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Fri Sep 20 1996

Confs: ConSOLE 5 program, Chronos (Ling Society of Belgium)

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  1. Joao Costa, ConSOLE 5 program
  2., Chronos Conference

Message 1: ConSOLE 5 program

Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 10:51:41 BST
From: Joao Costa <>
Subject: ConSOLE 5 program

The 5th conference of SOLE (Student Organization of Linguistics in
Europe) will take place at the University College London and SOAS from
the 16th until the 18th of December. The conference fee is: 35
guilders/15 pounds At the conference, the proceedings of ConSOLE 4
will be available. For more information contact:

SOLE board:			Local Organizers:
Joao Costa			Maya Arad
Rob Goedemans			Cristina Banfi
Ruben van de Vijver		Melanie Green	Ana Maria Madeira
				Lutz Marten
				Anna Pettiward
				Anne Teng

 University College London & SOAS
 December, 16-18

Monday, December 16

9.30 - Superlatives and Context Dependence
 Javier Gutierrez-Rexach (UCLA)
10.15- Measuring out, small clauses and the semantics of telicity
 Jenny Doetjes (HIL\Leiden U)
11.15- Onset Augmentation in Kisi
 Naomi Cull (U. of Toronto)
12.00- Constraints, Derivations and The Elsewhere Condition: on the
 advantages of the Serial-Derivation approach
 Hassan Durgauhee (U. of Edinburgh)
14.00- The decline of OV word order in Icelandic VP
 Thorbjorg Horarsdottir (U. of Tromso)
14.45- Subjacency forever
 Norvin Richards (MIT)
16.00- Middles: a view from German
 Marie Christine Erb (U. of Tilburg) & Markus Steinbach (Max Planck,
16.45- Focus Movement and Ellipsis in Korean and Japanese
 Jeong-Seok Kim (U. of Connecticut)

Tuesday, December 17
9.30- Syntactic Reflexes of Genericity
 Youngchul Jun (Indiana U)
10.15- Anaphoricity and Agreement
 Vaijayanthi Sarma (MIT)
11.15- Welsh lenition is NOT a single phonological process
 Elizabeth J Pyatt (Harvard)
12.00- The role of OCP in Place assimilation
 Sechang Lee (USC)
14.00- Morphosyntactic Implications of Noun Incorporation in Hopi
 Claire Gronemeyer (U. of Lund & HIL\Amsterdam)
14.45- Restructuring Infinitives
 Susanne Wurmbrand (MIT)
16.00- Information structure and exploded Comp in Malagasy
 Matt Pearson (UCLA)
16.45- Expletives and Definite Subjects
 Eric Haeberli (U. of Geneva)

18.00- INVITED SPEAKER - Shalom Lappin (SOAS) TBA

Wednesday, December 18
9.30- On V to I Movement and Flexible Syntax
 Olaf Koeneman (OTS, Utrecht U)
10.15- Wh-doubling in ASL and the 'filled-C' requirement
 Teresa Galoway (Cornell U)
11.15- Containment, Candidate Generation and Correspondence Theory:
 possession in Quiotepec Chinatec
 Frank van der Leeuw (HIL\Amsterdam) & Jeroen van de Weijer (HIL\Leiden)
12.00- A Formal Comparison of two models of Vowel Height
 Sylvia Zetterstrand (Harvard U)
14.00- On the Relativization of Japanese
 Masao Ochi (U. of Connecticut)
14.45- Nonconfigurationality as restrictions on encyplopedic knowledge in
 grammatical positions
 Rob Pensalfini (MIT)
16.00- Irish Copular Constructions and the Clefting of Predicates
 M. Siobhan Cotell (U. of Wales-Bangor)
16.45- Restrictions on Extraposition. PP-extraposition in Dutch
 Marion Helmantel (HIL\Leiden U)

Yiddish existential sentences- neither here nor there
 Kerstin Hoge (St. Hilda's College)
Bare Singulars: a study of the Syntax-Semantics Interface
 Dalina Kallulli (U. of Durham)
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Message 2: Chronos Conference

