arrange their own
accommodation. The registration fee is: 500 SEK (students: 300
SEK). The fee includes morning and afternoon tea and coffee and a
reception on Friday evening, and is payable by January 20th
1997. Participants who are engaged in research on simultaneous
interpreting are invited to display a poster of their work. Posters
will be displayed in the foyer during the symposium. Please indicate
if you wish to display a poster and send a short abstract (max 200
words) by October 15th 1996.=20


Please send this information to:	

Symposium Secretary
Doroth=E9e Augustin
Department of Linguistics
Stockholm University
S-10691 Stockholm

Fax: 	 +46 8 15 53 89	=09
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