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Mon Sep 16 1996

FYI: New email List: AFRI-PHIL

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  1. Frank Wilson, New email List: AFRI-PHIL

Message 1: New email List: AFRI-PHIL

Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 16:51:45 EDT
From: Frank Wilson <>
Subject: New email List: AFRI-PHIL
The following is the latest addition to the Bucknell Internet
Philosophy Initiative.

Announcing the creation of a new Internet email discussion group


For the discussion of topics related to the _philosophy_ of African
society and history, its current issues and future directions.

 The primary purpose of this List is to provide a forum for the
exchange of views, experiences, techniques, and professional
information pertaining to the teaching and study of the philosophical
thought of African and African-diaspora cultures. The principal
emphasis of the List will be upon the philosophical examination of
African thought and culture, though this emphasis should not be taken
restrictively or in a manner excluding the consideration of other
approaches (e.g., literary, historical, anthropological, etc.)

 This List is conceived of as a companion and complement to a
forthcoming new journal tentatively titled AFRICANA: PHILOSOPHICAL AND
CULTURAL STUDIES. Our hope is that the two enterprises will grow and
develop in tandem. For further information regarding this new
journal, send an email message to the List Manager, Emmanuel Eze, at
the email address given below.

 We anticipate and encourage discussion on this List of such
 topics as:

 --New publications (books and articles) relevant to African
 philosophy; --Future directions and current controversies in
 African philosophy; --Discussions of how African philosophy is
 taught (i.e., the various emphases and manners of presentation
 of philosophical issues in courses of various levels);

 --The relations of African philosophy to ordinary languages
 and literatures, and to scientific and technological
 traditions, as well as practices of work and religion;
 --Conceptions of logic and rationality as these are influenced
 by and reflect cultural differences (e.g., between African and
 European, and African and Oriental
 --Questions pertaining to major and influential figures in
 African philosophy, both classical and contemporary, e.g, e.g,
 Za'ra Yaeqob, Frantz Fanon,Odera Oruka, etc.
 --Where African philosophy seems to be going as cultures move
 into the 21st Century.

Thus, this list is primarily intended to be a forum
 (i) for scholarly and interdisciplinary discussions of African
philosophy and its relations to other traditions and schools of
 (ii) for pedagogical and theoretical discussions of materials
relating to research and teaching regarding African thought and
 (ii) for sharing information regarding conferences, lectures,
recent publications, bibliographies, new WWW sites, and other
information of potential value to those interested in African

The list is largely unmoderated and open to anyone, from any
discipline, with a serious academic interest in this area of
study. Questions, shared research and insight, and relevant conference
announcements/calls for papers are welcome and encouraged.
TO SUBSCRIBE: send a message to the following address:


containing in the body of the message the subscription line:

 SUB AFRI-PHIL <Yourfirstname Yourlastname>

For example:

 SUB AFRI-PHIL Odera Oruka

When you subscribe you automatically receive explanatory information
both about the group and about the "listserv" mechanisms you will use
to communicate with the other members of the group.

 The discussions which take place on this List are automatically
 archived, and can be accessed and downloaded by subscribers who wish
 to review earlier discussions or discussions which occurred prior to
 their membership on the List. To obtain a copy of the archive logs,
 first send the command "INDEX AFRI-PHIL" to the address
 "LISTSERVBUCKNELL.EDU" and you will receive a listing of the log
 files by date. Then send a "GET" command (followed by the name of the
 relevant log file) to the same Listserv address, and you should
 receive the file by email promptly.

The Co-Managers of the List are:
 Emmanuel Eze, Department of Philosophy, Bucknell University,
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 17837; fax: 717-524-3460
 (717) 524-3800

 Bruce B. Janz Department of Philosophy, Augustana University

 Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Liberal
 4901-46 Avenue Camrose, Alberta CANADA T4V 2R3 Email:
 JANZBAUGUSTANA.AB.CA Voice: (403)679-1524 Fax: (403)679-1129
 CIRLA WWW site:

 Frank Wilson, Department of Philosophy, Bucknell University,
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 17837; fax: 717-524-3460
 (717) 524-3461

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding posting to the
List or receiving messages from the List, please contact the Managers
at the above email addresses.

Frank Wilson List Manager:
Department of Philosophy LOGIC-L PHIL-LOGIC
Bucknell University KANT-L PHILCAMUS
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