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 16:28:14 +0700
From: <>
Subject: Chronos Conference
Chronos Conference: Program
Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Belgium
Second Chronos Conference
Institut Libre Marie Haps (Brussels), 9-11 January 1997

Provisional program
More details about the conference can be found on the website of the
Linguistic Society of Belgium:

Thursday, January 9
Room A Patricia Maesfranckx (University of Ghent): Vague lexical
time indicators: their use in natural language and attempts to
model them in computer data bases.
Room B Lotfi Abouda (UFRL, Paris 7): Vers une localisation
syntaxique du mode verbal. Le cas des comple'tives.
Room C Anne Beyaert (Universite' de Limoges): Vers une de'finition
se'miotique de la copie esthe'tique.
Room A Hans Smessaert (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):
Adverbials of aspectual focus and negation in Dutch.
Room B Emmanuelle Lechene-Chardon: Continuite' logique et
Room C Isabelle Klock-Fontanille (Universite' de Limoges):
Histoire repre'sente'e et repre'sentation du temps.
	10.40-11.00 Coffee
Room A Angeliek van Hout (University of Massachusetts): Event
type-shifting in the lexicon-syntax interface.
Room B Laurent Gosselin (Univeriste' de Rouen): La valeur de
l'imparfait et du conditionnel dans les systemes hypothe'tiques.
Room C Muriel Cattor & Karine Devos-Bouveur (Universite' de
Dunkerque): Perec: un temps palimpsestes.
Room A Delphine Battistelli (Universite' de Paris-Sorbonne):
Articulation des cate'gories lexicale et grammaticale du temps et
de l'aspect dans le texte.
Room B Philippe Kreutz (Universite' Libre de Bruxelles):
L'he'te'roge'ne'ite' de la disjonction.
Room C Luna Bower (University of South Africa): Experience of
time in Salman Rushdie's 'The Moor's last sigh'.
	12.25-14.00 Lunch
Room A Ge'rard Me'lis (Universite' Paris 8): (BE+)ING: glissements
interpre'tatifs et contraintes.
Room B Carl Vetters (Universite' de Dunkerque): Le futur: temps ou
Room C Dorreya Negm (University of Menoofeya, Egypt): Space and
Time in Hemingway's 'A Farewell to Arms' and Aragon's 'Aure'lien'.
Room A Ellen Thompson (University of Maryland): The Temporal
syntax of Gerundive Relatives.
Room B Gottfried R. Marshall (Universite' de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris
IV): In German 'no Future'? (en francais)
Room C Nicolas Couegnas (Universite' de Limoges): Le temps
tropique de Sarraute et l'identite' personnelle.
Room A Anna Espunya (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona):
Linearity in the Time Dimension.
Room B Iva Novakova (Universite' Stendhal, Grenoble III):
Expression de l'ide'e d'avenir en francais et en bulgare.
Room C Marianne Charrier (Universite' de Limoges): Le temps dans
tous ses e'tats: les jeux de l'amour et de l'amitie' dans les
romans e'pistolaires de Mme Riccoboni.
	16.10-16.30 Coffee
Room A Dennis Kurzon (University of Haifa): 'He hath refused and
yet refuseth'. Verb aspect and Chancery English.
Room B Philippe Bourdin (Universite' d'York, Canada): Le contraste
'on vient de diner'/'on va se promener': convergences
typologiques et proprie'te's topologiques.
Room C Kathrine Sorensen Ravn Jorgensen (Handelshojskolen i
Kobenhavn): Formes temporelles et fonction textuelle.
Room A Ilse Depraetere (Katholieke Universiteit Brussel): The use 
of Tense Forms in Future Time Relative Clauses and the Choice of
Reference Time in Past Time Relative Clauses Compared.
Room B Sarah de Vogue' (Universite' Paris X): Ni temps ni modes: 
le systeme flexionnel du verbe francais.
Room C Magdalena Nowotna (INALCO, Paris): Fide'lite'
phe'nome'nologique et infide'lite' grammaticale.

