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  1. Ande Ciecierski, New Books:Translation Studies

Message 1: New Books:Translation Studies

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:59:32 EST
From: Ande Ciecierski <>
Subject: New Books:Translation Studies


 Each title in the Thinking Translation series is a comprehensive and
 revolutionary 20-week course in translation method with a challenging
 and entertaining approach to the acquisition of translation skills.
 Dialogue examples and a full range of exercise work enable students to
 acquire the skills necessary for a broad range of translation
 problems. Examples are drawn from a wide variety of material from
 technical and commercial texts to poetry and song. Teacher's material
 with cassette is available with each course.

 Sandor Hervey, Ian Higgins, and Michael Loughridge, THINKING GERMAN
 A Course in Translation Method: German to English
 Routledge: 1995: 256 pp
 HB: 0 415 11637 6: #D2093: $69.95: L45.00
 PB: 0 415 11638 4: #D1101: $19.95: L14.99
 Teacher's Pk: 0 415 12579 0: #D2097: $39.95: L24.99

 Sandor Hervey, Ian Higgins, andLouise Haywood, THINKING SPANISH
 A Course in Translation Method: Spanish to English
 Routledge: 1995: 240 pp
 HB: 0 415 11658 9: #D2094: $69.95: L45.00
 PB: 0 415 11659 7: #D1102: $19.95: L14.99
 Teacher's Pk: 0 415 12608 8: #D2098: $39.95: L24.99

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 Veronica du Feu, RAPANUI
 A Descriptive Grammar
 Based on recordings made in the 1980s and on information provided by
 the islanders, RAPANUI represents du Feu's determination to record the
 language before it dies out. All linguistic aspects are covered,
 including the syntax, morphology, phonology and lexicon of the
 language. Just as importantly, the book has been structured in such a
 way as to facilitate cross-language comparisons. There are over 800
 illustrative sentences, each accompanied by interlinear grammatical
 analysis and translation, as well as a Rapanui folk tale, in both the
 original and in English. Finally, as a source of vocabulary, this
 volume goes beyond any previously available dictionaries.
 Descriptive Grammars
 Routledge: 1995: 240 pp
 HB: 0 415 00011 4: #B2258: $120.00: L75.00

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 Gareth King, BASIC WELSH
 A Grammar and Workbook
 Unique in its combination of detailed grammar and challenging
 exercises, this workbook is an important supplement to any study in
 modern Welsh language. With emphasis on colloquial, spoken Welsh as
 used by modern-day native speakers, BASIC WELSH is intended as a
 grammar-based self tutor for those in the earlier stages of learning
 Welsh. Features include almost forty grammar points with full
 explanations; a wide range of increasingly challenging exercises; an
 answer key for each test; and a Welsh/English-English/Welsh glossary.
 Routledge Grammars
 Routledge: 1996: 120 pp
 PB: 0 415 12096 9: #D1509: $14.95: L6.99
 Available for Discussion

 A User's Manual
 BUSINESS WELSH is a reference volume for native speakers and second
 language learners who wish to use Welsh in a business or professional
 environment. This book assembles a wide range of sample situations in
 English and Welsh which can be adapted to meet the specific
 requirements of the user. Fully bilingual, the text covers 45 business
 situations and provides examples of
 essential business documents ranging in topic from letters of
 complaint to job applications, and including information about faxes
 and advertisements.
 Routledge: 1995: 104 pp
 PB: 0 415 12998 2: #C1048: $9.95: L6.99

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THOMPSON RIVER SALISH DICTIONARY. Compiled by Laurence C. Thompson
and M. Terry Thompson. UMOPL No. 12, 1996. Pp. xxvii + 1411. ISBN
No. 1-879763-12-5. Hard cover, US $45.

"This dictionary, the culmination of many years' study of the Thompson
language, will be of inestimable use to First Nations people and
linguists alike, both for its comprehensiveness and its accuracy."
 M. Dale Kinkade. University of British Columbia.

Delivery date: March , 1996.

For ordering information, consult the Linguistics Home Page at the
University of Montana, or send an e-mail
request to, or write to UMOPL, Linguistics, U
Montana, Missoula, MT 59812.


 Theories and Texts
 Tony Crowley uses a radical re-reading of Saussure and Bahktin to
 demonstrate, in four case studies, the ways in which language has been
 used to construct social and cultural identity in Britain and Ireland.
 By bringing together linguistic and critical theory with his own sharp
 historical and political consciousness, Tony Crowley provides a new
 agenda for language study--one which acknowledges the fact that
 writing about history has always been determined by the historical
 context, and by issues of race, class and gender.
 Politics of Language
 Routledge: 1995: 192 pp
 HB: 0 415 07244 1: #C0754: $65.00: L40.00
 PB: 0 415 07245 X: #C0755: $18.95: L12.99

 Peter Muhlhausler, LINGUISTIC ECOLOGY
 Language Change and Linguistic Imperialism in the Pacific Rim
 Peter Muhlhausler examines the transformation of the Pacific language
 region under the impact of colonialization, Westernization and
 modernization. In contrast to the traditional portrayal of linguistic
 change as a natural process, Muhlhausler focuses on the cultural and
 historical forces which drive language change. Using the metaphor of
 language ecology to explain and describe the complex interplay between
 languages, speakers and social practices, Muhlhausler looks at how
 language ecologies have functioned in the past to sustain language
 diversity and discusses what happens when these ecologies are
 Politics of Language
 Routledge: 1995: 400 pp
 HB: 0 415 05635 7: #C0756: $55.00: L35.00

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