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Books: Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Syntax

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  1. Ande Ciecierski, New Books:Sociolinguistics

Message 1: New Books:Sociolinguistics

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:03:13 EST
From: Ande Ciecierski <>
Subject: New Books:Sociolinguistics


 Kira Hall and Mary Bucholtz, eds., GENDER ARTICULATED
 Language and the Socially Constructed Self
 GENDER ARTICULATED forges new connections between language-related
 fields and feminist theory. Refuting apolitical, essentialist
 perspectives on language and gender, the essays presented here examine
 a range of cultures, languages and settings. They explicitly connect
 feminist theory to language research. Some of the most distinguished
 scholars working in the field of language and gender today discuss
 such topics as Japanese women's appropriation of "men's language," the
 literary representation of lesbian discourse, the silencing of women
 on the Internet, cultural mediation and Spanish use at New Mexican
 weddings and the uses of silence in the Anita Hill-ClarenceThomas
 Routledge, New York: 1996: 448 pp
 HB: 0 415 91398 5: #D0032: $69.95: L45.00
 PB: 0 415 91399 3: #D0036: $22.95: L14.99
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 Murray Knowles and Kirsten Malmkjaer, LANGUAGE AND CONTROL IN
 Murray Knowles and Kristen Malmkjaer examine the work of some of our
 most popular 19th and 20th century children's writers in order to
 expose the persuasive power of language. At the heart of LANGUAGE AND
 CONTROL IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE lie two surveys of children's
 favorite readings, the first carried out in 1888, the other a hundred
 years later by the authors themselves. Using a computer analysis of
 the vocabulary and grammar patterns in the most popular children's
 texts of each period, the authors examine the ways in which children's
 writers use language to inculcate a particular world view in the minds
 of their readers. For example, by examining the work of nineteenth
 century English writers of juvenile fiction, the authors expose the
 colonial and class assumptions on which the books were predicated.
 Routledge: 1995: 296 pp
 HB: 0 415 08624 8: #C0161: $65.00: L40.00
 PB: 0 415 08625 6: #C0753: $17.95: L12.99

 Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard and Malcolm Coulthard, eds., TEXTS AND
 Readings in Critical Discourse Analysis
 TEXTS AND PRACTICES provides an essential introduction to the theory
 and practice of Critical Discourse Analysis. The essays demonstrate
 how Critical Discourse Analysis can be applied to a variety of written
 and spoken texts, by deconstructing data from a range of contexts,
 countries and spheres and exposing hidden patterns of discrimination
 and inequalities of power. TEXTS AND PRACTICES, which includes
 specially commissioned papers from a range of distinguished authors,
 provides a state-of-the-art introduction to Critical Discourse
 Analysis, making it an important contribution to this developing
 Routledge: 1995: 320 pp
 HB: 0 415 12142 6: #C0091: $69.95: L45.00
 PB: 0 415 12143 4: #C0011: $18.95: L14.99

 In PICTORIAL METAPHOR IN ADVERTISING, Charles Forceville argues that
 metaphor can also occur in pictures and draws on relevant studies from
 various disciplines to propose a model for the identification,
 classification and analysis of "pictorial metaphors." By using
 insights taken from a range of linguistic and cognitive
 perspectives--interaction and relevance theory--Forceville
 demonstrates his point and provides a framework within which these
 pictorial metaphors can be analyzed.
 Routledge: 1996: 224 pp
 HB: 0 415 12868 4: #C0957: $69.95: L45.00

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 Herman Wekker and Liliane Haegeman, A MODERN COURSE IN ENGLISH SYNTAX
 Now available from Routledge in the US, A MODERN COURSE IN ENGLISH
 SYNTAX provides intermediate and advanced students of linguistics and
 English with a systematic account of the rules of English syntax, and
 acquaints them with the general methodology of syntactic description.
 It teaches them how to formulate syntactic arguments, and how to apply
 the right criteria and tests in the analysis of sentences. The
 technical terms and concepts needed for discussing English structures
 are presented step-by-step and all terms are clearly defined and amply
 illustrated as they are introduced. The text is interspersed
 throughout with exercises and practical assignments which students
 will find both useful and enjoyable.
 Routledge: 1995: 208 pp
 PB: 0 415 03684 4: #D1088: $17.95: L12.99

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