Friday, January 10
Room A Catherine Recanati (Universite' de Paris 13) & Francois
Recanati (Ecole polytechnique, Paris): Verbes et processus.
Room B Christiane Marque-Pucheu (Universite' Paris 7):
L'inchoatif, une cate'gorie me'talinguistique: ses moyens
linguistiques d'expression.
Room C Bart Hollebrandse (University of Massachusetts): Sequence
of Tense in Dutch and English Child Language.
Room A Hortensia Curell i Gotor (Universitat Autonoma de
Barcelona): A Sub- Division of Vendler's Achievements.
Room B Evelyne Saunier (Universite' de Poitier): Contribution a
une e'tude de l'inchoation: 'se mettre a + inf.' Contraintes
d'emploi, effets de sens et proprie'te's du verbe 'mettre'.
Room C Mehmet Ali Akinci & Sophie Kern (Universite' Lyon 2):
De'veloppement de la temporalite' dans des re'cits en francais chez
des enfants monolingues et bilingues.
	10.40-11.00 Coffee
Room A Kari Pitkanen (University of Helsinki): Illusions of Time and
Space in the Beginning of a Narrative: Linguistic Strategies of
Creating a Setting.
Room B Francesca Fici Giusti (Universite' de Florence) & Denis
Paillard (Universite' Paris 7): L'inchoation en russe: entre
auxiliaires et pre'verbes.
Room C Guilhem Naro & Joelle Rey (Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
Barcelona): Le temps des pre'positions en francais.
Room A Andreas Schramm (University of Minnesota): Aspect and
Causal Inferences: The Role of Temporal Coherence in the
Comprehension of the Narrative Discourse.
Room B He'lene de Penanros (UFRL, Paris 7): Pour une
repre'sentation formelle du pre'verbe 'pri' en russe contemporain.
Room C Andre'e Borillo (Universite' Toulouse-Le-Mirail): Les
pre'positions temporelles et la reprise anaphorique des comple'ments
de temps.
	12.25-14.00 Lunch
Room A Walter De Mulder (Universite' d'Artois, Arras) & Liliane
Tasmowski-De Ryck (Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen): Imparfait
et cohe'rence (2): Retour a Benveniste?
Room B Oleg Chinkarouk (Universite' de Grenoble): Vers une the'orie
unitaire de l'aspect verbal en ukrainien.
Room C Maria Manoliu-Manea (University of California, Davis):
Gender, Voice, and Aspect: A Cognitive Explanation for the Loss
of the Resultative Aspect in Romance.
Room A Pierre Le Goffic (Paris III-ELSAP): De quelques
ressemblances et diffe'rences entre le pre'sent et l'imparfait
 Room B Alina Israeli (The American Univeristy, Washington D.C.):
Speaker's Attitudes, Goals, and Aspectual Choices in Wh-Questions
in Russian.
Room C Stefan Pfaeder (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg): 'Je
ne cesserai jamais de croire que hier sera meilleur': TEMPS et
ASPECT des cate'gories de'ictiques?
Room A Jacques Bres (Universite' Paul Vale'ry, Montpellier III):
Fluence du temps implique' et orientation: le couple
imparfait-passe' simple.
 Room B Jean-Christophe Pitavy (Universite' Lumiere - Lyon 2):
'Tell me, Socrates...'. Verbal Aspect, Focus, and Questioning
Strategies in Ancient Greec: Some possible Links.
Room C Yu-Chang Liu (Universite' de Limoges): Du francais
classique au francais contemporain: e'volution ou re'volution du
systeme verbal?
	16.10-16.30 Coffee
Room A Dulcie Engel (University of Wales, Swansea): A perfect
piece? The present perfect and passe' compose' in journalistic
Room B Paul-Louis Thomas (Universite' de Paris IV-Sorbonne):
Aoristique et aoriste: le cas du serbo-croate (bosniaque, croate,
Room C Jean-Marc Luscher (Universite' de Geneve): Influence des
connecteurs et des reprises pronominales sur la structure de la
phrase aux temps du passe'.
Room A Maria Rosa Perez (Universidad de Vigo): Temporalite' et
aspect a l'inte'rieur du systeme verbal de l'espagnol: formes
simples vs. formes compose'es; l'imparfait 'cantaba' face au passe'
simple 'cante''.
Room B Alain Christol (Universite' de Rouen): Du nom verbal au
verbal d'obligation - Le ge'rondif latin.
Room C Monika Kozlowska (Universite' de Geneve): 'Ensuite' et
ordre temporel: classe aspectuelle, intervalle, rapports de temps
et/ou rapports de cause- conse'quence.

Saturday, January 11
Room A Sylvie Mellet (Universite' de Nice): Pre'sent et
pre'sentification: un probleme d'aspect.
Room B Seiki Ayano (Mie University, Japan): Progressive Aspect 
in Japanese and Narrative Time Advancement.
Room C Guy Achard-Bayle (Universite' Paris VI-Paris II): Pour un
traitement linguistique du probleme de l'identite' a travers le
temps: les pre'dicats transformateurs me'tamorphiques.
Room A Anne Judge (University of Surrey, UK): Les valeurs du
passe' simple, du passe' compose' et du pre'sent narratif dans le
re'cit contemporain.
Room B Rumiko Shinzato (Georgia Institute of Technology):
Temporality and Discourse in Old and Modern Japanese Literature.
Room C Michel Charolles (Universite' de Nancy II) & Catherine
Schnedecker (Universite' de Metz): Quels changements exprime
'transformer'? Etude d'un pre'dicat transformateur.
	10.40-11.00 Coffee
Room A Jacques Moeschler (Universite' de Geneve): Ordre temporel,
causalite' et les relations dans le discours: une approche
Room B Homa Lessan Pezechki (Universite' Stendhal - Grenoble III):
Le me'diatif persan.
Room C Miao-Ling Hsieh (University of Southern California):
Negation in Chinese ans Aspectual Classification.
Room A Hengamet Irandoust (Universite' Paris-Sud Orsay): La
perspective aspectuelle et l'avant-plan du discours narratif.
Room B Marie Spruyt (University of Zululand): Prototypical and
atypical patterns of temporal differentiation in Afrikaans.
Room C Louis de Saussure (Universite' de Geneve): La temporalite'
dans la ne'gation d'e've'nements: problemes d'ordre et
	12.25-14.00 Lunch
Room A Bertrand Sthioul (Universite' de Geneve): Le passe' compose': 
une approche instructionnelle.
Room B Denis Creissels (Universite' Lumiere, Lyon 2): Parfait et
statif dans les langues bantoues d'Afrique australe.
Room C Mercedes Gonzales Vazquez (Univerisdad de Vigo): Modalite'
et e'videntialite' dans le comportement de 'poder' et 'deber' en
Room A Paul Laurendeau (Universite' d' York, Canada): Panchronie
et achronie dans la quantification (et la qualification) des
Room B Simos Grammenidis (Universite' de Thessaloniki): Etude
contrastive du renvoi au passe' en grec moderne et en francais: le
cas de l'hypersyntelikos et du plus-que-parfait.
Room C Patrick Dendale (KVH-Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen):
Les formes en '-rait' du verbe 'devoir': valeurs du conditionnel.
Room A Marcel Vuillaume (Universite' de Nice): Le discours
indirect libre et le passe' simple.
Room B Sophie Jollin (Universite' Paris XII-Val de Marne):
Imparfait et de'narrativisation chez Le Cle'zio.
Room C Philippe Valiquette (Universite' Laval): Entre le
ne'cessaire et le pre'visible: jonction des valeurs modales de
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